Этот плагин не тестировался с последними 3 основными выпусками WordPress. Скорее всего, он уже не поддерживается и может быть несовместим с текущими версиями WordPress.

Enlighter — Customizable Syntax Highlighter


Enlighter is a free, easy-to-use, syntax highlighting tool for WordPress. Highlighting is powered by the EnlighterJS javascript library to provide a beautiful code-appearance.

Using it can be as simple as adding a new Enlighter Sourcecode block (Gutenberg) and insert the code which you want to highlight: Enlighter takes care of the rest!

An easy to use Theme-Customizer is included to modify the build-in themes without any css knowlegde!
It also supports the automatic creation of tab-panes to display code-groups together (useful for multi-language examples — e.g. html+css+js)

Plugin Features

  • Full Gutenberg Editor Integration
  • Full Classic Editor Integration (TinyMCE)
  • Support for all common used languages
  • Powerful generic highlighting engine for unknown/unsupported languages
  • Настройщик тем
  • Inline Syntax Highlighting
  • Дополнительные настройки конфигурации доступны на странице настроек.
  • Supports code-groups (displays multiple code-blocks within a tab-pane)
  • Extensible language and theme engines — add your own one.
  • Simple CSS based themes
  • Integrated CSS file caching (suitable for high traffic sites)
  • Full GDPR compliant — no external resources are required, no data will be aggregated

Интеграция с редактором блоков Gutenberg

  • Full Editor Integration via «Enlighter Sourcecode» block
  • Inline Syntax Highlighting
  • Automatic transformations for classic editor posts (codeblocks converted to Enlighter Sourcecode block)
  • Transform legacy codeblocks to Enlighter Gutenberg Blocks (manual transformation)
  • Docs and Usage
  • Editor plugin repository

Интеграция с классическим редактором (TinyMCE)


  • Markdown fenced code blocks
  • Inline Syntax Highlighting via backtick code (including language specific addon)
  • Docs and Usage


  • Crayon compatibility mode (use EnlighterJS highlighting for legacy Crayon pre codeblocks)
  • CodeColorer compatibility mode (use EnlighterJS highlighting for legacy CodeColorer shortcodes)
  • Jetpack markdown compatibility mode (generic or raw highlighting)
  • Gutenberg standard codeblock compatibility mode (no language attributes)


  • bbPress shortcode + markdown code blocks support
  • Dynamic Content via jQuery Ajax.load
  • Dynamic Content via Jetpack.InfiniteScroll

Texteditor/Shortcodes (Legacy)

Shortcodes are deprecated and should be used in text editor mode only — never use them within Gutenberg Editor or Classic Editor!

  • Easy to use Text-Editor mode through the use of Shortcodes and QuickTags
  • Shortcodes within content, comments and widgets
  • Standalone Shortcode-Processor to avoid wpautop filter issues in Text-Editor Mode

Supported Languages (build-in)

In case your language is not available try the Generic Mode which covers a lot of programming languages — or request a new language on GitHub

Related Links


All modern webbrowsers with enabled Javascript and HTML5 capabilities for «data-» attributes are compatible with Enlighter. It’s possible that it may work with earlier/other browsers.

  • Chrome 60+
  • Firefox 60+
  • Safari 11+
  • Edge Browser 10+


  • HTML highlighting Example (Enlighter Theme)
  • Visual Editor Integration
  • Visual Editor Code Settings
  • Visual Editor Inline/Block Formats
  • Options Page — Appearance Settings
  • Options Page — Advanced Settings
  • Настройщик тем — General styles
  • Настройщик тем — Language Token styling
  • Special options for use with a CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • Tab-Pane Example (multiple languages)
  • Frontend Editing using wp_editor feature
  • Настройщик тем — Live Preview-Mode


Системные требования

  • WordPress 6.0
  • PHP 7.4, including json functions
  • Современный веб-браузер с включенным Javascript (требуется для подсветки)
  • Accessable cache directory (/wp-content/plugins/enlighter/cache/)


  1. Download the .zip file of the plugin and extract the content
  2. Upload the complete enlighter folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Активируйте плагин используя меню ‘Плагины’ в WordPress
  4. Goto to the Enlighter settings page and select the default theme which should be used.
  5. That’s it! You’re done. Just go into your editor and add an Enlighter codeblock via Gutenberg Blocks menu or Classic Editor toolbar

Часто задаваемые вопросы

The WordPress plugin related FAQ page is available on GitHub within the documentation repository!


