BuddyPress Docs


BuddyPress Docs добавляет совместные рабочие пространства в ваше сообщество BuddyPress. Частично вики, частично редактор документов, частично общая коробка, думайте об этих документах о варианте сервиса документов для BuddyPress предлагаемом Большим G есливыпонимаетеочёмя

Включает в себя возможности:

  • Документы, которые могут быть связаны с группами или пользователями, с различными уровнями конфиденциальности
  • Поддержка полностью частных загрузок документов
  • Таксономия документов, использование меток
  • Полностью сортируемые и фильтруемые списки документов
  • Редактирование документов во внешнем интерфейсе с помощью TinyMCE
  • One-editor-at-a-time prevention against overwrites, plus idle detection/autosave
  • Полный доступ к истории редакций
  • Доступ в консоли сайта к управлению документами для администратора сайта

This plugin is in active development. For feature requests and bug reports, visit http://github.com/boonebgorges/buddypress-docs. If you have translated the plugin and would like to provide your translation for distribution with BuddyPress Docs, please contact the plugin author.


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Hello, thank you very much for this great collaborative documents plugins, it work perfecly. Best regards.
The plugin provides a great collaboration tool. Just a tiny request: add an option to allow friends or specific persons to read, edit and comment on the docs.
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Журнал изменений


  • Improved JavaScript dependencies to prevent issues when webhosts disable the Heartbeat API.
  • Fixed PHP notices.


  • Fixed bug that caused Tab button to be incorrectly inserted in rich text editor in some cases.
  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect Folder edit permissions in some groups.


  • Fixed bug that caused Attachments button not to work properly in some cases on WP 5.3+.


  • Fixed bug that could cause Doc links to be incorrectly generated in some cases where Doc IDs are filtered by another plugin.
  • Fixed bug that could cause empty attachment directories to be incorrectly created in some cases.
  • Fixed bug that caused group checkbox not to be checked properly after failed form submission.


  • Better compatibility with themes that load the WP Media modal early
  • Fixed bug with the «Most recent» check on the History tab.


  • Added context-awareness option for Docs widget
  • Improved compatibility checks for various PHP versions.
  • Improved compatibility with Smart Slider plugin and other plugins leveraging ‘upload_dir’ filter.
  • Improved compatibility with WP_Query post caching.
  • Improved performance when filtering activity queries for off-limits Docs activity.
  • Fixed a broken textdomain


  • Improved behavior of «anyone can comment» setting.
  • Fixed regression in Docs 2.1.0 that broke compatibility with PHP 5.3 and PHP 5.4.
  • Fixed bug that could cause access settings to be rendered incorrectly in some cases where bp_docs_get_current_doc() is filtered by a plugin.
  • Fixed regression in BuddyPress that prevented access to author-only documents in some cases.


  • Improved support for BuddyPress 3.0 and the Nouveau template pack.
  • Improved Doc search to match attachment filenames.
  • Fixed bug that caused revision count to be incorrect in some cases.
  • Added filters to modify default toggle open/closed state on Doc edit/create.
  • Fixed bug that caused Docs activity filters to appear in groups where Docs was not enabled.
  • Search terms are now highlighted on search results page.
  • Improved compatibility with PHP 7.2+.
  • Added right-to-left versions of stylesheets.
  • Fixed bug that caused Docs with identical slugs to have conflicting URLs.
  • Fixed bug that caused ‘View All Docs’ link on search results to paginate incorrectly.
  • Fixed bug that caused new directory searches not to reset pagination.
  • Use Akismet to check new Docs for spam content.
  • Move Docs between folders using drag and drop.
  • Improved support for themes that don’t use BP theme compatibility.
  • Accessibility improvements.


  • Fixed bug that caused original author info to be lost when a doc was edited by another user.


  • Began using the WordPress.org translation service. This will require action by some users:
  • If you use a custom translation, it must be renamed and moved to this location: wp-content/languages/plugins/buddypress-docs-LOCALE.mo. E.g., wp-content/languages/plugins/buddypress-docs-es_ES.mo
  • If you use custom template parts, all text domain identifiers must be updated to ‘buddypress-docs’.
  • Improved privacy of comments on limited access Docs.
  • Improved success messaging when saving admin settings.
  • Fixed bug that caused edited doc to appear in its own Parent dropdown.


