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This plugin does not work at all, and the free version is a real joke. The option that are premium should be the bare base of the free version as it's totally useless right now. Don't waste your time or money on this plugin.
Good attempt but not currently useable. However I think it is fixable when I get time to go into the code. When you share a product then 10% is deducted from the entire cart which is fine. When you share a second product another 10% is deducted from the cart and so on. Example. You purchase and share a product for £10.00 and get 10% off. £10 - £1 gives cart total of £9 you then purchase another item for £5 cart total is £15 minus 10% for first share = £13.50 minus 10% for second share = £12.15 and so on
2 HUGE BUGS in this plugin... First reported 4 weeks ago and NO RESPONSE. Be aware if you install this plugin, no matter what you enter for settings, you WILL be offering DOUBLE coupons to your customers for their ENTIRE cart. Support tickets: There needs to be an included option to make the generated coupons have or not-have the field for “individual use only”, so a site owner can decide whether the share-for-discounts should be applicable to 1 discount per order or not. Without that functionality, any customer to a site using your plugin (in its current state) can receive a discount on all products in their cart, just by running the share button each time they add a new product to their cart. So instead of being a 10% off a product, it’s a 10% off cart. All the customer has to do is continue using the share button for each product in their cart. This is a bug and flaw in this plugin (and the pro version too). Is there a script that can limit generated coupons to 1 per order? Thanks! RELATED BUG NUMBER 2: A user can Share and receive discount as GUEST, then log in to their user account and Share to receive ANOTHER discount on the same product. So for a 10% for sharing a user can receive 20% off if they get the share-coupon as a Guest first then get same share-coupon by doing the process as a logged in user. So essentially, with the free version of this plugin, any customer can receive 20% off their ENTIRE CART just by using the share discount. For the PAID version if you go over 10% for your coupon, do so knowing you ARE offering DOUBLE whatever you enter to your customers, and it can be used over and over and over until the whole CART is double couponed. This plugin is trash until this is fixed, 2 terrible bugs that can be fixed just by adding the woocommerce coupon field for “individual use only”. 4 weeks now and still nothing from developers on this? Wow.
On the plugin page (wordpress.org), Screenshots, "This is the settings page of the plugin you can find inside the YIT Plugins menu". No, this is not the plugin page. I have installed this plugin and on setting page I have two notes 1- Enable Twitter sharing: Note: due to a change made by twitter, you can not be sure that the tweets are published and 2- Enable Google+ sharing: Note: because of a bug unresolved by Google, the "Share" button could not generate the coupon correctly. And "DOCUMENTATION OF YITH WOOCOMMERCE SHARE FOR DISCOUNTS" (free version), Regarding Facebook "the sharing of each product generate a coupon of the 10% off on that particular product, once added to cart. You can share the same product more than once only after 24 hours have passed".
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