I have been using the «Enlighter — Customizable Syntax Highlighter» plugin for an extended period, and it has consistently impressed me with its functionality and user-friendliness. Moreover, the real game-changer for us was the ability to develop an extension of the plugin called «Enlighter – Extension With Run Button.» This extension added a unique and invaluable feature to our code blocks – a «Run» button. Now, not only can we showcase our code snippets beautifully, but we can also execute them directly on our website, making it an incredibly powerful tool for educational purposes and demonstrations. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the developers and maintainers of the Enlighter plugin for their dedication to providing such a fantastic tool to the coding community. This plugin has not only improved the overall aesthetics of our website but has also enhanced the user experience for our visitors.
Enlighter is an amazing plugin that makes it easy to add beautiful, customizable syntax highlighting to your WordPress site. It’s incredibly simple to use, and the results are stunning. The plugin has a wide range of options for customizing the look and feel of code blocks, from the language highlighting to the font and color settings. It also has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to make changes quickly. I’ve been using Enlighter for a year, and it’s been a great addition to my WordPress site. Highly recommended!
This is an excellent code highlighter, which allows full blocks of code or inline code snippets to be highlighted. It works well with the WordPress Ennova theme up to PHP 7.4. My only minor complaint is that there doesn’t seem to be any way of setting the default language (e.g. Python) to be highlighted, so that every time some code is inserted or an inline snippet is selected, the language must be selected again from a drop-down menu. Since I’d imagine most users would work in the same language for a while, a default setting would be very useful. Other than that, I would recommend it highly.
Works very well with bbPress and looks to be an excellent highlighter in general. I’m a longtime user of syntaxhighlighter evolved (which doesn’t work with bbPress from what I’ve seen), and am pleasantly surprised by the versatility of this plugin, I’m a convert now! Thanks for the great plugin!
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Участники и разработчики

«Enlighter — Customizable Syntax Highlighter» — проект с открытым исходным кодом. В развитие плагина внесли свой вклад следующие участники:


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Перевести «Enlighter — Customizable Syntax Highlighter» на ваш язык.

Заинтересованы в разработке?

Посмотрите код, проверьте SVN репозиторий, или подпишитесь на журнал разработки по RSS.

Журнал изменений


  • Bugfix: pre wrapper introduced in v4.6.0 caused wpautop to handle inline code as block element which breaks the layout. Affects inline codeblocks of markdown codeblocks and shortcodes. Gutenberg/TinyMCE editors were not affected — thanks to the community on GitHub


  • Added: EnlighterJS v3.6.0
  • Added: css tooltips to the toolbar
  • Added: copy-to-clipboard success/error message via tooltip
  • Added: language identifier as css class to the outer wrapper enlighter-l-<resolvedLanguage>
  • Added: htaccess language alias to «Apache httpd»
  • Changed: WordPress 6.0 required
  • Changed: DOM structure has changed: each raw+highlighted code elements are wrapper into enlighter-code container
  • Changed: DOM structure has changed: removed enlighter-codegroup-wrapper
  • Changed: toolbar position is now persistent and not affected by horizontal/vertical scrolling
  • Bugfix: compatibility filters may cause malformed markup caused by wpauto filter. To avoid such issues the placeholders are wrapped into <pre> tags — thanks to dmadison on GitHub
  • Bugfix: bash pound style comment regex also matched variable substituions and special cases — thanks to maidentaiwan on GitHub
  • Bugfix: bash single quoted strings not highlighted
  • Bugfix: language alias js was processed as typescript due to inheritance issue (missing override)


