WP Data Sync for Woocommerce


Add additional functionality to WP Data Sync plugin to improve WooCommerce compatibilityy


☑ Allow Duplicate SKU
☑ Manage Backorder Status
☑ Product Weight Conversion
☑ Product Price Adjustments
☑ Brand Taxonomy for Products
☑ Universal Product Code(upc)
☑ Manufacturer Part Number(mpn)
☑ Global Trade Item Number(gtin)
☑ International Standard Book Number(isbn)
☑ Additional Order Meta Fields

What if I want to know more about WP Data Sync?

Here are a variety of links that we’ve found helpful in explaining our plugin and how to get started:

WP Data Sync
WP Data Sync Blog
Developer Documentation — Getting Started
Developer Documentation — Actions
Developer Documentation — Filters


  • WooCommerce Product Data Admin
  • WooCommerce Product Variation Data Admin


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