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Yapsody is the only live entertainment company focused on providing independent presenters and hospitality enterprises customized end-to-end solutions for leveraging concert entertainment. Through our unique proprietary products and services managed entirely in-house, Yapsody delivers unparalleled value, quality control, customer service, growth potential and competitive advantages in the market.

Yapsody Events Calendar WordPress plugin allows you to display your events on your WordPress site in a Calendar(just use the shortcode provided on the settings page and add it to the page of your choice) so that your customers can buy tickets
from your site.

We have provided settings to customize the details of the events and also with various color schemes for calendar layout.

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Plugin Features

  • AJAX powered
  • Month/Week/Day views
  • Color Schemes for Calendar



Install this plugin like a normal WordPress plugin. Once activated, you’ll see a new panel in the Settings section for editing the options for calendar display.

Enter your Yapsody.com Venue Code with which you create your subdomain on Yapsody Ticketing system.

1, 2, 3: You’re done!

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Online documentation

For our full documentation, please click here to see our help site.

Its Not Working!

Well, Yes it does, make sure you save the options correctly and used the shortcode [yapsodyevents] to display the Events Calendar.

I have Found a Bug, Now what?

Simply use the Support Forum and Create a new topic for the bug and thanks a head for doing that.

Yapsody Terms of Use

Visit our terms of use.

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Журнал изменений


Release Date — 18 June 2024
*Version tested for compatibility with WordPress 6.5


Release Date — 22 March 2021
*Version update with compatibility with WordPress 5.7
*The event tooltip was not visible with latest version of WordPress. It is fixed


Release Date — 13 June 2019
*Version update with compatibility with WordPress 5.2.1
*Updated venue code related setting.


Release Date — 9 August 2018

  • first version, Yay !!