  • Added: EnlighterJS v3.5.0
  • Added: EnlighterJS Gutenberg editor plugin v1.2.0
  • Added: Gutenberg left-align-indentation formatting button
  • Added: block transformation from SyntaxHighlighter Evolved
  • Added: selected language as button text to the block toolbar
  • Added: basic support for windows batch / bat file syntax
  • Added: dart language support — thanks to whiplashoo on GitHub
  • Added: dedicated MariaDB/MySQL language support mariadb
  • Added: dedicated Oracle Database language support oracledb (no special rules yet)
  • Added: dedicated MSSQL language support mssql (no special rules yet)
  • Added: dedicated PostgreSQL language support postgresql (no special rules yet)
  • Added: constraints to sql
  • Changed: WordPress version >=5.8 required!
  • Changed: splitted sql language into several types/dialects for further extension
  • Changed: removed pound style comments from generic sql support
  • Changed: removed keywords bigint and unsigned from generic sql support
  • Changed: droide theme color #009999 to #007f7f for higher contrast (WCAG) — thanks to aphelionz on GitHub
  • Changed: in case of a tokenizer error, the tokenizer will silently fail (output to console) instead of throwing an error — code will still be displayed but related tokens are missing
  • Bugfix: Gutenberg inline editing not working on Safari due to required rangeCount call — thanks to phruse on GitHub
  • Bugfix: Gutenberg inline popover window content is collapsed in recent Gutenberg releases
  • Bugfix: Gutenberg editor deprecation warnings related to Toolbar elements
  • Bugfix: fixed Gutenberg editor deprecation warning related to widget — thanks to Jolle775 on GitHub
  • Bugfix: Enlighter low-level shortcode handler regex failure caused invalid content matching for language shortcodes — thanks to michael8888 on WordPress.org Forums
  • Bugfix: yaml integer numbers not highlighted
  • Bugfix: php variable and function names followed by single/double quotes were interpreted as name — thanks to oleg-dk on GitHub
  • Bugfix: php method names which equals a keyword were highlighted as keyword — thanks to oleg-dk on GitHub
  • Bugfix: php method calls on variables were interpreted as variable name — thanks to oleg-dk on GitHub
  • Bugfix: latex command on first line not recognized — thanks to MamounImadRajab on GitHub
  • Bugfix: javascript regular expressions are match over multiple lines — thanks to mrdexters1 on WordPress.org Forums
  • Bugfix: tokenizer loop limit was calculated in total instead of per-rule
  • Bugfix: keywords of generic language requires a word-boundary before+after instead of a non word character — thanks to Irwanda04 on GitHub
  • Bugfix: allow any non-whitespace chars in sql column name literals
  • Bugfix: added missing string keyword to c# type list
  • Bugfix: pound and double-slash style comments also matched the last character before the comment


  • Bugfix: Gutenberg escapeEditableHTML throws an error in case the block is empty (attributes.content returns null)


  • Bugfix: a comma caused the plugin/wordpress to crash in legacy php 7.2 (lint checks of php 7.3 worked without any issues)


  • Added: Gutenberg inline highlighting support (RichText format)
  • Added: border around Enlighter Gutenberg codeblock (default theme)
  • Added: resource urls of the theme-customizer and DRI are resolved by ResourceManager::getResourceUrl to allow optional filtering via enlighter_resource_url
  • Added: support for Jetpack markdown (codeblocks will be excluded from jetpack gfm processing)
  • Added: multiversion travis-ci lint checks
  • Changed: trailing slash from global constant ENLIGHTER_PLUGIN_URL has been removed
  • Changed: wp-skeleton updated to v0.27.0
  • Changed: WordPress readme.txt is generated by wp-skeleton to avoid format issues (merged readme+changelog)
  • Changed: updated Gutenberg plugin to v1.1.0
  • Changed: removed contextual help content if favor of the official documentation
  • Bugfix: double slashes are used in the paths of DRI and theme customizer resources
  • Bugfix: escape sequence were transformed into their characters in recent Gutenberg releases


  • Bugfix: due to changes in the initialization code in 4.3.0 the global config couldn’t be retrieved by the editing plugins


