Accessible Tooltips


An extension to make accessible tooltips easily using the awesome TippyJS library (
Works with Gutenberg and classic editor.


Once the plugin is installed, you should have a new «Tooltip» menu in your backoffice from where you can create tooltips content and adjust settings.
Then, on your content (page, post, etc.), you should have a new button in the text editor to append a tooltip shortcode. Select a word, press the button, and the shortcode should enclose the word you want to put your tooltip on.
The word must be the same as the title you put on the tooltip setting, if it’s the case you should now have a tooltip on your frontend page.

You can also just use the shortcode manually [accessible-tooltip]YourTooltipWord[/accessible-tooltip]


The best that I have found from analogs. Thank you guys, success!
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