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Easily manage all your ads with AdRotate Banner Manager!

AdRotate Banner Manager works with every kind of ad and banner including Google AdSense, Google Ad Manager (DFP – DoubleClick for publishers), Amazon Native Shopping Ads, Amazon Affiliate tags, and banners you create yourself or get from your local businesses and sponsors.

Using AdRotate Banner Manager is very easy with the intuitive dashboard because it’s created for newcomers and professionals alike. The plugin offers all the features you need to easily manage your adverts and campaigns from your dashboard and it’s packed with easy to use yet powerfull features.

As a result AdRotate Banner Manager is trusted by tens of thousands of businesses, bloggers and site owners.

Practical design choices in AdRotate

  • Easy to use dashboards that match the style of WordPress and ClassicPress so that everything feels familiar.
  • Functional features that are easy to use and understand.
  • Compatible with every ad network and affiliate server while offering multiple ways to easily place adverts anywhere on your website.

Here are a few of the features AdRotate Banner Manager has

  • Works with every ad including; self made ads, banners from your local business, Google Adsense, Amazon ads and any kind of personals or affiliate ad
  • There is no limit on how many ads you make
  • Includes an advert block and group block for the WordPress block editor
  • Easy to use Widgets for traditional themes
  • Advanced error checking for adverts
  • Error checking for groups
  • Track clicks and impressions for many adverts
  • Advert previews when editing them
  • Get quick and personal support through my support forums
  • AdRotate Banner Manager has been in constant development since 2008

advert management with AdRotate Banner Manager

  • Create and display unlimited ad units
  • Automatically rotate ads per page load or every few seconds
  • Plan ahead and schedule your ad campaigns
  • Place adverts on your website with blocks, widgets, shortcodes or PHP snippets
  • Inject ads into posts and pages in a few clicks without coding or technical knowhow
  • Create your own adverts using the advert generator no code required
  • Place banners and ads from many advert and affiliate networks such as Google AdSense, Google Ad Manager, Amazon, BuySellAds, DoubleClick, DFP, and many more
  • Place affiliate banners from websites like Amazon affiliates,, Agoda, Tradedoubler and many more
  • Create Groups of adverts to show one or many ads in one location
  • Upload banner images through the WordPress media manager or the AdRotate Asset Dashboard
  • And much much more…

Showing your adverts anywhere on your WordPress website

  • Use shortcodes to place ADs manually in post and page content, widgets, blocks, page builders (such as Elementor and WP Bakery) and anywhere shortcodes are supported
  • Auto-inject your ads into Posts and Pages via AdRotates Post Injection feature
  • Widgets and blocks for ads and groups
  • Use PHP snippets to place ads directly in your theme files

Some of the extra features in AdRotate Pro

AdRotate Professional is the premium version of AdRotate Banner Manager offering even more features and functionality such as:

  • Set up filters to show or hide ads on tablets and phones
  • Optionally hide hide banners for logged-in visitors
  • Live previews for adverts
  • Post injection for WooCommerce products, Classic Commerce products and bbPress forums and topics
  • Geo Targeting for every advert using my FREE Geo Targeting service or selected paid services such as MaxMind GeoIP and Cloudflare
  • Add multiple schedules to adverts for even more control
  • Optionally track adverts through Matomo Analytics
  • Optionally track adverts via Google Analytics 4
  • Enable advanced filters for showing adverts based on how busy your website through a schedule
  • Decide what days of the week and between which hours adverts should show up with schedules
  • Manage your ads.txt file from the dashboard
  • Hide your adverts from ad blockers
  • Manage your header code snippets from networks such as Google Adsense and Google Auto adverts
  • Upload ready-to-use HTML5 adverts as a zip-file for easy setup
  • Option to either track clicks or impressions, or both
  • Same day ticket support accessible from your dashboard

Learn all about AdRotate Banner Manager and AdRotate Pro on my website! \
Available AdRotate Pro licenses 1 site license 2 sites license 5 sites license 100 sites license


  • Английский (по умолчанию)
  • Голландский
  • Немецкий
  • Испанский
  • Французский
  • Итальянский
  • Polish
  • Brazilian Portuguese


  • Меню AdRotate
  • Управление объявлениями и общий обзор в AdRotate
  • Проверка ошибок для объявлений в AdRotate
  • Легко создавайте и редактируйте свои рекламные кампании с помощью AdRotate
  • График вашей рекламы с точностью до минуты с AdRotate
  • Управляйте группами, которые могут выступать в качестве местоположений или рекламных мест на вашем веб-сайте, через AdRotate.
  • Создавайте группы, чтобы легко размещать несколько рекламных объявлений в одном месте на вашем сайте с помощью AdRotate
  • Настройте свою группу и выберите рекламу в настройках группы с помощью AdRotate
  • Настройте группы, чтобы делать именно то, что вы хотите, с AdRotate


Этот плагин предоставляет 2 блока.

  • AdRotate Advert
  • AdRotate Group


Installing AdRotate is super easy. Simply search for «AdRotate Arnan» or «AdRotate» in your plugin dashboard and click on the «Install» button for AdRotate Banner Manager.
Once activated, a new menu called «AdRotate» appears in the WordPress navigation.
From this menu you’ll handle everything related to AdRotate Banner Manager.

