Этот плагин не тестировался с последними 3 основными выпусками WordPress. Скорее всего, он уже не поддерживается и может быть несовместим с текущими версиями WordPress.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner Plugin for WooCommerce & WordPress


Google AdWords Keyword Planner Plugin for those users who liked to see their businesses on the top positions of Google SERP’s and Analyse the keywords inside from WordPress & WooCommerce Platform.

👉 Google AdWords Keyword Planner Plugin Pro Version Details
👉 For the Advanced Features Upgrade to Google AdWords Keyword Planner PRO
👉 Web Url : https://wpseobooster.com/


🎉 “This plugin save my lot of time and helped me to find best keywords without leaving WordPress platform. Amazing features in one plugin specially Low competitve keyword finder and yoast focus keyword generator. Recommend to buy everyone.”

🎉 “Amazing plugin by WPSEOBOOSTER. Thanks to the entire team. By using their premium version of this plugin our businesses now top of the position in our local market.”

🎉 “If you are a SEO optimiser then this plugin will be very handy for you because you don’t need to go anywhere for researching keywords for your business. By using this tool you can easily check 12 months visitors and advert cpc for better targetting”

🎉 “Use this plugin either you will loose your market”

🎉 “Very good, Google AdWords Keyword Planner Plugin improved a lot and by using their premium version within a short period you can dramatically boost-up your SEO & sales. It’s worked”


Google AdWords Keyword Planner Plugin’s Free Version Features

👉 Keyword Analysis By Using Our Google AdWords Keyword Planner
👉 12 Months Report Check
👉 Without Tech Knowledge You Can Understand The Low Avg. CPC for Your Advert
👉 You Can Check Average Monthly Searches
👉 Advert Competition Checking


👨‍💻 Plugin Video Documentation

👨‍💻 Plugin Documentation Free & Premium


👉 Included All Free Version Features
👉 Add Yoast Focus Keyword (Yoast SEO Plugin must needed for this features)
👉 Generate Auto Tags for Post, Pages & Products
👉 Find Low Competitive KW to Rank on Google SERP
👉 Find Low Competitive KW for Ad Campaign
👉 You Can Analyse Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tools from Your Post
👉 You Can Analyse Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tools from Your Page
👉 You Can Analyse Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tools from Your WooCommerce Product Page


👨‍💻 Plugin Video Documentation

👨‍💻 Plugin Documentation Free & Premium

👨‍💻 Premium Plugin Page


🏆 Google KeyWord Planner

We have implemented a great and profitable KeyWord planning features with this plugin to help you to find the best low competitive google ranking & advertisement placement Keywords for your business to get higher ranking on google. By using this Google Keyword Planner features you will get benefits from both platform WordPress & WooCommerce.

🏆 Yoast Focus Keyword Generator

If you are using yoast seo plugin for wordpress blog or woocommerce websites or amazon affiliate websites then you need to place your focus keyword and most of the marketer doesn’t know how yaost focus keyword played an important role for higher ranking on google. So, don’t need to worry by using our WP SEO & Sales booster plugin’s Yoast Focus Keyword generator will helps you to find the right keywords for your Business and you can add & capable to generate your Yoast focus keyword within a sec.

🏆 Low Competitive Keyword Finder

Google AdWords Keyword Planner Plugin are providing magical features like by this plugin you can find those keywords which you can rank in Google Search very easily. When you search to find profitable Keywords to rank on google just search your keywords with our Keyword planner tools and our tools will give you the low competitive Keyword results.

🏆 Find Keywords & Save It

With our plugin you can easily find the best Advert competitive keywords or Google Rank keywords for your business and you can save those list to use it later. Thats mean whenever you get time just implement those keywords for your content. Now you are done and your competitor will never defeat your business.

🏆 Add Custom Tags from Keyword Planner

To save your time and money you can add your tags from our keyword Planners features. You can easily find out the valuable tags from our Keyword Planner tools and add them to your custom tags. We believe time save means more money.


👨‍💻 Plugin Video Documentation

👨‍💻 Plugin Documentation Free & Premium

👨‍💻 Premium Plugin Page


  • SOAP Must need to be installed on your server for Google AdWords Keyword Planner
  • Toast SEO Plugin needed for add to focus keyword
  • WooCommerce Needed for Live Sales Notifications Features




  • Keyword research screenshots
  • Settings
  • General settings
  • Keyword archive list
  • Yoast seo focus keyword generate
  • Add auto custom tags


Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Q. Basic Requirements of Google AdWords Keyword Planner Plugin

  • For Keyword Planner features must need to be installed SOAP on your server.
  • Required WooCommerce Plugin
  • Required Yoast SEO plugin for add auto focus kw
  • WordPress Version above 3.0
  • Php Version above 5.6 (Recommend 7.1)

Q. How to Install The Free Version of This Plugin?

A. Please visit this link to setup free version

Q. How to Setup Keyword Planner Features?

A. Please visit this link to setup Google AdWords Keyword Planner features



Pretty bad when you can't make out much of what the "tutorial" is doing and it's going too fast to follow anyway... so you never even get to TRY the plugin. If this is how a tut is, I hate to see how the plugin itself works. Uninstalling asap.
Thanks to the team. Really this is a very handy plugin for keyword researching. You have implement some new features with it which really save time to rank google within a short time. Recommend the best keyword research plugin. 🙂
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