  • Fixed bug that caused post global variables to be improperly set after use of the widget, which interfered with template generation in certain cases.


  • Fixed security issue that made it possible to edit certain Docs without proper permissions. Thanks to Ewoud Vlasselaer, Eric Schayes, and Nabeel Ahmed for discovering and privately reporting this issue.
  • Fixed bug in Edit Lock functionality that caused locks to be removed improperly on certain link clicks.


  • Fixed bug that caused attachments to be corrupted in some cases.
  • Fixed potential notice when using Docs widget.
  • Fixed broken attachment icon.
  • Improved compatibility with BuddyPress 2.7+.


  • Fixed bug where attachment filter could show all items when no items have attachments.
  • Fixed bug that could cause attachment filtering in directories to display off-limits Docs.
  • Styling improvements.
  • Fixed bug in activity stream when referenced Doc was deleted.
  • Added Catalan translation.


  • Docs can now be sorted into folders inside of groups.
  • New breadcrumb navigation in individual Docs as well as in folder view.
  • Improved appearance in default WordPress themes.
  • Improved performance for Directory views.
  • Improved support for /index.php/ permalinks.
  • Allow users to trash and permanently delete docs.
  • Introduce «Recently Created Docs» widget.
  • Improved behavior when BuddyPress’ groups component is not active.


  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect «x members» count in Associated Group metabox in some situations.
  • Improved localization for «x members» string in Associated Group metabox.
  • Fixed bug that caused Docs to show as enabled for a group after being toggled from on to off.
  • Fixed invalid markup on group settings panel.
  • Improved permissions checks for certain actions.


  • Fixed bug that prevented certain users from having access to the «associated group» panel in edit mode.
  • Fixed bug where Doc access settings might not be correct by default.
  • Fixed bug where suggested Doc access settings may override values set by the user.


  • Fixed pagination bugs within group and user Doc directories
  • Improved accessibility throughout frontend and backend screens.
  • Added new action hooks to Doc edit meta area.
  • Fixed bug that caused «View All Docs» link to be broken when plugins add filters to Doc directories.
  • Added miscellaneous filters for plugin developers.
  • Improved performance of access protection functions.


  • Improved compatibility with BuddyPress 2.2+
  • New feature: unlink from group button
  • Extracted away from WordPress’s general discussion settings
  • Fixed bug that could cause attachment corruption on download
  • Fixed JS error when editing/creating Doc


  • Fixed permalinks for child Docs
  • More fixes for JS dependency and load order


  • Improve dependency logic when loading JS files


  • Fix conflict with Events Organizer and certain other plugins using the ‘pre_get_posts’ hook
  • Moar filters


  • Fix performance issue related to the ‘check_is_protected()’ check for Doc attachments
  • Fix bug that caused Docs tab to be enabled for groups in some situations where it was not intended
  • Avoid fatal errors if loading Groups integration in an unorthodox order


  • Replace the missing Link feature in the rich text editor with WP’s custom link plugin
  • Fix bug that could allow non-authenticated user to access /edit page in some cases
  • Ensure that the ‘js’ and ‘no-js’ body classes work properly across themes


  • Settings boxes default to closed on existing Docs, simplifying the interface, especially on mobile devices
  • Improved handling of permissions for uploading attachments
  • Overhauled internal capabilities system, for better reliability and customization
  • Use submitted values to rerender page after a failed create/edit action
  • Better protection against comment spam
  • Better suggestions for default access settings when changing Doc group associations
  • Fix wikitext-style [[links]] when pointing to non-existent Docs
  • Better localization for some strings as used in Javascript


  • Don’t run document protection check on AJAX calls
  • Fix PHP notice when compiling group terms
  • Force theme compatibility mode on User tabs for themes that don’t use it for other Docs template
  • Fix bug that caused Admins not to meet the «Moderator» minimum role
  • Fix potential bug related to overwriting autosave drafts


