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WP e-Payouts


The Wp e-Payouts Plugin (WPEPP) is a payment’s plugin.

With WPEPP plugin, you can lock some content (Documentation, Download link, Embedded Music/Video, …) in your posts and pages by adding a simple shortcode.

What is e-Payouts?

e-Payouts is a platform that allows you to integrate a collecting system in any website or online business, to sell products and services worldwide.

e-Payouts payment solutions:

  • Fortumo +: surcharged SMS.
  • Internet+: Internet Service Provider direct debit.
  • Paysafecard: prepaid card available in all Paysafecard points of sale.
  • Credit/Debit Card.
  • Astropay: Cash payment to Latam.
  • Safetypay: Cash and bank payments to Latam, EEUU and Europe.
  • Paypal.
  • Payvalida: Cash payments to Ecuador, Colombia and Peru.

WPEPP plugin features:

  • Integration based in simple shortcode [epayouts id=»X»] …Your paid content… [/epayouts] where «X» is your «product id» added in admin panel.
  • Posibility to add, edit or delete product.
  • Two avalaible languages: English / Spanish.
  • No programming/scripting experience needed; setup done via standard WP plugin installation steps.

This WPEPP plugin is free for use.


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When you have finished plugin setup, you can configure the WPEPP plugin in your blog’s Admin/Settings page. This screen can usually be found within the Admin pages (maybe toward the bottom) by clicking Settings -> WP e-Payouts.

Setup your e-Payouts account:

  1. Create your FREE e-Payouts Account: (Already have an account? skip this step)
  2. Once logged in your e-Payouts Account, add your own site in your e-Payouts «Web sites«. Click the «Add website» button.
  3. Add a new «Payment Module» for your website (https://members.e-payouts.com/modules.html).
  4. When you have finished to add product in your e-Payouts account. You can get the «uid» and the «mid» in your e-Payouts Payment box.

Add «uid» and «mid» in WPEPP Plugin:

In your wordpress’s Admin/Settings page:

  1. Click «Settings» -> «WP e-Payouts«.
  2. Fill in the form named «Add product«.
  3. Enter the «uid» and «mid» created in step 3 above.
  4. Enter the product price.
  5. Click «Add product» button.

Insert shortcode in post or page:

  1. In your product list («Settings» -> «WP e-Payouts«, see the product list table), use the column «shortcode» to identify your item id: [epayouts id=»X«] … [/epayouts] where X=item Id.
  2. Edit your post or page and insert the shortcode: [epayouts id=»X«] … [/epayouts]

NOTE: You can insert unlimited product shortcodes in a single post/page.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

  1. How to install?
    Check the installation instructions above.


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