Find Slow Functions & Actions & Filters & Hooks (Debug Bar)


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• Revised for security to be reliable and free of vulnerability holes.
• Efficient, not to add any extra load/slowness to site.
• Don’t collect private data.

Plugin Description

Find out slow functions, actions or filters with their exact times in seconds or milliseconds.


Note: Plugin is experimental and we take no responsibility. However, practically there shouldn’t be theoretical case when this plugin can break/mess-up the site. The only possible gotchas are:
* This tool depends on WordPress internal functions and one day this plugin might become misfunctional (we can’t rpedict that).
* This plugin automatically&temporarily sets needed variables in several WordPress files (wp-config.php & class-wp-hooks.php), so whenever (if) this plugin cause error in website, deactivate & uninstall plugin, and remove the «added parts» from wp-config.php and retract back the last wp-includes/class-wp-hooks.php__DFTwp_BACKUP file. That should be all.

Available Options

See all available options and their description on plugin’s settings page.


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A) Enter your website «Admin Dashboard > Plugins > Add New» and enter the plugin name
B) Download plugin from , Extract the zip file and upload the container folder to «wp-content/plugins/»

Часто задаваемые вопросы


Hey! The concept is promising, but unfortunately i had no luck with the plugin. I tried on 2 different Woo sites, after activation, at "../wp-admin/options-general.php?page=debug-functions-time&isactivation" screen it was triggering pageload in every 1 sec (or half), until it shortly got database connection error. On the other site i managed to activate the plugin somehow but there it made the frontend (/shop or product category page) loading very slowly, and halting for half a minute or so. Then i minimized that browser tab and went back to it 1 minute later. The function profile result list got generated on the bottom, but was hard to scroll it, was toggling on and off, it disappeared, only it's container stayed there. Seems the plugin triggered some stuff that consumed a lot of resources. No other debugger plugin was active. I hope, one day you will be able to improve this plugin dramatically, as it could be quite a useful tool. Best wishes
Considerably slows down the website and provides unreliable data.
This plugin works .. but it's ugly, and doesn't follow any of the style conventions used and familiar to WordPress.
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