Этот плагин не тестировался с последними 3 основными выпусками WordPress. Скорее всего, он уже не поддерживается и может быть несовместим с текущими версиями WordPress.

XTRA Settings


XTRA adds 40+ hidden settings, tweaks and options to tailor your wordpress website in a clean format and super-light weight. The plugin uses WP actions, filters, the .htaccess file and the wp-config.php file for setting options. This plugin also includes a manual Database backup, cleanup and optimization tool to make your wordpress website lighter and faster. Also included are Related Posts, Share Buttons, WP Auto-Update, Maintenance Mode and Debug Mode with easy switches. Image compression organized in bulk ajax batches for fast speed and convenience.


  • Security — Server hardening, WP Security settings, disable xml-rpc and all feeds
  • Speed — Compression, Cache, Memory and Minifier
  • SEO — settings and JavaScript Defer and Footer
  • Social — settings and Share Buttons, 2 blocks, 6 positions
  • WP Settings — Admin, WP mods, Cron, Maintenance and Debug modes
  • Update — auto-update core, themes, selected plugins, translations
  • Hits Counter — simple, slim, usable
  • Post settings — Related Posts, Revisions, Content changes
  • Database — Backup, Cleanup and Optimize
  • Cron Jobs — check and delete
  • Plugins — temporarily mute
  • Images — bulk image compression, maximum size, regenerate thumbs


  • XTRA Settings Security screen
  • XTRA Settings Database Cleanup and Optimize screen
  • XTRA Settings Speed screen
  • XTRA Settings WP Settings screen
  • XTRA Settings Posts and Content screen
  • XTRA Settings WP Modes screen


  1. Install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly or upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/xtra-settings directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress Admin.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

  • Please make a backup of your .htaccess and wp-config.php files.
  • Some options don’t work if your .htaccess and wp-config.php files are not writable.
  • Plugin deactivation restores all WP settings.
  • Plugin delete makes a complete clean-up of all XTRA settings.


Hi, There is a 500 error when I try to access the settings. I also see many notices on each page. I also see many error suppression symbols in the code.If you are not maintaining this plugin anymore, can you make me contributor so I can fix the plugin and be the new maintainer?Best,Baris
I just want to take this chance to thank you for the bottom of my heart. This is a wonderful plug-in, it does everything I need it to do. It helps me to disable some features that was a security issue for my website. It does a lot more too. To everyone who reads this, if you have the chance and fund, donate to this wonderful person who made it accessible to all of us to use.
Holy smoke, why didn’t I come across this plugin before? This plugin rocks! I use Clearfy on all my sites but XTRA Settings runs rings around it. MANY more tweaking options! The interface looks a bit dated, but it’s nicely divided in sections, and works like a charm. Very happy I stumbled upon this gem. Highly recommended!
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Журнал изменений


  • Fixed Website under Maintenance error at xtra-settings/xtra.php:3499 with mb_strrpos()


  • Compatibility with WP 6.0


  • Compatibility with WP 5.8


  • Compatibility with WP 5.7
  • Tweaked Restore options form: asking if include the Hit Counter data


  • Compatibility with WP 5.6
  • Added Backup and Restore of all your current settings — in a right side box
  • Added Remove Admin Notices — at 16.7
  • Added Delete selected images
  • Fixed some PHP 8+ warnings and notices — hopefully
  • Fixed geoip URL to https://freegeoip.app/json/
  • Tweaked to not create empty wp-config if not exists
  • Tweaked initial settings to show colors, numbers and hits chart


  • Fixed some more PHP 7+ notices


  • Compatibility with WP 5.5
  • Added Themes Auto-Update exclude list


  • Fixed Hit Counter notification email sending multiple times


  • Removed most details from Hits Counter notification email to decrease spam rating
  • Added option to still enable all details in Hits Counter notification email
  • Removed custom send time from Hits Counter notification email. Mail send is at day-change: midnight by server time.


