Embed PDF for Gravity Forms


Embed PDF for Gravity Forms provides a PDF Viewer field type. Include PDF files in forms without requiring users to download the PDFs. Supports multi-page documents for PDF flipbooks in Gravity Forms. Provides zoom controls.


  • Drag a PDF Viewer field onto any Gravity Form
  • Choose PDF from Media Library or provide local URL
  • Set default zoom level
  • Supports multi-page PDFs
  • Supports Dynamic Population



Have an idea for a new feature? Please create an Issue on Github or Support Topic on wordpress.org.


  • Screenshot of a PDF embedded in a Gravity Form.
  • Screenshot of a PDF Viewer field type in the Gravity Forms form editor Advanced Fields tab.
  • Screenshot of the form editor sidebar showing the PDF Viewer field settings.


  1. Search for Embed PDF for Gravity Forms in the Add New tab of the dashboard plugins page and press the Install Now button
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Open the form editor through the ‘Forms’ menu in WordPress
  4. Add a ‘PDF Viewer’ field from the Advanced Fields tab in the form editor.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

How can I suggest a new feature for this plugin?

Please create an Issue on Github or Support Topic on wordpress.org.


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Журнал изменений


  • [Fixed] Always returns viewer controls when the field inputs are requested despite having no PDF URL to display. Add-ons to this plugin may populate PDFs into viewers after the page loads.
  • [Fixed] Enqueues the form editor JavaScript only in the form editor.
  • [Changed] Changes the tested up to version to 6.4.3.


  • [Fixed] Adds compatibility with language packs for translation.
  • [Changed] Changes the tested up to version to 6.4.2.


  • [Fixed] Fixes a bug in the uninstaller that prevented the plugin from removing all database rows.
  • [Changed] Changes the tested up to version to 6.4.1.


  • [Added] Adds a Download PDF into Media Library button to the CORS error messages for users that have the upload_files capability.
  • [Fixed] Fixes the Choose PDF button not working for users without access to the Media Library by telling users why it does not work. The upload_files capability is required to use the Media Library dashboard features like the modal this button opens.
  • [Fixed] Avoid errors when two copies of this plugin are activated at the same time.
  • [Fixed] Adds a «file not found» error to the form editor so users know that PDF files are missing without previewing the form.
  • [Fixed] Changes CSS so the previous, next, zoom in, and zoom out buttons look better on smaller screens.


  • [Fixed] Splits scripting for the Form Editor out into its own file so only necessary scripts are loading in the form editor and on the front end where the field appears.
  • [Changed] Updates banner art.


  • [Fixed] Moves inline JavaScript required for each PDF Viewer field to the register_form_init_scripts() method of the Gravity Forms Field Framework.
  • [Fixed] Stops writing errors to the browser developer console unless SCRIPT_DEBUG is enabled.


  • [Fixed] Save the PDF URL with the entry when the form is submitted.
  • [Changed] Changes the tested up to version to 6.3.0.


  • [Fixed] Corrects stable tag to 1.0.1. The previous version had an incorrect stable tag version of 3.1.1.
  • [Fixed] Prevent errors around defining constants if a user accidentally runs two copies of the plugin.
  • [Fixed] Updates LICENSE with a copy of the GPLv3.


  • [Added] First version.