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WP Referral code helps you generate a refer code for each of your users and start your version of referral marketing.on user registeration plugin will capture the refer code. WP Referral Code provides a user-friendly «copy refer link box» so that users can easily copy and share their link.

this plugin\’s only dependency is wordpress core you can use it with all plugins out there. the logic after successful referred registeration is up to you though. 2 important hooks will help you with that. check documentation on plugin website for more information.Documentation

several shortcodes are provided to help you get the things where they should be. you can see a list of them on plugin options

All information about referral status of user is on user edit page(Dashboard->Users->selec a user). there you can see how many users he has invited and referred by who.


  • Options page of plugin
  • Copy link shortcode example


note: on activation plugin will create refer codes for all of your users.


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