Этот плагин был закрыт с 19.10.2022, он более не доступен для загрузки. Плагин был закрыт навсегда. Причина: Запрос автора.


04.04.2020 1 ответ
With this plugin I was able to improve my performance. Many thanks to the programmer for his quick and competent support.
12.11.2019 1 ответ
I figured I would give it a try - $2 bucks right? I couldn't even figure out how to turn it on for 5 minutes - then find that it broke my menu CSS on "auto", and thus I would need to do quite a bit of customizing rules to make it work. Well, it would be easier to debug it in my css editor as I minify my code line by line. Never seen a cancellation form have a refund button. Must be a lot people like me so you refund with a button?
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