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A complete hotel booking plugin for WordPress.

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  • Complete Hotel Booking System
  • Room Management
  • Bookings Management
  • Customer Management
  • Coupon Management
  • Pricing Plans Management
  • Extra Packages Management
  • Block Special Date Management
  • Reports + Multilingual Ready
  • Multi Currencies
  • 4 Payment Gateways (Offline Payment, Authorize.net, Paypal, Stripe)

Free add-ons for WP Hotel Booking are available in WordPress:


  • WP Hotel Booking - Управление номерами
  • Создать новую комнату
  • Room Booking Management
  • Room Capacity
  • Дополнительные пакеты
  • Room Pricing Plans
  • Системные установки


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/wp-hotel-booking directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the Settings->Plugin Name screen to configure the plugin
  4. (Make your instructions match the desired user flow for activating and installing your plugin. Include any steps that might be needed for explanatory purposes)

Часто задаваемые вопросы

How many payment gateways does this hotel booking plugin offer?

Paypal, Stripe, Offline payment, Authorize.net

Can it has add-ons for hotel booking such as Pool, Airport?



Hello, I am using hotel booking search plugin for wordpress. Hotel book from the single room page is working fine but when I am trying to book a room by searching from the HB search rooms widget. It redirects me to the thankyou page and say Invalid login. Please help me to solve this. I have a deadline to submit
This plugin doesn't work for us passed Version 1.10.9. When I update the plugin it breaks our website and the only and I mean only...version that works correct for us is Version 1.10.9. We use a 3rd party booking script API and I use this plugin to showcase the rooms without using the booking engine part. I just ignore the updates for this plugin for now until I can rebuild our new site.
Same as Deb: Doesn't look like it is supported anymore, last update was 11 months ago and no support questions have been answered in forever. I tried installing and setting this up but the "Room" page does not get created when you create a room, essentially making the whole thing useless. When you click "View" on a room you just created, you get a "Sorry, page not found" result. I couldn't find any documentation for this plugin, either. DO NOT DOWNLOAD unless you're a programmer that feels like fixing it, as it's apparently open source. Not funny, and should be removed from the repository.
Doesn't look like it is supported anymore, last update was 11 months ago and no support questions have been answered in forever. I tried installing and setting this up but the "Room" page does not get created when you create a room, essentially making the whole thing useless. When you click "View" on a room you just created, you get a "Sorry, page not found" result. I couldn't find any documentation for this plugin, either. DO NOT DOWNLOAD unless you're a programmer that feels like fixing it, as it's apparently open source.
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Журнал изменений (2024-02-01)

~ Fixed: security.
~ Fixed: wrong data format in rest api.
~ Fixed: error session_start. (2024-01-30)

~ Fixed: minor bugs. (2024-01-15)

~ Fixed: minor bugs.

2.0.9 (2023-10-26)

~ Fixed: security.
~ Compatible: WP 6.4 (2023-10-24)

~ Fixed: security.

2.0.8 (2023-10-20)

~ Fixed: security issues.

2.0.7 (2023-09-22)

~ Fixed: bug empty cart when book room on page search.

2.0.6 (2023-07-14)

~ Added: button reset filter

2.0.5 (2023-07-07)

~ Fixed: addition information display HTML.
~ Fixed: error search Room.
~ Remove: library jquery mobile.
~ Change: label «Facilities» to «Extra Options».
~ Added: feature config info Facilities.
~ Added: shortcode [hotel_booking_filter]

2.0.4 (2023-02-15)

~ Fixed: error date checkin is available, but checkout right after (unavailable), can’t book.

2.0.3 (2022-11-01)

~ Fixed: error search page with Safari browser.
~ Fixed: error meta_box admin.

2.0.2 (2022-10-18)

~ Fixed: coupon function.
~ Updated: library moment, select2 js to latest.
~ Show dates booked on calendar by Date format.
~ Fixed: styles Archive rooms.
~ Fixed: styles review star on detail room.
~ Fixed: error check available room very slow when change format date.

2.0.1 (2022-10-08)

~ Fixed: the user can book a range of days that includes a disabled date.
~ Fixed: error calendar manage.
~ Fixed: security authorisation and CSRF checks in place when updating its settings.

