WP All Import — WooMultistore Addon


Это бесплатное дополнение WooCommerce Woo Multi store для WP All Import, которое позволяет использовать WP All Import для импорта ваших товаров сразу в несколько магазинов WooCommerce.

Для этого дополнения требуется WooMultistore плагин, WP All Import + WP All Import Woocommerce Product Import Add-On.


  • Коробка WP All Import WooCommerce


29.04.2024 4 ответа
We bought the paid version a few weeks ago and since the beginning we have experienced a serious problem, it duplicates quite a few orders in woocommerce «Master». So far we have not managed to solve it and we are concerned, not that they can fix it, because at the code level would be quite simple that if you program a plugin that imports orders from one woocmmerce to another, not even if they want to have a conditional function checking the order ID, if it is already importing not to import it again, we are more concerned about the bad attention we have received. We have been developing woocommerces since 2015, we have participated in more than 300 different projects and we have worked with many different themes and plugins and we have never been answered so rudely and without resolution options in any case.
I had a problem with this app not being suitable and not being able to receive a refund. Eventually, I received a refund so redacting my negative review in good will.
30.06.2021 1 ответ
This plugin is useful for those who have multiple WooCommerce stores.
At first look, it was difficult for me to understand some terms. After asking a question I received support and my voice was heard. Now I can say this is the plugin with really good potential, despite we need to understand it does not come cheap and the license needs to be renewed annually. The license fee is reasonable in terms of how much work & time one can save. Despite this plugin did not meet exactly what I need (not purchased at the end), I need to say there is a friendly ear on the other side and the response is proactive.
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  • Fixed «Use Product settings» disabling product settings instead of using product settings= 2.1.6 =
  • Updated compatibility
  • Fixed fatal error when dependencies are missing= 2.1.5 =
  • Updated compatibility


  • Added compatibility with HPOS
  • Products updated are now scheduled instead of instantly synced to avoid the limitations of wp all import for product categories


  • Compatibility update


  • Fixed fatal error caused by filter remove function


  • Compatibility update with main plugin


  • Fixed fatal error on checkout for multisite
  • Fixed fatal error when import was scheduled


  • Added new options «Use product settings»
  • Fixed bug that caused the child product custom meta to be deleted when sync options were set to «No»


  • Fixed a bug that was causing woocommerce multistore bulk sync to not run


  • Fixed addon not working with WP All Import PRO version


  • Fixed fatal error when wp all import plugin was not active


  • Совместимость с последней версией


  • Исправлена незначительная ошибка


  • Добавлена поддержка для обычной версии WordPress


  • Устранена проблема с планировщиком cron WPAL


  • Незначительные исправления ошибок


  • Крупное общее обновление.
  • Обновлена совместимость с WooMultistore 2.0.0
  • Обновлен тег совместимости для WordPress 4.9.8


  • Обновлен тег совместимости для WordPress 4.9.6


  • Первоначальный выпуск