  • Added: EnlighterJS v3.4.0
  • Added: EnlighterJS Theme-Customizer v2.3.0
  • Added: compatibility for async/defer script loading (configuration code is merged with the library) (optional)- feature requested on WordPress.org Forums
  • Added: javascript based dynamic-resource-invocation to load the EnlighterJS assets dynamically when needed (client side)
  • Added: dri compatibility for bbpress and dynamic content (jquery load, jetpack infinity scroll)
  • Added: keyword k11 for annotations
  • Added: keyword x16 for css element selectors
  • Added: contextual keywords to csharp — thanks to mabako on GitHub
  • Added: kotlin string template support
  • Added: r language support (covered by generic ruleset)
  • Added: MikroTik RouterOS language support (ros/mikrotik/switchos/routeros/mt)
  • Added: pound style comment support to php
  • Changed: renamed the «raw code» language label to «Plain text»
  • Changed: EnlighterJS library (js) is loaded via cache file cache/enlighterjs.min.js
  • Changed: js/css cache file generation is bound to enqueue hook (performance)
  • Changed: wp-skltn library updated to 0.24.0
  • Changed: for compatibility reasons, the language-shortcodes are disabled by default (this only affects new installations)
  • Changed: full semantic versioning tag is used to display the plugin version (may used by additional tools) — thanks to roy-bongers on GitHub
  • Changed: theme cache is only reloaded on Enlighter settings pages (performance) — thanks to gdragon on WordPress forums
  • Changed: EnlighterJS::getConfig has been changed to multidimension object to allow additional payloads (this also affects the initialization code)
  • Changed: css selector fragment highlighting is limited to the selector itself
  • Changed: enhanced css unit parsing
  • Changed: java, scala, cpp annotation token changed to k11
  • Changed: added token k11 to themes
  • Changed: moved generic highlighting rules to lang/rulesets/generic
  • Changed: ampersandCleanup is performed after html escape sequences to eliminate issues related to double unquoting #109
  • Changed: toggle raw code label to «Plain text»
  • Changed: allowed utf8 characters in php variable and function names (side effect of the php parser)
  • Removed: EnlighterJS::dequeue function (deprecated due to new DRI implementation)
  • Bugfix: vhdl single bit highlighting collided with attribute syntax — thanks to tyriun on GitHub
  • Bugfix: css classnames/ids with hyphens were not recognized
  • Bugfix: XML mixins of single/double quotes in attributes failed #108
  • Bugfix: dot char within XML attribute names not recognized
  • Bugfix: kotlin raw string where not correctly parsed (wrong rule priority)
  • Bugfix: highlighting color of classic theme not applied due to invalid selectors — thanks to woolseyj on GitHub
  • Bugfix: EnlighterJS codeblock css selectors cannot contain quotes due to initialization code sanitizing (replace with serialized object)


  • Added: EnlighterJS v3.3.0
  • Added: EnlighterJS Theme-Customizer v2.2.0
  • Added: compatbility mode for CodeColorer — features requested by ajtruckle on GitHub
  • Added: filters to alter the editor config (Gutenberg+TinyMCE) — features requested by ajtruckle on GitHub
  • Added: documentation how to use external themes (linked within contextual help)
  • Changed: external themes requires enlighterjs as css dependency to avoid styling issues
  • Changed: removed Enlighter version string from external themes
  • Bugfix: added missing languages to the list (abap,scala,qml,verilog)
  • Added: apachehttpd/htaccess support
  • Added: lighttpd support
  • Added: nginx support
  • Added: purebasic support — thanks to gphilippot on GitHub
  • Added: minimal latex/tex support
  • Changed: theme font sizes + line-height are based on relative em values — only the font size of the outer wrapper is set explicitly
  • Changed: removed «function» highlighting regex from sql
  • Added: option to customize the raw code pane
  • Added: option to set the token base styles inlcuding font-size — feature requested on GitHub
  • Added: option to set button background-color and line-height
  • Added: tab defaults to change global settings
  • Changed: moved button related settings to tab buttons
  • Changed: moved line-number settings to tab lines
  • Changed: removed tab «fonts»
  • Bugfix: highlighted-line hover selector was invalid -> selection of background-color:hover was not possible — thanks to ajtruckle on GitHub #4
  • Bugfix: removed typos in code edit dialog — thanks to ajtruckle on GitHub