For more detailed instructions check out the installation steps on the AdRotate website.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Как пользоваться AdRotate?

Take a look at the user guides.
You can also post your questions on the forum.

Мне нужна помощь с этим плагином

The best place to ask your question is on my support forum.
The forum is checked daily and most questions are answered within hours.

Предлагает ли AdRotate отслеживание кликов?

Yes, AdRotate Banner Manager counts clicks and impressions.

Могу ли я использовать свои объявления из Google AdSense?

Yes, usually you can use their code as-is.
Most ads, from any ad server, work without special tricks or tweaks.

Поддерживает ли AdRotate объявления в HTML5?


Это круто, у вас есть еще плагины?

Yep, check out my website AJdG Solutions

Почему некоторые уведомления на панели инструментов выглядят некрасиво

If a dashboard notification misses its layout or looks out of shape try clearing your browser cache.
Some ad blockers block parts of the AdRotate dashboard, check out this page to make an exception for your website in adblockers — Whitelist your site.

Совместим ли AdRotate с Yoast SEO или другими плагинами SEO?

Да, Yoast SEO, All-in-One SEO pack и все другие SEO плагины прекрасно работают с AdRotate.

Совместим ли Jetpack с AdRotate?


Работает ли AdRotate вместе с плагинами кеширования?

AdRotate лучше всего работает с Borlabs Cache и W3 Total Cache.
Лично я предпочитаю Borlabs Cache.
Другие плагины, такие как WP Super Cache, WP Rocket или WP Fastest Cache, могут работать, но не протестированы.

Работает ли AdRotate с WooCommerce?


Работает ли AdRotate с bbPress?


Does AdRotate work with ClassicPress?



27.04.2024 1 ответ
Easy to use banner rotator solution. Working like a charm. Many thanks to the creator.
16.02.2024 1 ответ
I recently installed the free version of AdRotate and was very impressed with how easy it was to get set up and working from the beginning. The support manuals are detailed and I like the simplicity of managing individual banners, grouping them and using shortcodes to place adverts where you need them. It’s very flexible, intuitive and I’ll be looking at the Pro Licence next partly for extra features and partly to support Arnan’s work as a developer.
05.09.2023 1 ответ
<!— wp:paragraph —> <p class=»»>Breaks the site</p> <!— /wp:paragraph —>
The most full-featured free AD management plugin
16.06.2023 1 ответ
In my opinion AdRotate Banner Manager is one of the best plugins to promote banners in WP websites.
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Журнал изменений

For the full changelog check out the development page.

AdRotate 5.13.1

  • [fix] Unfiltered HTML indicator reversed in Maintenance
  • [fix] Missing _nonce value for maintenance functions

AdRotate 5.13

  • [new] Upload webp banner images through the media manager
  • [security] Low level users can no longer access the dashboard
  • [security] Low level users can no longer upload html/js/zip files
  • [security] DISALLOW_UNFILTERED_HTML required for Javascript ads
  • [security] DISALLOW_UNFILTERED_HTML required for group wrapper
  • [change] Previews disabled for some Javascript ads
  • [change] Separated most dashboard code from the front-end
  • [change] Updated and merged various functions
  • [update] Enabled/disabled icons now based on generated svg
  • [update] Consistent use of single and double-quotes
  • [i18n] Translations updated
  • [removed] Removed setting to disable dynamic groups
  • [removed] Welcome pointer when first activating the plugin
  • [removed] Lots of unused or outdated code

AdRotate 5.12.10

  • [i18n] Translations updated
  • [change] Dashboards and pricing updated
  • [change] Database upgrade for AdRotate Pro compatibility

AdRotate 5.12.9

  • [fix] Wrong name for clicktracker click_object

AdRotate 5.12.8

  • [change] No longer requires jQuery for clicktracker
  • [change] Dashboard updates

AdRotate 5.12.7

  • [fix] Color coding of adverts when editing groups
  • [fix] Color coding labels below adverts
  • [fix] Color coding labels below schedules
  • [fix] Dynamic groups not always hiding first advert
  • [change] Reworked group output and made it more efficient
  • [change] Improved PHP 8 compatibility

AdRotate 5.12.6

  • [fix] Advert block now use the correct advert ID
  • [fix] Group block now use the correct group ID

AdRotate 5.12.5

  • [new] Blocks now support fragmented cache
  • [change] Requires PHP 7.4 or newer
  • [change] Removed CSV ad exports, use portability instead
  • [i18n] Updated translations

AdRotate 5.12.4

  • [fix] Wrong ‘update failed’ error when updating to version 5.12.3
  • [fix] No longer redirects to Settings page when update completes

AdRotate 5.12.3

  • Tested to work with WordPRess 6.3
  • [fix] Typo in DONOTCACHEOBJECT constant name

AdRotate 5.12.2

  • [change] Dashboard updates
  • [change] Updated readme, WordPress compatibility
  • [i18n] Updated translations

AdRotate 5.12.1

  • [i18n] All translations updated
  • [fix] Several spelling errors

AdRotate 5.12

  • [change] Dashboard updates
  • [tweak] All but the first ads are set to display:none; for dynamic groups
  • [new] Automated trigger after updates to finish the update
  • [removed] wp_cache_set() for stats

Be a Pro and get AdRotate Professional to support the plugin and get more features!