Advanced Cron Manager — debug & control


C Advanced Cron Manager вы можете управлять задачами WP Cron:

  • просмотр всех зарегистрированных задач
  • поиск задач
  • запустить вручную любую задачу
  • добавление новых задач
  • приостановка задач
  • delete (unschedule) events
  • ready-to-copy-paste PHP implementation for each event
  • bulk actions on events
  • block WP Cron spawning and get instructions how to set Server Scheduler

и расписания:

  • просмотр всех зарегистрированных расписаний
  • добавление новых расписаний
  • изменение расписаний
  • удаление расписаний

Плагин использует AJAX-запросы, поэтому вам нужно включить Javascript для его использования.

Advanced Cron Manager PRO

Версия Pro включает

  • Cron Logger — log cron’s execution times easily
  • Events rescheduling — change event next execution date to control server load
  • Error catcher — catch cron task’s fatal errors and get them displayed in the log
  • Статистика производительности — посмотрите, сколько времени и памяти заняла конкретная задача
  • Debug tool — log any useful informations from Cron callback


Информация о WP Cron

Пожалуйста, помните — после деактивации этого плагина добавленные расписания будут недоступны. Добавленные события будут работать.

Важно — WordPress Cron зависит от пользователя. WP Cron срабатывает только при посещении страницы, поэтому он может быть неточным.


  • Plugin control panel
  • Добавление, изменение и удаление расписания
  • Добавление задачи
  • Event actions
  • Search and bulk actions
  • Server Scheduler section


Скачайте и установите этот плагин на странице Плагины -> Добавить новый в панели управления WordPress.

Страница плагина находится в разделе Инструменты.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Задачи и расписания все еще будут работать после деактивации/удаления плагина?

Задачи да. Расписания нет.

How does the pausing/unpausing work

When you pause an event it’s really unscheduled and stored in the wp_option. If you unpause it, it will be rescheduled. All paused events are rescheduled on plugin uninstall.

What is the Event hook?

It’s used for action. For example if your hook is hook_name you’ll need to add in PHP:
add_action( ‘hook_name’, ‘function_name’ )

Позволяет ли этот плагин добавлять PHP к задачам, как в плагине WP Crontrol?

No. This is not safe. You can, however, copy the sample implementation and paste it into you own plugin or theme’s function.php file.

Can this plugin block WP Cron and help hooking it into Server Cron like WP-Cron Control plugin?

Yes, but WP-Cron Control is quite old and it’s tactics is not needed anymore. Advanced Cron Manager can disable spawning WP Cron on site visit and will give you useful informations about added Server Cron task.


Thank you for this plugin. I'm liking it better than what I used to use. Excellent interface.
I was skeptical until I read the support posts. Installed and works perfectly on 2 different server setups. Thanks.
Everything is a waste of time Search don't work - "REMOVE" or any other action is OFF NADA works (for me) 1 star = Stop coding!!
This is the best Cron Manager plugin I tested if you must use wp-cron to set schedules. The implementation is very good and user friendly. When I initially installed the Pro version it was non-functional. No buttons or form elements were active (broken). So I created a support ticket. I had an answer within one hour, which turned out to be a new bug caused by the presence of another conflicting plugin. Within a few hours, the bug was fixed, and a new version released. That's GREAT customer service! You can be assured this company is responsive and trustworthy!
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Участники и разработчики

«Advanced Cron Manager — debug & control» — проект с открытым исходным кодом. В развитие плагина внесли свой вклад следующие участники:


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Журнал изменений


  • [Fixed] A «Trying to get property ‘hash’ of non-object» warning fix when executed event doesn’t exist anymore
  • [Added] Action for adding own event row actions


  • [Fixed] «non-numeric value encountered» error with event arguments
  • [Fixed] Fatal error when even argument was an object. Now, class name is displayed
  • [Changed] Now when event is executed manually, DOING_CRON constant is defined


  • [Fixed] Events table width
  • [Changed] ACF PRO download link


  • [Fixed] WordPress <4.7 compatibility


  • [Fixed] PHP 7.2 compatibility


  • [Fixed] Fatal error when event argument was an object
  • [Fixed] Notices
  • [Fixed] Arguments list in the events table
  • [Changed] Composer libraries updated
  • [Changed] Node packages updated
  • [Added] Plugin action link on Plugins table

= 2.3.4
* [Fixed] wp-hooks script handle, causing the page to not load plugin’s JavaScript

= 2.3.3
* [Changed] JavaScript hooks library which was conflicting with Gutenberg


  • [Fixed] i18n of Apply button
  • [Added] Scheduled and Uncheduled actions for events


  • [Fixed] Array to string conversion error fix for event arguments
  • [Fixed] Missing old plugin file error fix
  • [Added] Notification plugin promo box


  • [Changed] Proper compatibility with PHP 5.3
  • [Changed] Updated composer libraries
  • [Changed] Dice Container is not longer used
  • [Fixed] Problem with nested Composer environment, thanks to @v_decadence
  • [Fixed] Assets vendor directory


  • [Added] Compatibility with PHP 5.3 with Dice library
  • [Changed] PHP 5.6 requirement to PHP 5.3
  • [Changed] Moved Container to separate file


  • [Changed] Minimum PHP version to 5.6


  • [Fixed] Delete file where DI52 container was still used


  • [Changed] Updated composer libraries
  • [Changed] Changed DI52 Container to Dice in own namespace
  • [Added] Server Scheduler section with information about hooking the WP Cron to server scheduler


  • [Changed] Schedules can be registered in the system with 0s interval, thanks to @barryalbert


  • [Changed] Requirements lib has been moved to Composer


  • [Changed] Utilities classes has been moved to separate composer libraries
  • [Changed] Requirements checks
  • [Changed] date() function to date_i18n()
  • [Fixed] Deprecated function has been updated
  • [Fixed] Translations. There was few missing gettext functions
  • [Added] Schedules dropdown in add new event form now includes schedule’s slug
  • [Added] Sanitization of Schedule and Event slugs in Add forms


  • [Changed] Pretty much everything. There’s new interface and code base.
  • [Added] Events search
  • [Added] Ability to pause/unpause events
  • [Added] Ability to edit schedules
  • [Added] Example PHP implementation for each event (action and callback function)
  • [Added] Bulk actions


  • [Fixed] Manual execution of task which is giving an errors


  • [Added] French translation thanks to Laurent Naudier
  • [Changed] Promo box from Popslide plugin to Notification


  • Metabox promo update


  • Fixed executing when args are provided


  • Added hooks for PRO version
  • Removed PHP closing tags
  • Added settings widget


  • Fixed arguments passed to the action on AJAX request


  • Added promo metabox
  • WordPress 4.1 comatybility check
  • Updated translation
  • Added plugin icon


  • Readme improvement
  • Added execution button
  • Removed debug alert


  • Fixed Schedules list from other plugins


  • Plugin relase