  • Fix incorrect function usage when generating htaccess files
  • Correct some permissions logic that caused Create button to be shown to some logged-out users
  • More reliable redirection when attempting to access a protected Doc
  • Better compatibility with other plugins using the WP Heartbeat API
  • Use tag name rather than slug when displaying tags in directory filters
  • Improved compatibility with BuddyPress 2.0 metadata functions
  • Refactored activity action generation to work with BP 2.0’s new dynamic system
  • When group is hidden, group association is no longer advertised in the activity action


  • Fix a bug where group associations could be lost when Docs were edited by non-admins
  • Add a filter for auto-generated Apache attachment rewrite rules
  • Better error notice for Apache users with AllowOverride issues
  • Improved layout of attachment drawer
  • Improved appearance and localizability for «and x more» tags link
  • More reliable toggling of settings during group creation
  • Fix bug that prevented edit lock from being cleared on doc save


  • Overhaul of the way group/user tag clouds work
  • Improved support for attachments on nginx and IIS
  • Improved doc edit locking mechanisms
  • Improved appearance on devices of various sizes
  • Support for WordPress 3.9 and TinyMCE 4.x


  • Improve appearance of row actions on mobile devices
  • Improve appearance of tags filter on IE < 9
  • Fix bug introduced in BP 1.9.2 related to the display of comments
  • Update ru_RU


  • Allow current filter to be toggled by reclicking filter name
  • Fix bug in «Edited by Me» logic when user has not edited any Docs
  • Show deleted Docs on Started By Me tab, so they can be easily restored
  • Improved interface for Tags directory filter when many tags are present
  • Prevent logged-out user from accessing Create page
  • Improved compatibility with BuddyPress 1.9


  • Fix bug with permalinks in groups, introduced in change to is_singular()


  • Fix bug with WP 3.7 that caused single Docs to 404 when Permalinks were set to Page Name.


  • More compatibility with WordPress 3.7


  • Compatibility with WordPress 3.7


  • Fix bug that prevented settings from being populated in some cases, resulting in improper permissions
  • Fix debug warnings on Settings page
  • Fix bug with Settings page when BP_DOCS_SLUG is set in wp-config.php


  • New standalone Settings panel, under Dashboard > BuddyPress Docs
  • Main Docs slug can now be changed via the admin
  • Fix bug that prevented the activity action from being modified for the associated group
  • Fix bug that prevented activity from appearing in group activity streams
  • Fix bug that prevented attachment uploads on group Doc creation pages
  • Recast «minimum role to create Doc in group» in terms of group association
  • Fix some textdomain errors
  • Fix incorrect form action for «has-attachment» filter in some cases
  • Fix My Groups view
  • Add Directory Excerpt Length admin option
  • Fix «admins and mods of…» permissions setting and prevent non-admin-mods from locking themselves out of Docs
  • More accurate list of items on «Edited by…» tab
  • Improve the way attachment URLs are built
  • Allow Docs with empty content field
  • Add hooks to templates
  • Improved compatibility with PHP 5.4+


  • Fixes bug in access filter for «logged-in users» setting
  • Removes stripslashes() on post content, which was causing problems with LaTeX plugins


  • Fixes recursion problem that caused fatal errors when filtering by has-attachment on some setups
  • Fixes incorrect tag directory links at the bottom of individual Docs
  • Fixes CSS for hover actions in Docs directory
  • Fixes bug that may cause fatal errors when using private attachments on setups other than vanilla Apache
  • Removes incidental dependencies on Activity and Groups components
  • Makes the plugin dir slug customizable


  • Fixes bug introduced in 1.4.2 that prevents certain sorts of Doc editing
  • Improved localization
  • Updates ru_RU


  • Fixes problem where nested child Docs would not resolve properly in some cases
  • Improves tab navigation on Create Doc screen
  • Adds a filter that allows the Attachments component to be disabled
  • Removes Delete Attachment link from Read mode
  • Updates de_DE


  • Fixes bug that caused fatal errors when using Docs with some upload-related plugins
  • Turns off attempts at auto-detecting upgrades, to get rid of erroneous admin notice
  • Prevents group affiliation from displaying when group is hidden and user is not a member


