Current Year Shortcodes


Current Year Shortcodes lets you insert the current year, month and day anywhere in your WordPress site with a simple shortcode.

Use the shortcode [Y] in any post, page or widget to display the current year.

How it works

[Y] — inserts the current year with four digits e.g. 2023
[y] — inserts the current year with two digits e.g. 23
[m] — inserts the current month with two digits e.g. 01
[n] — inserts the current month without leading zeros e.g. 1
[F] — inserts the current month as a text e.g. January
[M] — inserts the current month with three letters e.g. Jan
[d] — inserts the current day with two digits e.g. 06
[j] — inserts the current day without leading zeros e.g. 6
[D] — inserts the current day with three letters e.g. Mon
[l] — inserts the current day as a text e.g. Monday


Well it does what is says. Works fine with Elementor. Installed, inserted the short code, and never think about it again 🙂 Thank you
17.06.2023 2 ответа
Added the [Y] code into the footer, and doesnt work, so deleted the plugin — not a good start!
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