  • Fixed Hits Counter analytics for Countries, IPs and Pages showing 0
  • Fixed Hits Counter analytics links for Pages
  • Remove onclicks from Hits Counter notification emails
  • Remove date_default_timezone_set as it interferes with WP Site Health check


  • Fixed htaccess redundant comments
  • Fixed some more PHP 7+ notices
  • Export DB Tables function source reference is corrected based on ttodua’s request


  • Compatibility with WP 5.4
  • Fixed deprecated create_function PHP 7+ warnings
  • Fixed exif_read_data PHP 7+ warnings
  • Fixed PHP 7+ warnings and majority of notices (none on my system)
  • Fixed some css for xsmall and restore buttons
  • Fixed position of lightbulb icon on the admin bar


  • Compatibility with WP 5.3
  • Fixed javascript exclude at Open all external links in new tab


  • Fixed Hits Counter daily mail sent multiple times
  • Added Icon spacing for Social Share icons
  • Added require authentication for REST API requests
  • Added Disable Self Pingback


  • Fixed Hits Counter daily mail sent multiple times
  • Fixed Start Auto-Update Check button
  • Tweaked Social Share icons zooming method


  • Compatibility with WP 5.2
  • Fixed Hits Counter daily mail sent multiple times
  • Fixed wrong share button links caused by output buffer order


  • Compatibility with WP 5.1
  • Fixed Hits Counter daily mail sent twice
  • Fixed Export Database header already started warning in some rare cases


  • Fixed placement of Facebook SDK into wp-footer
  • Fixed php warning: A non-numeric value encountered in
    /plugins/xtra-settings/xtra.php on line 1066
  • Tweaked php error reporting by disabling display of php warnings


  • Fixed placement of Facebook SDK root div on singular pages


  • Compatibility with WP 5.0


  • Fixed warning in freegeoip.net calls in case the call is forbidden


  • Tweaked Add self-link to all uploaded images in posts by linking to full size image


  • Fixed some bugs


  • Fixed a very insidious bug in Shorten the Title in post-lists
  • Added Add time() as query string if Debug Mode is ON (this ensures instant refresh in development stage)
  • Fixed is_customize_preview() not returning good results
  • Fixed Remove query strings: only from script and css filenames (.js, .css)


  • Added hide shortcode if not used for Social Share Buttons and Related Posts
  • Fixed shortcode bug at Related Posts
  • Fixed some css and positioning for Social Share Buttons and Related Posts


  • Added Disable Comments globally into WP Settings WordPress Mods
  • Added inline-block option for Social Share Buttons header
  • Fixed some css and positioning for Social Share Buttons


  • Fixed warnings of in_array() in xtra.php on line 1892
  • Tweaked html places for Share Buttons and Related Posts


  • Fixed a bug at 17.5 Auto-Resize Image Uploads


  • Tweaked Images to show current quality ratio for JPGs
  • Tweaked Hit Counter’s User Agent analysis to improve mobile device recognition in Hit Log
  • Added SEO add meta tags options separated as Description, Keywords and Robots
  • Added Shortcodes selector in editor (25.7)
  • Tweaked some code and reordered own options panel


  • Tweaked some js localisation in admin-search.js
  • Fixed a page link in Hit Counter if WP is not in the root folder
  • Tweaked adding FeedBurner into Google group in Hit Counter
  • Added new sub-options to Exclude from count & Don’t log in Hit Counter
  • Removed deprecated Enable WordPress Cache option (6.1)


  • Fixed some translation related bugs in js
  • Fixed a text bug in Memory and PHP Execution values (7.1, 7.2)
  • Tweaked some script texts for localisation


  • Fixed a translation related bug


  • Added Top Countries, Top IPs and Top Pages tabs (23.4, 23.5, 23.6) to Hit Counter
  • Tweaked Require a Featured Image (26.1) action priority
  • Tweaked Related Posts by adding category filter (in 24.1)
  • Added Don’t mix categories (24.4) to Related Post
  • Added 2nd Share Buttons block (15)
  • Added 2 new shapes to Share Buttons blocks (14.2, 15.2)
  • Added Facebook native Like button to Share Buttons blocks (14.3, 15.3)
  • Added a new position (after title) in Share Buttons and Related Posts (14.3, 15.3, 24.2)
  • Tweaked Share buttons settings by adding category filter (in 14.1 and 15.1)
  • Added translation-ready outputs
  • Tweaked css for small screens


