Этот плагин не тестировался с последними 3 основными выпусками WordPress. Скорее всего, он уже не поддерживается и может быть несовместим с текущими версиями WordPress.



Display «Badges» (which are really no more than HTML snippets) from a set of files in a specified directory off the root of the blog. The directory will default to «./badges» and the Zip file contains both that directory as well as a «Sample» badge.

Using the Widget you can choose whether to:

  1. enable «Display Badge in a Box» (enabled by default, uses internal CSS)
  2. enable «Display a Drop-Shadow» (probably best used with «Box Mode»)

as well as

  1. decide whether you would like to use a Title
  2. define the directory of the badges.


  • Configuring the widget to read badges from damn-badges and display them as "Badges".
  • The default configuration of the widget, displaying the default path (badges).
  • Badges displayed Padded and Boxed, but with Drop-Shadows disabled.



  1. Unzip the badges.zip file.
  2. Upload badges.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Активируйте плагин на странице «Плагины» в панели управления WordPress.
  4. Use the «Badges» widget.


  1. Follow your normal installation process
  2. Open the Widget Control Panel for «Badges» and confirm settings.
  3. Sit back and enjoy…

Use the WordPress Plug-in System

  1. Select «Upgrade and Activate»
  2. Congratulate yourself on a sterling job.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Which naming convention is used for the badges

All badges needs to be named XXname.inc, where «XX» is a number (used to determine ordering) and the «.inc» is required.

What is the format of the «Badge» files?

You could view the included «demo» file: 00testbadge.inc, but here’s another, slightly simpler, example:

<!-- Support CC -->
<div id="badge-supportcc-inner" onclick="location.href='http://creativecommons.org';" style="cursor: pointer;">
<img width=88 height=31 alt="http://creativecommons.org" title="Support the Creative Commons!"
    src="http://creativecommons.org/images/support/2010/cc-support.png" />
<br />
    Support the Creative Commons!
<!-- /Support CC -->

How do I style the badges using CSS?

Quite simply by using the div.badgegroup class to style a set of badges. To style them individually, use the div.badge class.

How do I limit the styling to a set of badges?

Look for the relevant «Badge Group’s» ID and then use the div#badge-ID > div.badge CSS selector.

How do I style a single badge?

Easiest yet: every badge gets a unique ID generated by the plug-in based on the badge’s file-name and the directory. Simply use that (you’ll have to inspect the source to see what the id is; by example the ID generated by my Site-Licence badge is «badge-damn-licencing-licencing»).


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Участники и разработчики

«Badges» — проект с открытым исходным кодом. В развитие плагина внесли свой вклад следующие участники:


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Посмотрите код, проверьте SVN репозиторий, или подпишитесь на журнал разработки по RSS.

Журнал изменений


  • Give groupings of badges a different class than badges


  • Moved to a ‘<div>’ based layout instead of using Lists
  • Split Boxing and Padding into two separate options


  • Fixed the HTML generated to be cleaner and identify the badge class better
  • Simplified the examples slightly


  • Cosmetic changes
  • Added (better) examples to the documentation


  • Initial Public Release