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Amelia Lite is a free appointment booking WordPress plugin that allows to set up a fully-featured automated booking system on your WordPress website and is a handy tool for small businesses and individuals that depend on stable appointment booking processes.

Amelia Lite was built with newest Enterprise-level of technology both on front-end and back-end, ensuring smooth and slick user experience. Amelia elements are applying single-page-app approach, work without page reloading, and all elements were designed with the mobile first concept in mind — so all the admin and customer interfaces are perfectly responsive.

Amelia Lite supports:

  • Configuring the general settings for the company — General Settings
  • A convenient Calendar view on the back-end, giving a full overview on all the appointments and the statuses — Calendar Admin View
  • Flexible Appointment Management page, with an option to add appointments by your staff from the WordPress admin dashboard — Appointments Admin Page
  • Configuring provider’s details and working schedule — General Settings
  • Key numbers in the Dashboard — Dashboard page
  • Email notifications to the customer and provider when the appointment status changes.

Configuring Amelia Lite to book your first appointment through WordPress is literally a 5-minute job.

  • First, you would need to go to your WordPress’ admin page, open Amelia -> Services and add categories and services, as described here.
  • On the next step, you would need to add a step-by-step booking wizard to one of your posts or pages. To do that, just create a new post or page, or edit an exiting one, and add [ameliabooking] shortcode where you want to add the booking wizard. Save it — and that’s it — now customers can book appointments from your site’s front-end using Amelia Lite!
  • You can customize provider details and schedule in the General Settings page.

Please note some limitations of the Lite version:

  • You can only use a part of the Dashboard page to keep tracks of your business.
  • Export option is not supported.
  • Filters on the pages are not supported.
  • Coupons are not included.
  • Group services are not supported.
  • Adding the Locations is not included.
  • Customization options are not included.
  • You can only use Approved and Pending notifications, other types of email notifications are not supported.
  • Only basic plugin settings are supported.
  • Google Calendar synchronization is not supported.
  • PayPal and Stripe payment types are not supported but you can use On-site payment type.
  • Booking search view and catalog view are not included, only the Step-by-step booking wizard view.
  • Access to our premium support system is not included.
    To use these and other options, please upgrade to the Full version!


npm install
npm run production


  • Calendar back-end view
  • Appointments back-end view
  • Booking wizard front-end view


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Installing Amelia Lite is as easy as 1-2-3!

  • First, either locate the plugin through the WordPress’ built-in plugins browser, upload the ZIP file through WP Admin, or upload the Amelia Lite folder via FTP to your WordPress’ plugins folder on the server.
  • Activate the plugin in the «Plugins» page of your WordPress installation.
  • Enjoy!


I purchased Amelia about 2 years ago for $59 with the promise that I would be able to use the service without having to pay again. I have recenly been effectively locked out of my account. My clients cannot book with me, I cannot download my data, and Amelia says I have to 'upgrade to premium' if I want to continue using the service. Bad business.
Unless you know you want to live and die with Amelia, avoid it. Amelia was more than I needed. When I eliminated the plugin, it left 37 files in my SQL database that are difficult to near impossible to remove. I tried using WP-Optimize - Clean, Compress, Cache to delete the database files from my database it failed. When I upload a backed-up SQL database to resolve the problem, it also failed. The same 37 database entries keep reappearing. When I requested help to resolve this on-going problem, this was the company's response. "You will just need to delete all of it manually, all the tables that contain ameliabooking. Have a nice day, Amelia Booking can have a nice day too but without me. Finally, I found and used Advanced Database Cleaner and it solved the problem.
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