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WP Service Payment Form With Authorize.net


This free WordPress plugin allows to accept payments from credit/debit cards using Authorize.net Gateway. You can add more custom fields with any coding from wp-admin.

This allows you to add your own services lists and receive payments.

After a making payment, your customers will be receive invoice from Authorize.net.
If you will enable send invoice option from your Authorize.net merchant account.

You can enable/disable send customer receipt setting from plugin setting option.

reCAPTCHA protects internet users from spam.

List all payments in wp-admin and print each payment receipt.


  • Upload the directory ‘/wp-service-payment-form-with-authorizenet/’ to your WP plugins directory and activate from the Dashboard of the main blog.
  • Configure the plugin at Dashboard > Service Payment.
  • And use [wpspf-paymentform] shortcode for display payment form.
  • Add additiona form fields at Dashboard > Service Payment > Form Fields Settings.
  • Form fields naming document at Dashboard > Service Payment > Settings document.

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This plugin allowed me to implement a payment page for their authorize.net payments. I had an issue in setting up one of the pages and Shiv was very helpful and guided me through it until everything was functioning correctly. Highly recommended.
The plugin worked perfectly for my needs and when an issue arose, Shiv was super quick to resolve it and push out and update. Highly recommend.
I was looking for a lightweight plugin solution just to accept account payments, and WP Service Payment Form With Authorize.net was exactly what I was looking for. I had a small issue with custom fields I added, and Shiv came to my rescue right away. Within 15 minutes, he had everything fixed! He's super helpful, the plugin is great, and if I could give 6 stars I would.
I installed the plug-in yesterday and had some issues with my Captcha, knowing this was an issue on my end I still reached out to Shiv, I was pleasantly surprised when he responded back within a few minutes asking how he could help. Since I knew the issue was on my end, I expected that Shiv would just kinda steer me in the right direction. To my surprise, he offered to resolve the issue after checking on me periodically to see if I needed help. I've been in the support industry since 1985, dealt with hundreds of small and large companies, I've never had such knowledgeable and quick reliable support. This experience was excellent!
Lightweight and elegant. This plugin had exactly what I was looking for but couldn't quite find anywhere else.
Shiv really came to the rescue when I couldn't figure out how to modify his plugin to work with my checkout page. He answered my initial email within an hour of me sending it and a couple hours later it was all working. He probably saved me a few days of trying to figure it out myself. I donated to his plugin and you should too.
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Журнал изменений

** V 1.0 **
Stable initial release

** V 1.2 **
Add google re-captcha

** V 2.0.0 **
Add dynamic form fields setting option
List all payments
Print payment receipt

** V 2.0.1 **
Fix php error

** V 2.0.2 **
Fix table create issue during activation of plugin.
Add enable/disable send customer receipt features.
Add feature to accept customer ID from customers.
Add settings document page.

** V 2.2.0 **
Add ACH Payment Method.

** V 2.2.1 **
Fixed Charge twice issue.

** V 2.2.2 **
Form field required issue fixed.