2.0.0 (2022-10-06)

~ Added: function check date available check booking room.
~ Optimize code.
~ Added: function coupon.
~ Merged: «WP Hotel Booking Coupon», «WP Hotel Booking Room», «WP Hotel Booking Block» plugins.
~ Sanitize, Escape, Validate.
~ Fixed: Security issues.
~ Fixed: styles of meta-boxes.
~ Added: calendar booking manager.
~ Added: page setup wizard.
~ Added: API for booking, check available.
~ Added: option disable dates for each room.
~ Added: option external link.
~ Added: function deposit.


~ Fix sanitize.


~ Fix security, use json instead of serialize.


~ Fix security CVE AC-2020-11-17-2


~ Fix compatible WP 5.5


  • Fixed error PHP warming in cart and checkout page when empty price in Room.
  • Fixed error extra require can remove.
  • Fixed security stripe key
  • Add filter calculate tax for extra service


~ Fixed not save Additional Information when using HTML element


~ Fixed not save Regular price and gallery when edit single room


~ Fixed some bugs security.
~ Fixed issue: «Check Availability» case choice room hasn’t Addition package
~ Fixed minor bugs
~ Add option: Redirect to page after book room
~ Fixed: only role Hotel manager, Booking Editor or Administrator can create manual order

  • Fixed issue: not remove loading icon after the action done.

  • Fixed bug not work with j.n.Y date format.
  • Added loading effect when searching rooms, selecting rooms, checking out.

  • Fixed bug duplicate fields in settings pages.
  • Added more several hooks.

  • Fixed the bug not displaying booking orders in the All tab.

  • Fixed the bug when displaying the max children number in search form.
  • Minified several js and css files.

  • Added couple hooks in Select Extra Options view.

  • Corrected path to override the Extra options add-on.
  • Fixed the conflict issue which causes Content duplication when Yoase SEO On.
  • Fixed warning message when displaying the price with PHP7.
  • Corrected the text in Emails Settings.
  • Not display the Advanced Payment in the cart when it set as 0% or not set.


  • Fixed bug when searching by room capacity.
  • Added loading effect to the button when choose the extra options.

  • Changed the way of displaying the price when TAX included.
  • Fixed bug in Widget: Show title/label option not work.
  • Fixed bug: Required extra option not auto be added to cart when Custom Process option ON.
  • Fixed a small bug with Menu in Back End.
  • Updated several language texts.

  • Fixed bug when searching rooms with other languages.

  • Update cancel mail template

  • Update filter search room

  • Fix issue show unpublished extra room in search page
  • Update default setting room images size in single room gallery
  • Update process get related rooms
  • Update tool check override templates to check WP Hotel Booking addons

  • Add tool check override templates
  • Инструкции по обновлению шаблонов

  • Update offline payment instruction in thank you page template

  • Update select extra in search room page with custom process
  • Improve admin booking editor

  • Обновить максимальную дополнительную цену


  • Обновление совместимость с WPML

  • Обновить процесс поиска комнат

  • Исправить процесс поиска комнат


  • Обновить процесс поиска комнат
  • Обновить шаблон формы поиска


  • Update booking checkin checkout same day
  • Update admin filter booking
  • Добавить пользовательский способ бронирования
  • Restructure extra option
  • Соответствие ВВП


  • Update email booking details


  • Добавить страницу списка номеров по умолчанию


  • Optimize create default database tables process
  • Fix issue select extra with Single purchase option


  • Fix create default database tables process


  • Add option disable select quantity in Hotel Search page


  • Fix js typo error in checkout page
  • Update pricing table base on «Week Starts On» option
  • Remove admin setting lightbox tab


  • Update custom page body classes


  • Update checkout thank you page
  • Update cart templates


  • Update custom field for room and booking type


  • Update custom class to default pages
  • Update redirect thank you page after Paypal checkout
  • Update cart template


  • Fix duplicate admin settings


  • Update process create database tables


  • Update compatible with WordPress 4.9.2
  • Update admin settings


  • Fix duplicate image in room gallery lightbox


  • Update single room template

  • Disable convert currency via Google Finance and Yahoo Finance

  • Add link edit in single room page
  • Update sort by capacity in search room page

  • Обновить страницу в корзине
  • Обновить шаблон плана ценообразования

  • Обновление совместимо с WordPress 4.9

  • Обновить страницу бронирования admin

  • Добавить вариант отмены бронирования по электронной почте
  • Исправить добавление в корзину в одноместном номере бронирующего номера
  • Update deprecated functions in Woocommerce add-on
  • Обновить дату выбора в дополнительном номере бронирования

