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Super plugin, thanks! Please update so stays in the Wordpress plugins directory!
This widget is a dream come true for me. Being able to reliably create custom locations for widgets, is great. Being able to do the same with MENUS, for me is a game-changer. Thanks so much to Kishor Khambu!!
Wow! Thank you for this awesome plugin! It does everything you said it would do — which is precisely what I’ve hoped to have for a very long time. BTW: I tried it to place the WP RSS widget in the middle of a page and it worked like a charm. I’m using WP Version 4.8.1
Totally happy with this plugin. Does exactly what I was looking for. I was able to create a widget on my photo blog for showing ‘recently viewed photos’. Needs a little studying before you get it to work, but the Help tab is a great…, eh…, help.
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