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Верхняя панель по умолчанию перемещает веб-сайт на 32px вниз, но теперь это прекратится. Этот плагин был разработан, чтобы при использовании абсолютного позиционирования верхняя панель перестала мешать позиционированию в верхней сайта.

  • fix multiline admin bar
  • сокрытие верхней панели для всех пользователей
  • сокрытие ВП для всех, кроме администраторов
  • hide admin bar on smaller screens
  • непрозрачность верхней панели
  • непрозрачность верхней панели при наведении курсора
  • авто-сокрытие и проявление по наведению курсора
  • set hover delay


  • Неактивная верхняя панель с авто-сокрытием
  • Неактивная верхняя панель с 30% непрозрачности
  • Активная верхняя панель (при наведении курсора) с 30% непрозрачности
  • Настройки плагина


  1. Загрузите директорию better-admin-bar в /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Активируйте плагин в разделе ‘Плагины’ административной панели WordPress.
  3. Управляйте настройками, перейдя по маршруту ‘Настройки > Better Admin Bar’


Pros & Cons ++ The given options allow a lot of tweaking regarding look and feel. + You don't have a full role-specific setup, but I assume the specificity provided will be sufficient for most simple Wordpress setups: • Hide admin bar for all users • Hide admin bar for all users except admin • Combined with "Auto-hide admin bar" you can achieve a lot of specific behaviors. See "Example Setups" below. + Works reliable. - There's a minor bug which to me is a "hidden feature actually" 😉: You can already click the admin bar items while the hover-delay has not yet passed and therefore the revealing of the bar has not yet kicked in. Not at the blank part of the menu, but at the positions where the click-able items are. The developer is aware of this and suggested to enable the option "Fix multiline admin bar". But in my case it didn't change the behavior. As said, I do not mind, b/c for me it's not a bug but a feature. Example Setups 1) Tweak to get zero distraction and no interference with the normal top menu: • Admin bar opacity (inactive) to 0%. • Top hover area height (if autohide): 4px • Hover delay: 2000ms 2) Hide admin bar for all users except admin ON + Auto-hide admin bar ON + Normal users see nothing. + Nevertheless they can login and logout by direct URL access. + Admin can reveal the menu with hovering. 3) Hide admin bar for all users except admin OFF + Auto-hide admin bar ON + Nobody sees the menu by default as auto-hide is on. + Those with special knowhow of the hover zone (4px + 2000ms) can access the menu if in need. ++ The admin knows this anyhow and it’s not making her/him less productive, with the proper settings. ++ Editors, lectors, etc can be instructed. Perfect!
A very useful thing. I make the admin bar invisible, so its black background doesn't interfere with the design of the header anymore. Yet I know that the bar is still there, available on hover. The adjustible delay on hover - what a bright idea! Sometimes I need a longer delay if there are links on the very top of the header and I need their reaction to come first on hover, before the admin bar to appear.
I’ve been using WordPress for decades it seems. How have I only found out about this now? It’s incredible... I love the auto hide and tap near the top (just under the address bar) to bring it back. I rarely need the admin bar but it’s nice to have it available, on demand, when I do. Thanks for an awesome plug-in!
I had previously expressed reservations about this plugin. The plugin author addressed my concerns and it has become a terrifically helpful plugin. 1) It is not responsive. Although WP makes the WP admin bar larger for tablet-size (portrait) pages and smaller phone-size pages, so that the icons are more touch-friendly, this plugin does not adjust for that. The offset of the "hidden" admin bar remains tied to the standard 32px WP admin bar even when the larger admin bar is present on mobile devices. Therefore the 'hide on hover' feature does not work right on small screens; it does not offset enough to hide, and rather only hides half of it. This should not be too hard to fix - I think that the style rules that get added to the head need to have a breakpoint media query - but it remains an issue. Problem solved! 2) Although I've posted about this on the plugin's forum, I've gotten no response at all for several weeks now. The plugin author responded to my questions and suggestions; thanks. 3) Not as important, but another feature that would also be helpful: a small delay requiring that a mouse hover over the top pixels for a second or so before the admin bar is shown. This would prevent the admin bar from appearing every single time that you "reach" your mouse for something above the page such as another tab or browser control. The 'hidden' admin bar is forever flashing into view as I mouse towards my tabs, back-button, address bar and etc. The author took my suggestion and implemented it! Thanks! I have happily changed my rating to 5 stars. This is a very helpful plugin if your site uses a fixed position or sticky header or navigation. I'll be happy to be able to change this to 4 or 5 stars if these issues are addressed.
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Журнал изменений


  • WP 5.8 tested
  • fix overflow for fixed adminbar
  • security improvements


  • fix SVN commit


  • WP 5.7 tested
  • fixed reseting 0 values


  • fix overflow issue


  • WP 5.6 tested
  • added option to fix multiline admin bar (if there are too many items and it can not fit your screen width)


  • WP 5.4 tested
  • added option to hide admin bar on small screens
  • minor options texts fixes


  • optimized code


  • WP 5.2 tested
  • optimized for small devices
  • added option for hover delay


  • Протестировано с WP 5.0
  • Оптимизировано для плагинов локализации


  • Оптимизировано для WP 4.9+


  • Принудительное удаление параметра 32px для некоторых тем


  • Протестировано с WP 4.5
  • Минифицированы CSS


  • Протестировано с WP 4.4


  • Оптимизировано с учётом SEO


  • Протестировано с WP 4.2


  • Небольшие исправления


  • Небольшие исправления


  • Протестировано с WP 4.0


  • Небольшие исправления


  • Первая версия