zenloop for WooCommerce — Net Promoter Score (NPS) platform


This official WooCommerce plugin connects zenloop’s NPS feedback platform with your WooCommerce shop. The free plugin lets you

  1. Use WooCommerce data to schedule NPS feedback surveys via zenloop
  2. Trigger NPS surveys on-site, on your order-success-page
  3. Trigger NPS surveys via zenloop’s email, after product delivery

You might face one of the following e-commerce challenges:

  • discovering customer issues late – for instance if there is a problem checking out
  • valuable customer feedback disappearing into the customer service inbox
  • churn and rising customer acquisition costs due to growing online competition

zenloop helps leading e-commerce companies like Fitvia, Natural Mojo, HelloBody, oceans apart, Outfittery or AboutYou to overcome these challenges. It’s key benefits are:

  • collect actionable feedback at different touchpoints with 25-30% response rates
  • get immediate insights by analyzing comments with text analytics (smart labels)
  • excite and engage your colleagues with real-time feedback live streams
  • reduce churn by setting feedback alerts and fast replies to your critics
  • leverage your promoters for referrals as a free marketing channel

zenloop’s platform automates the entire customer feedback loop. Improve your conversion- and repurchase. Boost your overall customer retention.


High convenience boosts response rates
Multi Channel. Ensure convenience for any customer journey touchpoint. Whether it’s on-page after checkout or email after delivery. Customers complete your survey with only one click.

Easy as 1, 2, 3 – awesome surveys ready to go within minutes
Don’t spend days setting up an account and surveys. Built customized NPS surveys that match your company style within minutes.

Expose real time feedback and excite your organization
Live feeds are the perfect dashboard to build a customer centric culture. Put it up on a big screen in the office to excite all colleagues!

Smart labels provide instant feedback insights
Analyze NPS comments in seconds by using text analytics with Smart Labels. Qualitative feedback gets segmented into feedback topics.

Delight your promoters and critics with instant replies
Leverage your promoters as marketing channels and referrer. Reply to your critics to prevent churn. Push feedback to customer service system, Slack or Zapier to delight customers with instant replies.

Empower improvements with alerts and digests
Configure email alerts to route certain customer feedback to responsible employees immediately. Set up regular email digests to stay tuned how customer relationships improve over time.


  • Infos about zenloop
  • Survey creation
  • zenloop supports multiple channels
  • See comments
  • Get realtime feedback
  • Smart labels for filtering comments
  • Setup alerts and digests
  • Integrations
  • Zenloop for WooCommerce Backend Settings
  • Survey Website Embedded - Order Success Page
  • Survey E-Mail Example Christ
  • Survey E-Mail Example Flaconi

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Installation Instructions

Take these few steps to connect your WooCommerce store to zenloop’s NPS feedback platform:
— Create a zenloop account
— Create a survey via “our email” and/or “website embedded”
— Download the plugin on the official WooCommerce site
— Install the plugin on your WordPress admin site
— Connect the WooCommerce plugin with zenloop
— Configure the WooCommerce plugin

Please find a more detailed description here.

Do I need to sign up for zenloop’s service?

Yes. You need to create a zenloop account to connect a WooCommerce shop.

Does zenloop offer a free trial?

Yes. zenloop offers a 15 days free trial period with unlimited features access and feedback responses.

What does zenloop cost?

We offer a simple pricing for any company stage. Start for free. Send unlimited surveys. Pay only for responses: https://www.zenloop.com/en/pricing

What is the Net Promoter Score (NPS)?

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is the most popular method to measure feedback and customer loyalty. NPS correlates with revenue growth and is used by ⅔ of Fortune 1000 companies in the US. More details on the methodology can be found here.

How do I open a zenloop account?

Go to zenloop’s homepage: www.zenloop.com and click on “Test zenloop” to get to the register page.
Just enter your company credentials and click “Create account”.

When will the delivery survey email be sent?

We send our email to survey your delivery 5 days after an order. You can adapt that timing within the code.

Can I customize the survey design?

Yes, you can customize your survey. Pls go to zenloop and open the “Unterstand” section. Choose your survey and click on “Edit survey”. You can customize a new survey by choosing “our email” or “website embedded” as a survey channel within the “Listen” section.

Can I customize the survey question?

Yes and no. You can change the question subject. However, it is important to stick to the NPS question methodology: “How likely would you recommend [brand / process] to a friend or colleague?” Why? Because the question type “Would you recommend XYZ to a friend?” aims to measure customer loyalty. People only recommend a brand/service, if they are satisfied and emotionally connected with it. If both is true, they become loyal customers.

It’s not working

If you have problems with the zenloop for WooCommerce data sync, and have already tried to delete and reinstall the plugin, there are a few other possible causes:

  • Your setup doesn’t meet the minimum requirements. The WooCommerce plugin for WordPress requires PHP 7 or greater. We also recommend you update to the latest version of WooCommerce.

  • You have conflicts with your WordPress Theme or other plugins. You may need to switch themes, or deactivate all plugins except WooCommerce and zenloop for WooCommerce, and try again. To learn more, hop over to WooCommerce: Fixing Theme and Plugin Conflicts.

If you’ve tried our troubleshooting suggestions, but still have trouble with your sync, contact zenloop support. IMPORTANT: Please include the status report of your WooCommerce System and screenshots of your zenloop for WooCommerce plugin settings tab.


Works perfect

This tool reaaly works perfect. Well done guys, really solved a problem.

Really smart solution

These guys really understand NPS and how to help companies get the most impact from it to improve business. In the past, we were never able to pinpoint issues or draw actionable conclusions, this simple solution finally solves this. Well done, looking forward to seeing how you continue to develop this.

Best NPS Tool

Works perfectly with our high traffic WooCommerce stores. We love the "get realtime customer feedback" feature. I highly recommend it!
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You can now select in the backend:
— Which data should be send to zenloop
— At what time to send the survey
— The location of the survey on your website (top or bottom)

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