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Writing Project Tracker


Keep track of your writing sessions by time and word count. Use shortcodes to display your progress to your readers.

This plugin includes progressbar.js library, BootStrap 4.4.1, modernizr-custom.js, bootstrap-datetimepicker library.

Language Support: The plugin interface in only in English.

Some of the features added by this plugin

Addes a two new post types for writing project and logs.
New admin section Writing Tracker with four sub options:
* All Projects
* Add New
* New Category
* Logs


Best is to install directly from WordPress. If manual installation is required, please make sure all of the plugin files are in a folder named «writing-project-tracker» (not two nested folders) in the plugin directory.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

How to Add a New Project

  1. Click on Write Track on the Admin Menu.
  2. Click Add New.
  3. Enter the following information
    a. The Title
    b. Is Active checkbox.
    i. If Active is not checked then you will not be able to enter logs for this project or generate shortcode.
    c. Estimated Completion Date
    d. Estimated Word Count
  4. Click Publish

How to Add a Session Log

The logs are to keep track of your progress as work. The times entered will be used to generate statistics on your progress and can be used to generate shortcode to display progress to your website’s audience.

  1. Click on Write Track on the Admin Menu.
  2. Click on Logs
  3. Select the project you wish to record a log to from the drop down box.
  4. Click the Add Log button
  5. Enter the following information
    a. Start Time
    b. End Time
    c. Word Count
    d. Notes (not required)
  6. Click Save

How to Add a Progress Graph to My Website

  1. Click on Write Track on the Admin Menu.
  2. Click on Logs.
  3. Click on the ShortCode button.
  4. Click Create after filling out shortcode fields.
  5. Click on Copy Shortcode to Clipboard.
  6. Paste copied shortcode to your page, post, or text widget.


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