Этот плагин закрыт и более недоступен для скачивания.


You can not disable it on comments and use it for registration only. If activated, it adds re-Captchas everywhere.
Pros: Works on some of the sites installed on Cons: Doesn't work on some of the sites installed on. Notes: We have 30 or 40 WordPress sites online for our customers. However: So we tried installing it on two identical WordPress version sites, both with the same version of the plugin and same version of Contact Form 7. Key pair registered successfully for both sites. One worked, the other didn't. Tried getting a new key, no success. For the time being, it's hit and miss for consistency. Although WordPress does flag the plugin as not having been tested with the newest version of WordPress: WP 4.4.2
Why are not the latest version?
I am looking to use it in my website WPDIV along with Custom login URL wordpress plugin. Does this plugin works with custom login page plugin without any issues in feature?
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