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  • Александр Смирнов (@bigpie)

    Я так понимаю картинки никак сюда не прислать?

    Это 1.

    Option 1: Try DupArchive
    Enable the DupArchive format which is specific to Duplicator and designed to perform better on constrained budget hosts.

    Note: DupArchive on Duplicator only supports sites up to 500MB. If your site is over 500MB then use a file filter on step 1 to get the size below 500MB or try the other options mentioned below. Alternatively, you may want to consider Duplicator Pro, which is capable of migrating sites much larger than 500MB.

    Следуйте этими шагами:
    On the scanner step check to make sure your package is under 500MB. If not see additional options below.
    Go to Duplicator > Settings > Packages Tab > Archive Engine > Enable DupArchive
    Build a new package using the new engine format.
    Note: The DupArchive engine will generate an archive.daf file. This file is very similar to a .zip except that it can only be extracted by the installer.php file or the commandline extraction tool.

    Это 2.

    Option 2: File Filters
    The first pass for reading files on some budget hosts maybe slow and have conflicts with strict timeout settings setup by the hosting provider. In these cases, it is recommended to retry the build by adding file filters to larger files/directories.

    For example, you could filter out the «/wp-content/uploads/» folder to create the package then move the files from that directory over manually. If this work-flow is not desired or does not work please check-out the other options below.

    Build Folder: /var/www/user905435/data/www/vpered144.had.su/wp-snapshots/tmp
    On some servers the build will continue to run in the background. To validate if a build is still running; open the ‘tmp’ folder above and see if the archive file is growing in size or check the main packages screen to see if the package completed. If it is not then your server has strict timeout constraints.

    Это 3.

    Option 3: Two-Part Install
    A two-part install minimizes server load and can avoid I/O and CPU issues encountered on some budget hosts. With this procedure you simply build a ‘database-only’ archive, manually move the website files, and then run the installer to complete the process.

    Следуйте этими шагами:
    Нажмите на кнопку ниже чтобы вернуться к шагу 1.
    В шаге 1 настройка «Архивировать только базу данных» будет автоматически включена.
    Завершите построение пакета и следуйте «быстрым инструкциям установки из 2-частей».
    Да, мной прочитан обзор выше и я хочу продолжить!

    Начать двухэтапный процесс установки

    А это 4, последний.

    This option is available on some hosts that allow for users to adjust server configurations. With this option you will be directed to an FAQ page that will show various recommendations you can take to improve/unlock constraints set up on this server.

    [Диагностика настроек сервера]
    Подробности исполнения:
    Допустимое исполнение: 1:00
    PHP Max Execution
    Время: 60 (default)
    Режим: is dynamic
    Статус сервера: 504 -undefined
    Сообщение про ошибку:
    504 Gateway Time-out

    Возможно я что-то лишнее скинул, извиняюсь.

    Может версия wordpress старая, но версия 5.3 просто шикарная. Всем хорошей ночи!

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