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You are experts in healthy & low-calorie nutrition or sports and looking for a great feature for your WordPress website?

WordPress Calorie Calculator by BDA is a WordPress plugin that comes in handy.

This plugin is weight management made simple. Whether you are launching a WordPress website to help others achieve their desired body mass or working on your own shape and fitness, Calorie Calculator plugin is what you’re looking for.

Having a calorie calculator on your website is an absolute must if your business is in the nutrition and fitness sector. Your clients will most definitely enjoy the opportunity to monitor and manage their calorie norm and body mass with the help of your website. Make your service catchy!

A perfect time-saver

There are so many factors affecting energy consumption needs that estimating the necessary calorie intake in mind would be too complicated. You end up wasting half of your day doing lots of math with your calories, weight and height and comparing target body mass to your current weight.

No one wants to spend their life on endless calculations! Let your visitors delegate that tedious work to our WordPress Calorie Calculator plugin. Install it and make your website attract even more sports and weight management strivers.

Science behind the calories

BMR, or basal metabolic rate is one of the most widely used parameters for finding out the preferred calorie ratio. For our calculator plugin, we use the Mifflin – St. Jeor formula. It identifies BMR by analyzing the essential features of your organism: body mass, height, age and biological gender. Each of those numbers is multiplied by a special index, and, as a result, the daily calorie consumption rate is calculated. Sports and other types of activity are also taken into account: this way the users can be sure that the calorie norm offered by WordPress Calorie Calculator corresponds with their individual physical characteristics such as weight, height and others.

How it works

WordPress Calorie Calculator gives you the shortcode that you can place into the page, post or sidebar widget. Put it anywhere it suits most to catch the most attention of the online visitors.

Having the plugin installed, you get a neatly designed WordPress page with a few input fields for age, body mass, and height numbers, gender selection and measure units toggle. It is followed by a selection of lifestyles where you tick the one that best describes the amount of sports in your life. Drop down menu on the bottom provides options of possible body mass goals: weight maintenance, loss or gain (and the speed of the process).

This built-in calculator will without a doubt be a most-liked feature on your website – people will hardly manage to resist the urge to check out their daily calorie norm set up in accordance with their body mass goals.

It runs as you go: if you select an instant view, WordPress Calorie Calculator demonstrates the results straight after everything is typed. No need to click on any additional buttons – our calculator plugin is made as user-friendly as possible.

Make it unique

Adjust WordPress Calorie Calculator to your style: our plugin settings are perfectly flexible!

The calculator plugin allows changing the main colors so that they fit in your website design. You can also choose how results will be delivered to your visitor – directly in the form or via email. When the first option is selected, the calorie amount is displayed immediately once all the necessary input has been submitted.

The equation is solved once the parameters are put in the boxes. Calorie Calculator works with both metric and imperial units to the convenience of users from all over the world. Switching from one system or another on the way is also not a problem – the plugin does it automatically. Try it: after typing all the data, click on the units toggle to set it to the desired units – boom, done! No need to crack your brain converting heights and weights.

Creating a WordPress website to offer nutritionist service or a diet management program? The Calorie Calculator by BDA is the easiest way to capture people’s interest in starting on their way to fine-tuning a food plan specifically for their needs.

WordPress Calorie Calculator plugin will work great for sports & fitness related websites. Help your visitors calculate their required calorie consumption rate depending on their training schedule. Easy calorie calculation will serve as an additional motivation to increase physical activity – all the more reasons to do more sports with the service you offer.

Make nutrition planning easier for your clients!

Read more on the Calorie Calculator website.


  • Front-end with the instant result of the calculation
  • Front-end with the submission form
  • Main plugin settings


  1. Install the plugin.
  2. Activate the plugin through the «Plugins» menu in WordPress
  3. Go to Calorie Calculator in your wp-admin menu and configure the shortcode you want to use.
  4. Copy the shortcode and place it to the post, page or custom post type, or widget.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

How do I adjust the background color?

Once you install the plugin, click Settings and you’ll see the color settings among the others.

Can I change the title of the Calculator?

Absolutely! Give it any title you prefer by inserting it in the shortcode. It goes between the quotation marks right after the cal_calc title= piece. Or change it on the plugin settings page to generate your shortcode automatically.

Does the plugin come only in English?

Right now, yes, but it’s a work in progress: we are adding more languages soon. Stay tuned!

I don’t particularly like the Mifflin – St. Jeor way of calculation. Is it possible to change the formula?

This version supports only this formula. However, the new edition in PRO version (coming soon) allows you to choose between a few most popular ones.

Will there be an update? Is it possible to have more features and different calculations?

Yes, and soon! We are about to launch a Calorie Calculator version with extended functionality. We will post about it here, stay tuned!

How do I integrate it with Mailchimp?

This is an essential integration for those who collect emails from the website. Along with some other improvements and additional features, Mailchimp integration will be available in the new version.

How do I get support?

You can always message our online support or ask your question on the WordPress support forum – we will reply in short. Also, we offer a sweet deal to our customers: a year of WordPress support at a really affordable price.


Love the plugin, love the support from the developer. Resolved my issue within minutes and was sooo responsive. 10/10.
Many thanks for the calculator! Visitors seem to be loving it, I get the emails, so, works for everyone. Are you adding the formula selection any time soon?
I am a personal trainer, and i have used a lot of plugins that provided me with a calculator for calories, and definitely this is the best plugin. This plugin has an amazing minimalistic design, also the plugin uses a very accurate formula, and of course they have an amazing support. I requested the possibility to add a translation file to translate to spanish, and they did it! Thank you so much. I recommend this amazing plugin, they have put a lot of effort developing this.
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