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Customizable Blogily

Автор: SuperbThemes

Версия: 5.1

Последнее изменение: 21 октября, 2022

Активных установок: 1 000+

Версия PHP: 4.0 или выше

Домашняя страница темы

Customizable Blogily is your SEO friendly & responsive theme made for blogging, newspapers, or journalist writing. The code is clean so your website will be quick and load fast with great page speed. The theme is simple to set up but has a lot of features for affiliate marketing, i.e. lots of advertisement space for affiliate programs such as Google AdSense - of course, this kind of website requires an SEO optimized, creative & modern theme which Customizable Blogily is. Authors & bloggers can easily create a simple and minimalistic blog and customize it to a niche with the header, so you can write about anything. The theme is easy to set up and works with most schema markups (json etc) so you can have reviews or other types of affiliate content. You can publish editorial content about fashion, food, gaming, guides, politics, recipes, stories, charity, activism, product reviews, travel, lifestyle, technology, memes, or even revenue generating content such as cryptocurrency, forex, betting, gambling, and more.. To sum it up the theme is SEO optimised, responsive so it works on tablets, desktops, mobile phones, on every device, such as an Apple or Android.

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