  • Fixed Change default WP email Sender Address
  • Tweaked xtra_options_save action priority at shutdown
  • Tweaked get_optionXTRA function against isset function anomalies on global arrays
  • Tweaked name space and names in CSS files
  • Tweaked and reorganized admin settings include
  • Tweaked tab design
  • Added text domain xtra-settings for getting closer to translation-ready
  • Added option numbers for better reference with option to show/hide
  • Added disable option for showing colors
  • Added disable option for showing right side boxes
  • Added option to put own XTRA plugin settings on a tab
  • Added optional sticky tab when scrolling


  • Fixed code of Allow PHP in text widgets


  • Fixed extract_from_markers function bug in WP 4.9
  • Tested with WordPress 4.9


  • Tweaked Mute/Un-Mute Plugins, added some explanations
  • Tweaked xtra js and css loading in admin area


  • Tweaked css for light and vertical formats
  • Fixed icon usage in Hit List


  • Added Mute/Un-Mute Plugins: i.e. silently disable plugins without actual deactivation
  • Tweaked option filter javascript regex for highlighting
  • Added DB Tables view linked from the Site Info box


  • Added Block access by Targeted Page
  • Tweaked Block access: Admin pages are not allowed to block to avoid suicide
  • Tweaked Block access: block_visitors.php is added that you can rename in case of accidental self-block
  • Fixed Hide Admin Toolbar fatal error for get_plugins function (not being auto included on front-end by WP)
  • Tweaked user capabilities instead of roles (roles are not being reliable as per WP documentation)
  • Tweaked further restrict XTRA Settings: even the page view is only for admins
  • Tweaked Extend WordPress Search to include taxonomy descriptions (not only names)


  • Tweaked plugin data storage into one option array instead of more than 100 option variables


  • Fixed mu-plugins directory missing error


  • Added WP-Options abandoned orphan option search and delete in XTRA settings box
  • Added type icons to Hit Counter hit list
  • Added separate page for Hit Counter all hit list with filters
  • Tweaked filters for Hit Counter hit list
  • Fixed execution time measurement for geoIP and host lookup array handling
  • Fixed to long floating numbers in execution time measurement array


  • Added execution time measurement for geoIP and host lookup in Hits Counter options
  • Fixed Cron jobs delete failure
  • Fixed the alternative position Hit Counter with js tabs and filter in hit list


  • Added Disable WP Heartbeat with optional exception for post/page editor pages
  • Tweaked Hit Counter with js tabs and filter in hit list
  • Fixed Hit Counter email next date display
  • Fixed Hit Counter email title language
  • Fixed some PHP notices
  • Tweaked include ajax.php only when admin-ajax called


  • Tweaked Hit Counter hit list to optionally show also skipped hits (with reason for skipping)
  • Added user names in hits for logged in users
  • Tweaked Hit Counter email send with optional time for sending


  • Added optional light-weight GeoIP info for Hits Counter
  • Added Apache Cache expiration days option
  • Applied name space in css to avoid conflicts
  • Added JS box resizing for the admin page


  • Tweaked Hit Counter exclude strings
  • Added Redirect bad bots by substrings
  • Added option to use/or not the slow gethostbyaddr php function for host name lookup
  • Added Restore Default buttons for each input field
  • Fixed missing array indexes from _SERVER


  • Fixed Hit Counter exclude strings bug


  • Fixed Hit Counter day-change bug
  • Tweaked Hit Counter to show detailed Hits and/or IPs
  • Removed Wonderslider plugin bug fix


  • Added Regenerate Thumbnails & Image Sizes in Images tab
  • Added Hits Counter exclude list for user-agent, remote server and IP substrings
  • Tweaked Redirect some bots to referring URL code: deprecated previous function
  • Tweaked Block external POST code: deprecated previous function
  • Fixed time zone setting in xtra.php
  • Fixed Hit Counter action hook to shutdown


