Database Addon For WPForms ( wpforms entries ) — WPFormsDB


The «WPFormsDB» plugin saves WPForms entries to your WordPress database. Export the data to a CSV file.
By simply installing the plugin, it will automatically begin to capture form submissions from WPForms.

Features of WPFormsDB

  • No configuration is needed
  • Single database table for all forms
  • Easy to use and lightweight plugin
  • Developer friendly & easy to customize
  • No configuration is needed

Pro Addons

Form Email Testing Tool


  1. Download and extract plugin files to a wp-content/plugin directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the WordPress admin interface.
  3. Done!


Simply install and you’re ready to go. Saves your WP Forms messages locally, without DSVGO problems, without paid premium versions. Perfect!
Thank you for writing this plugin. Very helpful for those of us on a budget of time and money. I am sure this will help many people. Thanks again.
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