  • Adds support for Doc Attachments, which obey Doc privacy levels
  • Directory filters redesigned and streamlined
  • Improves appearance across WP themes
  • Improves tab navigation on Edit screen
  • Adds cascading Doc permissions for new documents
  • Fixes bug that hid the Dashboard settings
  • Improves performance with custom bp_moderate capability maps
  • Reintroduces global directory tag clouds
  • Adds nl_NL language pack
  • Improves the appearance of edit mode dropdowns for fields with long text


  • Updated italian translation


  • Fixed bug that incorrectly approved some post comments


  • Fixed bug with tab permalinks on some setups
  • Fixed bug in the way parent Doc is pre-selected on Edit screen dropdown


  • Fixed issues with Doc creation when groups are disabled
  • Fixed several bugs occurring when group association was changed or deleted
  • Updated translations: Danish, Spanish


  • Adds theme compatibility layer, for better formatting with all themes
  • Full compatibility with BuddyPress 1.7
  • Don’t show permissions snapshot to non-logged-in users
  • Adds Docs link to My Account toolbar menu
  • Delete Doc activity when deleting Doc
  • Delete local Doc tags when deleting Doc from any location
  • Improved markup for Create New Docs button
  • Don’t show History quicklink on directories when revisions are disabled


  • Improved compatibility with BP Group Hierarchy
  • Fixes for global directory pagination


  • Improved access protection, for better compatibility with bbPress 2.x and other plugins
  • Updated Russian translation


  • Fixes problem with group associations and privacy levels of new docs
  • Improves access protection in WP searches and elsewhere
  • Sets hide_sitewide more carefully when posting Doc activity items
  • Prevents some errors related to wp_check_post_lock()
  • Adds Russian translation


  • Updates German translation
  • Fixes rewrite problem when using custom BP_DOCS_SLUG
  • Fixes fatal error when upgrading BuddyPress


  • Updates Danish translation
  • Fixes infinite loop bug in upgrader
  • Fixes html entity problem in permalinks


  • Fixes comment posting
  • Fixes comment display and posting permissions
  • Don’t show Tags: label when no tags are present


  • Updates .pot file
  • Updates German translation
  • l18n improvements
  • Ensures that doc links are trailingslashed
  • Fixes bug that prevented front-end doc deletion
  • Removes temporarily non-functional doc counts from group tabs


  • Fixes bug with bp-pages


  • Improves group-association auto-settings when creating via the Create New Doc link in a group
  • Fixes bug that erroneously required a directory page


  • Fixes bug with overzealous Create New Doc button
  • Fixes some PHP warnings


  • Major plugin rewrite
  • Moves Docs out of groups, making URLs cleaner, interface simpler, and making it possible to have Docs not linked to any group
  • Adds a sitewide Docs directory


  • Fixes bug in Javascript that may have caused secondary editor rows not to
    show in some cases
  • Fixes bug that broke comment moderation in some cases


  • Moves Table buttons to third row of editor, for better fit on all themes
  • Adds Danish translation


  • Adds Delete links to doc actions row
  • Fixes an invalid markup issue in a template file


  • Added Romanian translation


  • Show the ‘author’ panel in the Dashboard


  • Fixes idle timeout javascript
  • Fixes bug with timezones on History tab
  • Improves data passed to filters
  • Cleans up references to WP’s fullscreen editing mode
  • Fixes potential PHP warnings on the Dashboard


  • Improved WP 3.3 support
  • Ensure that groups’ can-delete setting defaults to ‘member’ when not present, to account for legacy groups
  • Moved to groups_get_group() for greater efficiency under BP 1.6
  • Fixed bug that redirected users to wp-admin when comparing a revision to itself


  • Adds filters to allow site admins and plugin authors to force-enable Docs at group creation, or to remove the Docs step from the group creation process


  • Forced BP Docs activity items to respect bp-disable-blogforum-comments in BP 1.5+
  • Added Portuguese translation (pt_PT)


  • Fixed bug that caused comments to be posted to the incorrect blog when using parent and child Docs


  • Fixed bug that allowed doc content to be loaded by slug in the incorrect group
  • Limit wikitext linking to docs in the same group
  • Fixed bug that prevented group admins from creating a Doc when minimum role was set to Moderators
  • Disables buggy fullscreen word count for the moment


  • Fixed bug that prevented users from editing docs when no default settings were provided


  • Switches default setting during group creation so that Docs are enabled
  • Adds a filter to default group settings so that plugin authors can modify


  • Adds wiki-like bracket linking
  • Improves distraction-free editing JS
  • Updates tabindent plugin for better browser support


  • Replaces deprecated function calls
  • Internationalizes some missing gettext calls
  • Adds an error message when a non-existent Doc is requested


  • Fixes bug that made BP Docs break WP commenting on some setups


  • Closes code tag on Edit page.


