Custom Related Posts


Custom Related Posts is a user friendly plugin for manually adding related posts to any of your posts, pages or custom post types. You have full control over those related links, choosing for yourself if they go both ways.

An overview of the features:

  • Set which post types the plugin is active for yourself
  • Easily define relations in one or both ways on the post edit page
  • Показывать похожие сообщения с помощью шорткода, виджета или блока .
  • Опционально показать избранные изображения в любом размере
  • Импорт из XML используя ID записи
  • Совместим с Classic Editor и Gutenberg Block Editor

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  • The Custom Related Posts block and plugin sidebar
  • Добавить связи путем поиска в записях


Этот плагин предоставляет 1 блок.

  • Custom Related Posts


  1. Загрузите custom-related-posts папку (включая саму папку) в каталог /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Активируйте плагин используя меню ‘Плагины’ в WordPress
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I want to control the links as needed. This plugin provides that functionality with a simple implementation.It is a bit basic in appearance, but with a bit of CSS work, you can make it look as you want quite easily.
It is a good plugin, simple and objective, but, the HTML is not encapsulated, the title is out of markup, this made my formatting a bit more complex.
08.01.2023 2 ответа
Thank you for plugin and documentation!P.S. but add wrapper div ;)div.crp-list-wrapper- h3.crp-list-title- div.crp-list
I am using it for more than few years. Its perfect.
The plugin is easy to manage and works perfectly. When I had a minor problem, their e-mail support responded within minutes and was able to help me out immediately. Highly recommended.
26.07.2022 1 ответ
My biggest issue with this plugin is that you cannot drag and drop to re-order related posts. You have to add/delete them and they will be positioned randomly. This plugin delivers the basic function of adding related posts but the UI is pretty basic and lacks features that would make managing related posts easier.
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Журнал изменений


  • Feature: Manually set order for related posts (Block Editor only)
  • Feature: Setting to disable pinning of related posts images
  • Improvement: Image responsive sizing in some situations
  • Fix: Prevent PHP 8 deprecation notice related to usort


  • Fix: Block editor preview broken in WordPress 5.8


  • Fix: Problem when unpinning CRP sidebar in Gutenberg


  • Fix: Allow removing of relations to permanently deleted posts


  • Fix: Prevent PHP notice in WordPress 5.5


  • Feature: Limit by post type when searching for relations


  • Feature: Thumbnails in output are links as well
  • Improvement: Bring back shortcode button for TinyMCE
  • Fix: Class name error for list item title
  • Fix: PHP notice for missing variable


  • Feature: Show featured image for related posts
  • Feature: Setting to disable relation caching
  • Улучшения: новая страница настроек
  • Improvement: Filter hook for search arguments
  • Fix: Deleting related post to post type that has been disabled


  • Fix: Relations not loading correctly in Gutenberg


  • Feature: Gutenberg compatibility


  • Исправлено: PHP 7 Предупреждение


  • Feature: Setting to open links in a new tab
  • Улучшено: совместимость с WordPress 4.8
  • Improvement: $relation variable available in plugin hook


  • Улучшено: Настройки для поиска похожих записей


  • Исправлено: проблема совместимости Firefox


  • Feature: Import relations from XML


  • Первая версия плагина