Contact Form 7 Views


Contact Form 7 Views is an addon for Contact Form 7 that lets you to display Contact Form 7 submissions/entries in your site frontend using intuitive drag & drop View builder.
It shows submissions saved by Flamingo plugin
You need Flamingo plugin installed to be able to use this plugin.
You can create Table View, List View or DataTable View.
It allows you add content before & after the View.
You can set number of submissions to display on page.

Top Features

  • Intuitive user interface !
  • Easy to use — drag and drop !
  • Option to set form fields to show in View.
  • Option to set custom label for table headings.
  • Option to set number of submissions to show on page.
  • Add pagination before or after the table.
  • Display Pagination Information.

Get more features in Pro version
* List View Format.
* DataTable View Format.
* Single Entry View — Display Ninja Forms Entry details on Single Page.
* Add Search Form above or at View bottom to filter/search submissions by field values.
* Filter submissions by field values.
* Display only User submitted Contact Form 7 Submissions.
* Display only Approved Contact Form 7 Submissions.
* Display submission details on Single Page.
* Sort contact form 7 submissions via field values.
Get Contact Form 7 Views PRO!

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  • Визуальный редактор с возможностью перетаскивания элементов
  • Настройки для каждого поля столбца.
  • Contact Form 7 Submissions shown in frontend.


Для установки Contact Form 7 Views, выполните следующие действия:

  • Скачайте и разархивируйте плагин
  • Загрузите директорию cf7-views/ со всем содержимым в /wp-content/plugins/.
  • Активируйте плагин на странице Плагины админки WordPress.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

How to display Contact Form 7 submissions on your site frontend?

  • Скачайте и разархивируйте плагин
  • Загрузите директорию cf7-views/ со всем содержимым в /wp-content/plugins/.
  • Активируйте плагин на странице Плагины админки WordPress.
  • Создайте новое меню Contact Form 7 View из меню просмотров в административной панели.
  • Сохраните шорткод Просмотр и копирование.
  • Используйте данный шорткод для отображения данных на странице.

Can I filter Contact Form 7 submissions using any field value?

Yes in pro version you can set multiple filters based on filed values to display only those submissions which match the filter criteria.

Can I add csv export & print button to view?

It’s available as part of DataTables addon for Contact Form 7 Views in pro version.

From which Contact Form 7 Fields I can display data in my view?

You can display data for any valid CF7 Form Fields.

How do I display view on my site frontend?

You can insert the shortcode to any page on site to display view.

Is there any restriction on how many views I can create?

No, you can create as many views as you like & use it anywehere on your site using shortcode.


Hi, Thanks for Contact forms 7. it is great experience with contact forms 7 in experimenting in building and designing with code. contact forms 7 has helped me. Thanks for lot of plugin and third party support in adding different features. And also In I want to thank for your part of technology hand in hand to support the developers and designers and customers too.
The only link in the nag screen that works is the one to leave reviews here. Bad move or bad coding, I don't know which. I do know I am deleting the plugin!
Cant see the view builder due to a conflicting plugin, I don't know which one(s), tried on multiple of my sites, builder not showing anywhere. The plugins I have I need so could use this one.
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Журнал изменений

2.0 (16th May 2022)
Tweak:Updated WordPress compatible version.
Fix: Made pagination text translatble.

1.9.9 (6th April 2022)
Fix: Sanitized pagination variable in query string.

1.9.8 (7th Nov 2021)
New: Moved Settings icon to left side after label.
New: Custom Label input box will only display if Use Custom label checkbox is checked.

1.9.7 (1st Nov 2021)
New: Rows can now be reordered in view builder.

1.9.6 (30th July 2021)
Fix: Icons in admin not displaying.

1.9.5 (2nd July 2021)
Fix: Sequence number not working correctly if there are multiple views on page.

1.9.4 (29th May 2021)
New: Added Sequence number field.
Fix: UI/UX improvements.

1.9.3 (20th April 2021)
New: Added Entry ID field.

1.9.2 (13th March 2021)
New: Added Field types in Add new field modal.

1.9.1 (27th Feb 2021)
Fix: Php warning fixes.

1.9 (26th Jan 2021)
New: Added shortcode metabox on edit View page.
Fix: UI fixes

1.8 (7th Jan 2021)
Fix: When adding Rows you will be asked for row layout selection first.
Fix: Minor design fixes

1.7 (11th Dec 2020)
New: Added translation support using po/mo files.

1.6 (26th Oct 2020)
Fixed: Table will be scrollable if too many columns in Contact Form 7 View.

1.5 (16 Oct 2020)
New: Added $field to filter cf7views-field-value.

1.4 (23 Sep 2020)
Fixed: Minor design fixes.

1.3.1 (31 Aug 2020)
Fixed: updated pagination class name to remove conflict with other plugin.

1.3 (17 Aug 2020)
*Added Filter cf7views-field-value to filter contact form 7 field value before displaying on page.

1.2 (10 Aug 2020)
*Fixed compatibilty for Flamingo v2.2.

1.1 (30 July 2020)
*Fixed pagination links not working properly.

1.0.2 (18 мая 2019 г.)
*Исправлена проблема сортировки.
*Исправлены ссылки пагинации.

1.0.1 (17 января 2019 г.)
*Исправлена проблема отображения значений радио-полей Contact form 7.

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