  • Исправить электронную почту клиента на странице бронирования admin

  • Кнопка Fix View Cart на странице в поисковой комнате

  • Обновить шаблон комнаты поиска
  • Update extra room package price in Woocommerce payment add-on


  • Обновление ролей отеля

  • Обновить поисковую комнату при обновлении статуса бронирования для добавления поддержки WPML
  • Update Woocommerce booking payment gateway

  • Обновление совместимо с PHP 5.5

  • Update WP Hotel Booking WPML Support add-on

  • Обновить шаблон бронирования

  • Добавить страницу с благодарностью

  • Обновление дополнительного дополнительного пакета дополнительного языка

  • Improve auto update Woocommerce cart for Woocommerce payment add-on

  • Исправить запрос с помощью префикса базы данных

  • Обновить адрес электронной почты клиента


  • Добавить роль менеджера отеля для управления бронированием гостиницы
  • Добавить роль редактора бронирования для управления номерами и заказами
  • Возможности обновления для пользователей
  • Update add-ons


  • Обновление электронной почты с момента бронирования клиента
  • Обновить один доступный доступный шаблон добавления в номер бронирования

  • Обновить комнату поиска по часовому поясу
  • Обновить требуемые поля для проверки

  • Обновление процесса создания страниц
  • Добавить место для бронирования email для администратора

  • Update datepicker with RTL languages
  • Update booking completed email
  • Добавить место бронирование email для клиента

  • Add minimum booking day option
  • Update email booking notice
  • Fix update Woocommrece cart when add room to cart in WP Hotel Booking Woocommerce add-on

  • Update email booking notice process

  • Fix bug in admin create new bookings process

  • Fix add addition package to cart in WP Hotel Booking Woocommerce add-on

  • Fix override template bug in WP Hotel Booking Room add-on

  • Update file language


  • Update WP Hotel Booking WPML Support add-on


  • Fix deactivate previous version process for multisite
  • Update Woocomerce payment add-on for Woocommerce version 3.x


  • Обновление классов и функций плагина


  • Fix update pricing plan


  • Fix default value for new booking admin email
  • Fix admin style make review starts in plugins page broken
  • Update assets js
  • Remove add plan button


  • Update add-ons


  • Update add-ons
  • Fix notice when init room meta boxes
  • Fix bug of timestamp pricing plan

  • Fix required plugins path

  • Compatibility with WordPress 4.7.1
  • Fix bug undefined get children function


  • Compatibility with WordPress 4.7
  • Update WP Hotel Booking add-ons


  • Fix checkout issue
  • Update logic of search room process
  • Update latest reviews shortcode
  • Update best reviews shortcode
  • Add an add-on supports book room without search room

  • Update WP Booking WooCommerce add-on


  • Update logic of search room process
  • Update multiple choice addition packages
  • Update mini cart template
  • Update maximum capacity
  • Update all templates
  • Update to compatible with WordPress 4.6.1
  • Fix block room calender plan

  • Add book manually
  • User book
  • Update Pricing
  • Book in room add-on ( Support book room without search room )

  • Auto cancel payment
  • Booking inside single room detail


  • Coupon update
  • Report update
  • Select room search
  • Pricing plan


  • Update check-in, check-out filter
  • Query search
  • Update report customer delete post


  • Add template taxonomy room type
  • Translate calendar search widget
  • Update calendar format
  • Update capacity (customer feedback) + remove option + add term meta + search query + admin update capacity


  • Update Resize image, gallery, archive rooms
  • Update Session class
  • Support Loco Translation & Mulilanguages


  • Add Sessions Class, Update Cart Class
  • Optimize process checkout
  • Remove data saving booking if it not usesful (postmeta)
  • Optimize Payment Stripe process (remove stripe sdk, use REST API)
  • Admin booking details
  • Update hook processs addon


  • Update, Add hook ajax search url result. ‘hotel_booking_parse_search_param’, ‘hotel_booking_ajax_remove_cart_item’
  • Addon Block Special Date (Angularjs, ajax)
  • Обновить рейтинг


  • Update Woocommerce addon
  • Search rooms. Import demo data more than once. post_meta not unique.


  • Fix load text-domain.
  • Add language file en_US
  • Add Extra Package
  • Update, Fix Query search (customer’s feedback: http://thimpress.com/forums/topic/calendar-availabality-room/#post-42595)
  • Query search booking_pricing (Admin panel)
  • Woocommerce Payment (add-on)


  • An amazing Hotel Booking plugin for WordPress was born