Этот плагин был закрыт с 09.12.2022, он более не доступен для загрузки. Плагин был закрыт временно, ожидается проверка.


11.11.2022 1 ответ
I installed it as it came with the Back up suit of WP Vivid for free. This was absolutely under the radar as I never heard of that plugin. The set up is clear and easy to understand. It has option to resize and compress. Also possibility to convert to Webp and even CDN. So quite complete. What I am not so sure about is the compression ability respective to other plugins. I use Lossy: Compress the image by up to 20%(conservatively) but in my stat the reduction is 4% so really not worth it in my point of view. My images get ingested already quite optimized with mini JPG pro and a 77% quality in Lightroom. I wish there was some kind of visual clue to see how it compresses a sample image in all the quality setting that you can choose. I also hope to see some comparison in the future with the big contenders in that department of image optimizations. Maybe it is still to unknown to have been noticed. So I like all the possibilities but I am quite in the dark of their compression power and so far a 4% is not something to be very excited about.
20.10.2022 1 ответ
I don't like, don't know how to use it, and the whole screen is full of offers and buttons to BUY. You better look for other options...
25.07.2021 1 ответ
I'm a paid/pro user of this plugin, and the optimization never worked for me. It keeps showing errors and I have barely 208 images on my site to be optimized or converted to .webp (I wasted 30 mins trying again and again) I have to install Imagify and pay for their service to get those images optimized and converted to the next-generation format. (It took me 10 mins) Save yourself time and stay away. Note: From all the products that I have access the ONLY one that worked still WPVivid Backup.
17.04.2021 1 ответ
I am WPvivid backup pro plugin LTD customer. Stumbled upon this randomly in WP repo. This plugin is having an amazing initial version. The image limit is low, but the options it has remind me of the start of WPvivid Backup plugin. It goes in the right direction and as soon as they start offering more credits I'm going to start using it for real. This is a review of initial release, it is not even 1.0 so the credit limit is not a bad thing, it's just early in the process. CDN is coming soon which is great. I expect this to be the best alternative to the leading image optimization plugins such as ShortPixel. Keeup up the great work!
06.04.2021 1 ответ
I'm finally first in something. Joke aside, the plugin still works fine so far. Compression ok, lazy load ok. I didn't expect anything else. Their backup plugin is also very good. Thanks for using.
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