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  • Я отправил мой плагин на проверкку, чтобы добавить его в директории WordPress.org, slug был не правильный (ну мне так не нравилось) и я отправил запрос на изменение, через почту

    Текст сообщенеие
    Hello. please change my plugin slug from arm-cyr-to-lat to arm-and-cyr-to-lat

    Получил ответ

    We have corrected your plugin permalink (i.e. slug) per your request. Keep in mind, you will still get emails from our system with the original display name until after the plugin is approved. Our system is a little imperfect still, but you need not panic if the name in the email subject is wrong.
    Note: Your plugin's permalink is determined from the display name, as set in the main plugin file. Please keep that in mind for future submissions.
    We also cannot promise you will get to keep the permalink you've requested, as we are obligated to validate the legality of it's use, with regards to trademarks. Remember that regardless of your permalink, you are not permitted to BEGIN the display name of your plugin with someone else's trademarked term. For example, if you do not work for Facerange, you cannot begin the plugin name with "Facerange," though you usually may use it elsewhere in the name.
    We will review your submission as soon as possible.

    ну я нечего не ответил на эту письмо потому что они просто сообщили мне что изменили посстяную ссылку, только что я получаю этот письмо и не как не понимаю в чём проблем

    `We cannot review your plugin due to outstanding issues with your account.

    Your previous plugin submission was rejected following your lack of response to our review.

    What to do next

    Before you worry, please know that the vast majority of these cases can be quickly resolved.

    We need you to read the whole email, confirm the following:

    you can receive our emails
    are willing to respond and complete the review process

    If you do that, we will review this plugin.

    Be advised that if you do give us your word and repeat this issue a second time, we will decline to host your code in the future.

    Why this is important

    When people submit plugins and don’t complete the review process, it can often be a drain on our resources. We are a 100% volunteer review team, and having us review your code without hosting means we have provided no benefit to users.

    Since we allow developers 3 months (90 days) to respond to a review, we feel it is reasonable to expect them to communicate with us. When they don’t, we assume they do not wish to complete the review process and send an email explaining why the plugin was closed. This email requested you not resubmit the plugin but instead reply with your corrected code.

    When developers demonstrate a pattern of not following directions, it often indicates an issue with communication which can be detrimental to the volunteers here.

    As such, we push back on developers when we see a history of plugins being reviewed but never completed.

    может кто-то почему плагин был отклонен

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