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Gutenberg Blocks — ACF Blocks Suite


ACF Blocks Suite — Ready to use Gutenberg Blocks

ACF Blocks Suite is a collection of ready-to-use Gutenberg Blocks for WordPress. Supercharge your Gutenberg editor with high-quality creative WordPress blocks. This Gutenberg addon helps you make a beautiful WordPress website.

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An Ultimate Gutenberg Blocks Suite

  1. Scrollable Image Block
  2. Tab Block
  3. Toggle Block
  4. Accordion Block
  5. Image Slider Block
  6. Social Sharing Block
  7. Photo Collage Block
  8. Posts Block
  9. Testimonial Block
  10. Team Block
  11. Multi Buttons Block
  12. Pricing Box Block
  13. Price List Block
  14. Start Rating Block
  15. Progress Bar Block
  16. Counter Number Block
  17. Click to tweet Block
  18. Business Hours Block
  19. Facebook Page Block
  20. Acf Meta Display Block
  21. Facebook Like Button Block
  22. Divider Block
  23. Random Image Block

Important Note: ACF Blocks is built on-top of Advanced Custom Fields Pro. This plugin requires ACF PRO to function. Make sure you have ACF PRO installed and activated.


  • Testimonial Block

  • Team Block

  • Multi Buttons Block

  • Pricing Box Block

  • Star Rating Block

  • Progress Bar Block

  • Counter Number Block

  • Price List Block

  • Click To Tweet Block

  • Posts Block

  • Photo Collage Block

  • Social Sharing Block

  • Image Slider Block

  • Tabs Block

  • Toggle Block

  • Accordion Block

  • Scrollable Image Block


Important Note: ACF Blocks is built on-top of Advanced Custom Fields Pro. This plugin requires ACF PRO to function. Make sure you have ACF PRO installed and activated.

  1. Install ACF Blocks either via the WordPress plugin directory or by uploading the files to your server at wp-content/plugins.

  2. Activate the plugin and done. You should be able to see new ACF Blocks in your Gutenberg editor.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Who should use the ACF Blocks for Gutenberg?

ACF Blocks is an ultimate collection of powerful Gutenberg blocks. This will strengthen the Gutenberg editor with more blocks. And thus it helps you to build beautiful websites in WordPress. This will be a great addition to your toolkit if you build websites with Gutenberg editor. And of course, if you like ACF.

What are the requirements to use the ACF Blocks?

You need to have the latest version of WordPress on your website. Additionally, you should also have ACF PRO installed and activated, as ACF Blocks is built on-top of Advanced Custom Fields PRO. This plugin requires ACF PRO to function correctly.

What themes does the ACF Blocks work with?

ACF Blocks should work with any Gutenberg compatible WordPress theme.

Can I use ACF Blocks on client websites?

Absolutely! You can definitely use the ACF Blocks on yours as well as your client’s websites. It’s FREE!


Extremely disappointed. This is an ACF plugin and when I try to add something like a slider, instead of asking which field (or repeater) it should find the images from (ya know, ACF fields??) it opens the media library to manually add images. Uh, this plugin is a massive disconnect from what ACF is used for.
20.05.2021 1 ответ
We left a support question a week ago but not reply. We also contacted them through their website form and again no reply. They are using ACF logo / branding which is quite confusing. Eventually we contacted the real ACF Team who confirmed they were not related to this plugin. We were almost going for it but we needed to make sure support was there and we got our answer. We will gladly change this review if you guys seriously support your creation.
the Pro version is worth it, Thank you so much! great work!
Even the free version is awesome. Lots of awesome blocks not available elsewhere, and I love that it’s built on top of ACF.
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Журнал изменений


  • Fixed: Updated Freemius SDK


  • The Pro plugin is no longer available for purchase
  • Removed Extendify SDK


  • Fixed: Updated Freemius SDK


  • Improved: Templates Library


  • Improved: Templates Library
  • Fixed: Bugs


  • Improved: Library


  • New: Toggle to enable/disable Extendify library
  • Improved: Updates to the pattern and template library


  • New: Improve Template library


  • Template library improvement


  • Bug Fixes


  • New: Access to the Extendify template and pattern library


  • Added Random Image Block (Free)
  • Bug Fixes


  • Added Divider Block (Free)


  • Added Lottie Block (Pro)


  • Added Facebook Like Button Block (Free)
  • Bug Fixes


  • Added Acf Meta Display Block (Free)
  • Bug Fixes


  • Added Facebook Page (Free)
  • Added Tilt Image (Pro)
  • Bug Fixes


  • Bug Fixes
  • Remove default margin padding values


  • Added Typography
  • Added Margin
  • Added Padding
    Note: This update may require you to update your content typography, margin & padding for the blocks you have already used.


  • Added Animated Headline (Pro)
  • Added Dual Button (Pro)


  • Added Business Hours (Free)
  • Added Highlighted Headline (Pro)


  • Quick Fix to Star Rating Block


  • New: Template Overide Feature
  • Bug Fixes & Code improvement
  • ACF Blocks Pro Released


  • New: Scrollable Image Block Added


  • New: Tab Block Added
  • New: Toggle Block Added
  • New: Accordion Block Added


  • New: Image Slider Block Added


  • New: Social Sharing Block Added


  • New: Photo Collage Block Added


  • New: Posts Block Added
  • ACF Api Updates.


  • Initial Release with 9 Blocks.