WooCommerce PayPal Pro Payment Gateway


This extension adds on-site credit card checkout functionality on your WooCommerce site. Your customers will enter the credit card on your checkout page (they never leave the site to do the transaction).

The credit card checkout experience offered by this addon is very smooth. The following video shows the credit card checkout experience.

Configuring this addon is very easy. Simply go to the following WooCommerce settings area to enable the PayPal Pro gateway and enter your PayPal Pro API details:

WooCommerce Settings -> Checkout -> PayPal-Pro

You can find detailed usage instruction with screenshots on the WooCommerce PayPal Pro Gateway extension page.

After that, your customers will be able to select the credit card checkout option on the WooCommere checkout page.

Post a question on the forum if you have any issue using the addon.

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Do the following to install the addon:

  1. Upload the ‘woocommerce-paypal-pro.zip’ file from the Plugins->Add New page in the WordPress administration panel.
  2. Активируйте плагин на странице «Плагины» в панели управления WordPress.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

  1. Will my customers be able to checkout using their credit cards after I install this plugin?

  2. Will it offer on-site checkout so my customers doesn’t have to leave the site?


Honestly, I just don't understand the positive reviews on this plugin. I have thoroughly tested it, and essential features don't work with the plugin. 1. Refunds initiated from a WooCommerce order don't work at all (they're don't even recognized on PayPal side). 2. There's no detailed order information (item listing with SKU, item name, price and quantity info) on PayPal side, only an order number. 3. Shipping, tax and discount costs are not displayed on PayPal side (displays zero for each item instead of the actual value). 4. Testing (sandbox) feature has practically no documentation, and the developer's answer to related support requests is something like "sandbox configuration is usually very tricky, have you tested with live purchases?". I've lost tons of money in one of my projects because of the issues with this plugin, and I certainly will discourage everyone from using it.
I am changing my review from one star (when I thought the plugin didn't work and when no-one had replied to my contact via their website) to reflect my updated experience with this developer / plugin. I actually don't know if it works because it turns out you have to pay rather a lot per month with paypal to use this plugin, and my turnover does not support that yet. However, I can say that the developer did not reply to emails via their website which is a little frustrating as communication is very important. I eventually got into contact via wordpress.org. This rating reflects the lack of communication and the lack of information regarding the need to pay a premium to paypal to use this plugin. I will be happy to change it one day when I can afford to use this plug in and it works excellently.
WooCommerce charges $80 for a similar plugin. This is a great free plugin for processing payments through PayPal. Very easy setup and works great and integrates with the Woo PP plugins.
Hi While i'm using multi currency in one site woo commerce, then this plugin using this code 'CURRENCYCODE' => get_option('woocommerce_currency'), which select only Currency Options. So my suggestion is that while there will be new version of this plugin then use this code 'CURRENCYCODE' => get_woocommerce_currency(), instead of 'CURRENCYCODE' => get_option('woocommerce_currency'). So that it will select multi currency. Thanks
We are hoping to enable "Transparent Redirect" with this plugin. Similar to the setting available in Paypal Pro PayFlow settings: https://docs.woocommerce.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/paypal-pro-payflow-settings.png Is this possible? We are being told we are not PCI Compliant without this setting. Much thanks!
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Журнал изменений


  • Reversing the temporary fix that was added for the PayPal’s «Duplicate invoice ID supplied» error.


  • Temporarily Ignore the «Duplicate invoice ID supplied» error. Thanks to @thaissamendes for sharing the code tweak.
  • Added a new action hook «wcpprog_paypal_api_error_response» when the API response is an error response.


  • Added a new filter hook (wcpprog_get_user_ip) for the IP address that gets submitted to the PayPal API. This hook can be used to override and apply your own customization for the IP Address.


  • The «wcpprog_request_txn_description» filter can be used to override and customize the Transaction Description value.
  • The description field of the API is now populated with a value like the following:
    WooCommerce Order ID: XXXX
  • The last 4 digits of the card is saved in the order post meta (for the transaction).


  • Added the email address value in the query parameter of the API. The billing email address will now be sent to the PayPal API.


  • Removed (commented out) the individual item amount passing to the PayPal API (this was recently added after a request from a user). A few sites are having issues with it when dynamic pricing is used. It will still pass the item name.


  • Variable product checkout error fixed. The dynamic pricing was causing an error with the additional amount parameter that the plugin now sends to PayPal.


  • Added additional item info to the request parameter that is sent to PayPal. It will show more info about the item when you view the transaction in your PayPal account. Thanks to @kingpg


  • Added a credit card icon next to the paypal checkout selection radio button.
  • Added a filter (wcpprog_checkout_icon) to allow updating/tweaking of the credit card icon image.


  • Updated a call to a function for the new WooCommerce version.


  • Fixed WooCommerce settings URL in force SSL notice for the new version of WooCommerce.


  • The shipping address is also sent to the PayPal API during the checkout.


  • Added language translation POT file so the addon can be translated.


  • The WooCommerce order number gets sent to the PayPal Pro API (so it is available in your merchant account)


  • Credit Card number and CVV fields now show a placeholder text (the same as the field label).
  • Added filters so the placeholder text can be customized using custom code.
  • Added a filter that can be used to fully customize the output of the credit card fields on the checkout form.


  • The credit card expiry year value has been increased.


  • Added a class_exists check to make sure the ‘WC_Payment_Gateway’ class is available before trying to use it in the code.
  • Added an empty index file in the plugin folder so it cannot be browsed.


  • Replaced the «get_option(‘woocommerce_currency’)» function call with get_woocommerce_currency()


  • Plugin translation related improvements.
  • Tested on WordPress 4.6 so it is compatible.


  • Added translation string for the credit card form.


  • Fix: settings interface not showing. Updated the addon to be compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce.
  • Note: Make sure to go to the settings interface of this addon and save your API details.
  • Added a link to the settings menu in the plugins listing interface.


  • The credit card number will stay in the form when there is a validation error.


  • Added a new filter so the CVV hint image can be customized.
  • WP4.4 compatibility.


  • Added a new option to show a hint for the credit card security code (verification number) on the checkout form.


  • Some more code refactoring changes.


  • Minor code refactoring to make it more readable.


  • First commit to WordPress repository.