Этот плагин не тестировался с последними 3 основными выпусками WordPress. Скорее всего, он уже не поддерживается и может быть несовместим с текущими версиями WordPress.

WP Smart Editor


We are currently focusing on developing an enhancement of the new WordPress block editor using our plugin Advanced Gutenberg. While this plugin is just maintained, we encourage all our users to try the Advanced Gutenberg experience 🙂

The WordPress text editor is really easy to use and something fundamental for everyone, whether you are a redactor or a web developer. What about getting an enhanced version of this text editor offering a custom experience to each user.

WP Smart Editor is giving to you and your clients a custom experience with the possibility to filter the tools available per user or user role.

Furthermore, the plugins comes with time saving edition tools:
— A table manager
— A file manager
— A column manager: Create and customize columns layouts without using any HTML
— A button manager: Design, Save and re-use your buttons from the editor
— A bullet manager: Design your bullet lists with icons, Save and re-use them all over your website
— Content summary: Generate automatic summary with links based on your content title structure
— A editor template manager: Save and reload your Editor HTML layouts
— A custom style editor: Create and give to your users custom styles in dropdown list based on your own CSS
— Enhanced codemirror (code coloration) version
— Code search and replace feature

More information and feature details here!

Still not sure! test the plugin live on Addendio sandbox demo website

Video demo of the main editor features

Video demo of the advanced editor tools

Create unlimited edition profiles, for each editor profile define:
— The Edition tools available (like font size, bold, column manager…)
— The edition tool place in the editor bar
— Assign the editor profile to one or several user groups
— Assign the editor profile to one or several users
— Import/Export edition profiles with all the configuration inside

Text editor configuration and options:
— Create your own CSS styled snippet from Editor with preview and make them available in a click from the editor
— Activate code coloration and syntax in text editor
— Activate code coloration and syntax in theme editor
— Search and replace advanced feature in code editor view
— Import/Export CSS custom styles from one website to another

WP Smart Editor is totally free of charge, the only thing you can purchase is an upgrade of WP File Download (the enhanced version of the file manager) and WP Table Manager (the enhanced version of the table manager).

Main plugins from JoomUnited:


Before leaving a review >> Feel free to ask questions here in the support section, we reply to every question!
A dedicated private ticket support is also available on the website.


PHP 5.6+, PHP7 or 7.1 recommended for better performance, WordPress 4.5+


  • Easy to use and advanced edition tools
  • Manage HTML tables easily
  • Manage files with a real file manager
  • Edition tools: columns, button, bullet list, summary
  • Manager editor profiles with custom tools
  • Create custom styles for you users
  • Advanced code coloration and Search and Replace feature


To install the automatically:

  • Through WordPress admin, use the menu: Plugin > Add new
  • Search for WP Smart Editor
  • Click on install then click activate link

To install the plugin manually:

  • Download and unzip the plugin wp-smart-editor.zip
  • Upload the /wp-smart-editor directory to /wp-content/plugins/
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  • Use the WP Smart Editor left menu

Once the plugin is installed, use the admin left menu. The install process will add 3 plugins in the list: WP Smart Ediotr, WP Table Manager light, WP File Download light

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Can I get support for the editor use?

We reply to every question about the editor on the forum here, just ask 🙂 If you have a feature request you can also submit it on JoomUnited forum (create a free account first)

Can I use WP Smart Editor only myself?

Yes, after install you can select which edition tools will be available for whom. So you can create an edition profile just for you.

Is WP Smart Editor slowing down my website?

The plugin have NO impact on page load, it’s only loaded during the edition process. Only your custom CSS, if used, will be loaded on frontend.

Is WP Smart Editor compatible with 3rd party plugins?

Yes it is, it has been tested with a lot of plugins and themes on the market furthermore it’s a natural extension of the WordPress default editor.
So it can be used in WooCommerce, page builders that load WordPress default editor.

Is WP Smart Editor free?

Yes totally free of charge, the only thing you can purchase is an upgrade of WP File Download (the enhanced version of the file manager) and WP Table Manager (the enhanced version of the table manager).

Can I translate WP Smart Editor plugin?