  • Added Hide Notification for Excluded Plugins
  • Tweaked Hit Counter functions
  • Added Add XTRA Hit Counter Dashboard Widget
  • Added Add XTRA Menu to Admin Bar


  • Added Search (filter) for options on the top
  • Added Hits Chart with Google Charts API
  • Tweaked optional tab settings


  • Added Simple Hit Counter in XTRA options box with daily stats email sending
  • Tweaked Bulk Image Compression and Resize with memory usage monitoring and restart if needed
  • Fixed a bug in Debug mode


  • Tweaked Add alt tag to images: take title if set
  • Fixed Social Share Buttons wrong url when using Related Posts


  • Added Extend WordPress Search: Search not only in title and post content, but also in tags, categories and comments
  • Added Highlight Search Results
  • Added Shorten the Title in non-singular views
  • Tweaked Open ALL links in a new tab code


  • Added disable wpautop globally
  • Added thumbnails in posts admin list
  • Added column shortcodes
  • Fixed deactivate function call
  • Fixed admin message show
  • Fixed bulk image compression ajax error handling
  • Added Harden your HTTP response header including Protect against XSS attacks, Page-Framing, Click-Jacking and Content-Sniffing in one option
  • Added Disable WP Cron


  • Added Ajax Bulk Image Compression methods with image backup and restore
  • Added Auto-Resize large image upload to maximum width and height
  • Tweaked Protect From Malicious URL Requests: including HTTP_USER_AGENT libwww, Wget, EmailSiphon, EmailWolf
  • Tweaked php output buffer handling to increase code speed
  • Tweaked JS and CSS position in the footer and defer parsing
  • Tweaked regexp for add self-link, share buttons and related posts positioning


  • Added Highlight Post Color by Status
  • Added Defer parsing of all JavaScript in the SEO tab
  • Added Move all JavaScript to the footer in the SEO tab
  • Added Light View and Vertical Tabs in Xtra Plugin Settings
  • Tweaked UI with sticky selected tabs
  • Removed block URL longer than 255 from malicious requests in Security tab


  • Fixed Share Buttons and Related Posts after article position


  • Include section dashicons to make recognition easier
  • Some tweaks on Share Buttons and Related Posts positioning
  • Tweaked the gui to clear design and improve readability


  • Added Related Posts feature with options in Posts tab
  • Fixed Cron job removal
  • Tweaked meta keywords on non-tagged pages
  • Tweaked show share buttons with [xtra_share_buttons] shortcode
  • Tweaked the HTML Minifier code working with inline img codes (e.g. Ploylang flags)


  • Added Check Auto-Update Now trigger button
  • Added Plugins Auto-Update exclude list
  • Added Remove double title meta tag in SEO
  • Fixed readme bug in Upgrade Notice
  • Fixed SEO bug adding head meta and OG tags
  • Tweaked Add self-link to all uploaded images
  • Tweaked the HTML Minifier code to be more reliable


  • Tweak Open All Links in New Tab and Image Self Link regexes
  • Tweak plugin deactivation method
  • Tweak getting post image as thumbnail or 1st attachment or 1st in-post image
  • Removed the tab called All
  • Added color codes for tabs
  • Added HTML Minifier


  • Added X-Header Apache security settings to protect 3 attack types
  • Finetuned Apache server settings for Compression and Caching
  • Separate Apache server settings in case you have a different web server


  • Fixed Social share buttons not just on posts, also on pages


  • Added Social tab
  • Added 8 Social share buttons in the Social tab
  • Added Facebook JS SDK block option
  • Added Redirect Attachments to their Parent Post
  • Repositioned 2 redirect settings into the SEO tab


  • Added Cron Jobs management
  • Added SEO tab
  • Added Facebook OG tags and Twitter cards in HTML head using post title, excerpt and thumbnail image
  • Remove Plugins Information — did not add extra value
  • Optimized tabs: put all WP settings into one tab


  • Tabbed user interface
  • Added Maintenance mode and Plugins Information


  • Redesigned user interface
  • Added Database Backup, Cleanup and Optimize features


  • Added WordPress Debug mode settings
  • Added WordPress Auto-Update settings


  • Initial version