  • Filters get_post_permalink() so that Doc permalinks in the Admin point to the proper place
  • Ensures that a group’s last activity is updated when a Doc is created, edited, or deleted
  • Modifies Recent Comments dashboard widget in order to prevent non-allowed people from seeing certain Doc comments
  • Adds Print button to TinyMCE
  • Adds Brazilian Portuguese localization.


  • Fixes Tab name bug in 1.1.6 that may cause tab to disappear


  • Rolls back group-specific Tab names and puts it in Dashboard > BuddyPress > Settings


  • Better redirect handling using bp_core_no_access(), when available
  • Added TinyMCE table plugin
  • Added admin field for customizing group tab name
  • Added UI for changing the slug of an existing Doc
  • Security enhancement regarding comment posting in hidden/private groups
  • Fixed issue that may have prevented some users from viewing History tab on some setups
  • Clarified force-cancel edit lock interface
  • Introduces bp_docs_is_docs_enabled_for_group() for easy checks
  • French translation added
  • Swedish translation added


  • Make the page title prettier and more descriptive
  • Don’t show History section if WP_POST_REVISIONS are disabled
  • Fixes activity throttle for private and hidden groups
  • Fixes PHP warning related to read_comments permissions
  • Adds German translation


  • Fixes potential PHP notices related to hide_sitewide activity posting


  • Fixes bug related to group privacy settings and doc comments
  • Enables WP 3.2 distraction-free editing. Props Stas
  • Fixes markup error that prevented h2 tag from being closed on New Doc screen
  • Fixes problems with directory separators on some setups


  • Updated textdomains and pot file for new strings


  • ‘History’ tab added, giving full access to a Doc’s revision history
  • UI improvements to make tabs more wiki-like (Read, Edit, History)
  • Fixed bug that caused an error message to appear when saving unchanged settings in the group admin


  • Limited access to custom post type on the Dashboard to admins
  • Added group Doc count to group tab
  • Added Italian translation — Props Luca Camellini


  • Fixes bug that prevented blog comments from being posted to the activity stream
  • Fixes incorrect textdomain in some strings


  • Fixes bug from previous release that prevented certain templates from loading correctly


  • Abstracts out the comment format callback for use with non-bp-default themes
  • Fixes bug that prevented some templates from being overridden by child themes
  • Fixes bug that limited the number of docs visible in the Parent dropdown


  • Adds controls to allow group admins to limit Doc creation based on group role
  • Better performance on MS (plugin is not loaded on non-root-blogs by default)
  • Fixes TinyMCE link button in WP 3.1.x by removing wplink internal linking plugin in Docs context


  • Switches Delete to trash action rather than a true delete
  • Removes More button from TinyMCE in Docs context
  • Fixes bug that allowed doc comments to show up in activity streams incorrectly
  • Adds Spanish translation


  • Adds logic for loading textdomain and translations


  • Fixes bug that prevented Doc delete button from working
  • Adds POT file for translators
  • Re-fixes problem with JS editor that might cause error message on save in some setups


  • UI improvements on doc meta sliders
  • Doc children are now listed in single doc view
  • Improved support for TinyMCE loading on custom themes
  • More consistent tab highlighting in group subnav
  • Fixed bug that prevented reverting to the «no parent» setting
  • Improvements in the logic of doc comment display
  • Improvements in the way that activity posts respect privacy settings of groups


  • Added pagination for doc list view
  • Improvements to the simultaneous edit lock mechanism
  • Streamlining of Doc Edit CSS to fit better with custom themes
  • Improvements to the way that docs tags are handled on the back end


  • Initial public release