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WP e-Commerce Call for Price


This is a WP e-Commerce plugin that allows you to hide the price of a specific product and replace it with a message asking your customers to call for price.
The plugin is easy to use and configure. There there 15 «Call for Price» icons available as well as an ability to upload custom «Call for Price» icons. Install it, Configure it and Rock it.




  • The WPEC Call for Price Menu screen, showing available "Call for Price" icons.
  • The Price Box in the Product's editing sections showing "Call for Price" option
  • The Front End of the shop with the "Call for Price" icon and custom "Call for Price" message.


  1. Upload your plugin. You have two options here, either unzip and upload the plugin’s «wp-e-commerce-call-for-price» directory to wp-content/plugins or you can go to backend of your WordPress site and upload it via «Plugins» -> «Add New» -> «Upload»
  2. Activate Plugin in «Plugins» list
  3. Go to «Settings» -> «WPEC Call for Price» and set the default «Call for Price» message and pick one of the Icons to be shown in the front end
  4. Go to «Products» and Edit the Products that you wish to your customers to call for price for. Open the product for editing, in the price control box you will see a «Call for Price» option.
  5. Click on «Call for Price» checkbox if you wish your customers to call for price for this product. Once you click you will see a Message filed you can add a custom message there to let your customers where to call to or you can leave it empty, in this case the default «Call for Price» message will appear
  6. Save the changes in the Products

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Q: How can I use my own «Call for Price» icon?
A: Easy, just go to «Settings» -> «WPEC Call for Price», click «Upload Icon» button, then drag and drop your icon from your computer onto the «Drag» screen, then go to Media Library tab and click «insert into the post» button. afterwords click «Save»

Q: What if the plugin does not work in Front End?
A: Make sure that your WordPress theme has and in wpsc-products_page.php and wpsc-single_products.php files. Or Contact mark@wordpress-commerce.com for help

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