WP Snow — Лучший плагин с эффектом снега


Красивая анимация снега для вашего WordPress сайта, которая сделает Рождество или любое другое событие еще лучше.

This plugin allows you to create beautiful animated snow flakes or other type of flakes. You can for example use various icons as snow flakes, custom text and much more.
For a full list of features, please check out the list down below:


  • Customize Snow layout — Add your own custom text that falls as snow
  • Font Awesome Integration — Choose one of the 1360+ icons that fits your snowing animation the best
  • Show the snow only on certain posts or pages (Custom post types are supported as well)
  • Customize the color of your snow flakes — You can also set multiple colors that are randomly assigned
  • Customize the font of your snow flakes — It is also possible to set multiple fonts that are randomly assigned
  • Добавление пользовательских стилей снежинок- вы также можете добавить свои собственные стили CSS к каждой снежинке для безграничных возможностей
  • Deactivate snow flakes right within the settings — This allows you to control your snow flakes faster than ever before
  • Customize the amount of snow flakes visible at once
  • Customize the falling speed for the snow flakes
  • Customize the maximum and the minimum size of your snow flakes
  • Optimize your performance by changing the refresh speed of the snow flake animation
  • Customize the z-index or your snow flakes
  • Расширенные компоненты для разработчиков


In case you have questions, feel free to reach out to us at any time, we are happy to help! 🙂

For devs

We offer you a very awesome hook system to customize everything based on your needs!



  1. Активируйте плагин
  2. Go to Settings > WP Snow and start customizing!


Thank you so much for this plugin. Simple to use, but a lot of customization if you need.
I appreciate this plugin, with many settings, the visual rendering is really nice. Just one regret: you can’t mix several shapes, nor add your own images.
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Журнал изменений

1.0.3: September 25, 2023

  • Optimized the Textdomain for better translations
  • Provided a clean source
  • Tested WP up to 6.3

1.0.2: November 02, 2020

  • Tweak: Append entities the proper way using jQuery

1.0.1: October 11, 2020

  • Tweak: Optimized loading sequence to let the snow appear mre naturally
  • Tweak: Better fade-out of the snow (It now hides seemlessly)
  • Tweak: Optimized performance

1.0.0: April 26, 2019

  • Birthday of WP Snow