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WordPress Gallery Slideshow


NextGEN Gallery another plugin for WordPress by Alex Rabe was the inspiration for this small and
simple plugin. I really must say he did and still does a great job with this plugin but sometimes
such a huge plugin is simply too much. So I decided to develop a small plugin with less
configuration settings and no extra tables for the WordPress Database. Simplicity should be the
guide for the advanture of developing this plugin. As far as I can say I did the job well and it
is just a Slideshow to set your images in the right context. Nothing more nothing less.



  • Some bugs fixed please others you find.


  • Update to WordPress 2.8


  • Added version control for swfobject library.


  • Bug in getxml.php fixed.


  • Bug for show_slideshow function fixed.
  • Bug for Flickr Photosets fixed.


  • Bug for Internet Explorer fixed.


  • Added Flickr Photosets
  • Made RSS and Atom possible for Flickr and Picasaweb
  • Added the possiblity to set the player background transparent


  • Added a RSS Parser for Picasaweb
  • Fixed the jQuery JS Error


  • Detects Flash. If Flash isn’t installed or JavaScript is deactivated it shows the default WordPress gallery.
  • New WordPress Plugin Framework used.
  • Added a shortcode (slide).
  • Removed OrderBy statement because it didn’t work properly.
  • Theme function changed to «show_slideshow(attributes)».


  • Added order tag to slideshow you can now order ASC or DESC
    [gallery order=»DESC»]


  • Add audio to your slideshow
    [gallery audio=»AudioURL»]


  • Added Flickr RSS functionality
    [gallery flickr=»FeedURL»]


  • Menu-Icon added
  • Settings-link on plugins activation page added
  • Individual options within the shortcut
  • Fixed a bug with individual table prefixes


  • Screenshot of the Slideshow in action.


  1. Download the latest version of WordPress Gallery Slideshow
  2. Unzip and upload it in your WordPress directory: wp-content/plugins
  3. In your WordPress Backend click on Plugins -> Manage
  4. Find the Plugin WordPress Gallery Slideshow and activate it
  5. You finished installation


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