Yes, and that’s really easy! JU Translation is a translation tool included in all our WordPress plugins: get, share and manage your extensions translations from a visual and easy to use interface! You’ll find it in the WP Smart Editor configuration menu

Where can I activate the editor coloration code?

It’s activated on plugin install and you can find the option from the configuration. Your theme files admin editor is also concerned.

Can I change the custom CSS class with a user friendly name?

Yes from the custom CSS creation tool you can add a seperated CSS class name and a title. The last one will be displayed in in a dropdown list in your editor.

Is it possible to order edition tools?

You can activate, disable, order the tools available in your editor and also the toolbars

Can I load the same editor on several WordPress websites?

Yes the editor has a profile import/export feature. You can export your profiles including: custom editor toolbar, edition tools ordering and configuration and even add custom CSS

I don’t see the new buttons or new editor
  1. Make sure the setting: «Disable the visual editor» is not checked under Users >> Your Profile >> configuration is not checked.
  2. Make sure that an edition profile is linked to your account for example if you’re in admin user role make sure that an edition profile is setup to be loaded for admins


I just lost 4 days of work so I registered ONLY for giving my thoughts about this piece of crap. Installed it. Activated it. Didn't like it, so deactivated. BIG MISTAKE: "There has been a critical error on your website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions." Dude, are you for real? I mean, what would it take to fix the damn thing or, if you're not able, to ask someone to do it for you? It's obvious that you're not a developer, so make us all a favor and get lost from the realm. LATER EDIT (because I could not refrain myself) Dude, pay attention to the 5 stars reviews you got: they were made by the same damn person, that's SO obvious by reading the comments. As I said above: are you for real?? Oh, and thank you for the hard work that I lost because of you. (and don't even dare to say something about backups!) UPDATE (for the naives who installed this piece of nothing and panicked) Apparently, the error is caused by a class geting corrupted when try to deactivate the tables management plugin. - enter Recovery Mode from the e-mail link you got - go to FTP and delete the tables whatever plugin from this guy - from WP Plugin interface delete the other two plugins (trust me) - exit Recovery Mode, you'll be fine.
This crappy plugin installed behind the scenes 3 plugin, one of which (WP Table Manager Light) broke my blog and couldn't even uninstall from Wordpress, had to FTP and delete the folder. Stay away from this effing crappy dodgy plugin. shame on you!
25.04.2018 1 ответ
This install other two plugins that you can deactivate and another one that you can't uninstall even is you uninstall these three plugins. Tried deleting the folder but it caused a fatal error in my site. It was just a localhost site, and wasn't a real problem, but I'll just keep away from this. I checked another review and it seems the developer just doesn't want to tell users that the plugins install other things.
I think it is better than any other type of editing. I got multiple benefits on this plugin. It can edit my photos, summarize my elaborate article and make it's own pages. It has it's own front size so that it can edit the Letter as the client want. I think it becomes popular by its abundant activities. I am very helpful by its work, wish its continuity. Thank You very much.
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Журнал изменений


  • Fix : Conflict with custm CCSS styles in some plugin configuration


  • Fix : Fatal error when activate plugin
  • Fix : Update JU framework to 1.0.4


  • Fix : Update to framework 1.0.3


  • Add : New editor tool: Tooltip manager — Add HTML tooltips for texts or images
  • Add : Possibility to choose which device’s type to activate editor
  • Add : Posibility to choose which post types to activate editor


  • Add : New function: Export and Import editor’s profiles and custom styles
  • Add : Possibility to edit saved Template name
  • Fix : Responsive columns for mobile (columns manager)


  • Add : New editor tool, Template manager: Save and reload your HTML layouts
  • Add : Notification tooltip that loaded when the editor is opened at first time
  • Add : Compatibily with admin Page builder plugins: Elementor, Visual Composer, DIVI, ACF Themify, Live composer


  • Fix : Issue on upgrading Table Manager and File Download light version to full version
  • Fix : Issue with Search/Replace function may cause the editor to be displayed twice
  • Fix : Editor buttons from 3rd party not displayed


  • Fix : Issue on activation with PHP 5.3 version
  • Fix : Fix issue while install on Multisite Network


  • Add : Initial release