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Digioh Forms, Popups, Quizzes, Surveys, Abandon Cart



We’ve designed Digioh for intermediate to advanced Marketers as a flexible and powerful Marketing Layer for your website. Digioh is a Drag-and-Drop CTA Designer backed by a powerful Rules Engine with which you can:

  • Trigger popups, banners, and lightboxes
  • Power product recommendation quizzes to get visitors to the checkout
  • Embed forms on your pages without modifying the page
  • Implement complex progressive (multi-step) forms
  • Power surveys, quizzes, and product recommendation
  • Trigger CTAs on Exit Intent for cart abandonment
  • A/B Test creative and/or targeting rules to maximize conversion rate
  • Behavioral personalization based on past user actions
  • Target CTAs based on external data sources such as Segment, Google Analytics, and a variety of CDPs
  • Integrate with any Email Platform, CRM, and Analytics Tool
  • … and many more powerful capabilities

Digioh is ideal for marketers in eCommerce, Publishing, and Not-for-Profit businesses looking to convert their site visitors into customers, subscribers, or donators.

Digioh Plugin
Digioh is a SaaS service. This plugin allows easy installation, configuration, and connection of Digioh to your WordPress and/or WooCommerce site. Create a Digioh account by visiting digioh.com and clicking «Get a Demo».

Quick Video Overview of Features

Learn More About our Drag-and-Drop Editor


We know that site performance is critical in the SEO driven online world, so this plugin provides options to balance performance and timeliness. For example, with our Low Impact deployment mode, Digioh registers as having no impact with Google Page Speed Insights.


  1. Install Digioh either via the WordPress.org plugin repository or by uploading the files to your server.
  2. Activate Digioh plugin.
  3. Click on Settings, and enter your Digioh Client GUID from the Digioh portal.
  4. Select the deployment mode appropriate to your needs: Low Impact, Fast Activation, or Compatibility
  5. Save Settings

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Does this plugin cost money?

No, but it does require an active Digioh subscription.

Does the Digioh plugin have any Theme dependencies?

No, Digioh will work with any theme, because it works by overlaying on top of the page. For Box injection into the page, you may need some HTML knowledge as styles and layout does vary from theme to theme.


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