  • Added: EnlighterJS v3.2.0
  • Added: EnlighterJS Theme-Customizer v2.1.0
  • Added: verilog support — thanks to t123yh on GitHub
  • Added: integer highlighting for sql
  • Added: additional usage notes to the theme customizer
  • Added: added option to hide EnlighterJS website link/button
  • Added: browser based tooltips to the buttons (title attribute)
  • Added: fallback language option for backward compatibility (Enlighter -> Options -> Advanced -> EnlighterJS)
  • Added: additional description to the base theme settings
  • Added: methods to retrieve theme+language list from singleton instance
  • Changed: removed the use_smilies environment check — it has been fixed in WordPress core
  • Changed: empty values within customizer take presendence over base theme (empty values cause the css rule to be deleted if exist)
  • Bugfix: powershell commands can also expressed lowercase (camel-case not required) — thanks to krysiekBP on GitHub
  • Bugfix: sql -- styles comments ignored due to invalid regex — thanks to petr-hybler on GitHub


Note: This release is NOT BACKWARD COMPATIBLE. Custom themes will be lost

  • Added: Gutenberg editor plugin v1.0.0
  • Added: EnlighterJS v3
  • Replaced MooTools Framework by native code — requires IE >= 10
  • NEW Highlighting Engines — every language support file has been rewritten
  • New Tokenizer Engine including a two stage analyzer
  • New Theme Customizer to allow much more changes
  • Excessive Performance Optimizations
  • Added: ECMA6 Support to Javascript Engine
  • Added: Copy to clipboard button
  • Added: horizontal scroll option
  • Added: GO Support
  • Added: RUST Support
  • Added: YAML Support
  • Added: Kotlin support
  • Added: TypeScript support
  • Added: Groovy support
  • Added: LESS Support
  • Added: SASS/SCSS Support
  • Added: Dockerfile Support
  • Added: CSS Level3 Support
  • Added: Powershell Support
  • Added: VisualBasic NET/Classic Support
  • Added: Swift Support
  • Added: QML Support
  • Added: VHDL Support
  • Added: ABAP Support (simple)
  • Added: Prolog Support (simple)
  • Added: Cordpro Support (simple)
  • Added: Bootstrap4 Theme
  • Added: Dracula Theme (dark, following draculatheme colors)
  • Added: Monokai Theme (dark)
  • Added: Crayon compatibility/migration mode
  • Added: docker based development mode
  • Changed: WP-Skeleton is used as Plugin Backend Framework
  • Changed: All settings are stored in serialized form in enlighter-options instead of single options
  • Changed: moved settings page to top-level menu
  • Changed: settings are stored as serialized object in the database (single row) instead if row-per-option — major performance enhancement
  • Changed: new settings page
  • Changed: sessionStorage is used to store the current active tab instead of cookies
  • Changed: updated the UI components
  • Changed: wp-skltn library updated to 0.23.0 — MPL 2.0 License
  • Bugfix: colorpicker sets wrong foreground color which caused unreadable input fields (color lightness calculation)
  • Cleaned up the internal Plugin Structure
  • Removed: jquery-cookie dependency
  • Removed: MooTools framework
  • Removed: Lighter.js legacy themes (Git, Mocha, MooTools, Panic, Tutti, Twilight)
  • Removed: most keyword lists from language files (direct regular expressions are used)


  • Added: notification of next major release ( Enlighter v4)
  • Changed: the documentation links are now pointing to the global documentation repository


  • Added: french translation — thanks to regisenguehard on GitHub
  • Added: simplified chinese translation — thanks to XFY9326 on GitHub
  • Changed: jsdelivr mootools version pointed to 1.6.0
  • Changed: the DRI detection is now limited to the condition in_the_loop() && is_main_query()
  • Bugfix: the experimental DRI feature failed in case the_content filter is called multiple times within a theme — thanks to willstocks-tech on GitHub


  • Added: Visual Editor Plugin (EnlighterJS.TinyMCE) v3.5.1
  • Added: Gutenberg Editor Plugin — [EnlighterJS/Plugin.Gutenberg on GitHub] v0.4.0
  • Added: EnlighterJS v2.13.0
  • Added: automatically transforms legacy Enlighter codeblocks (Classic Editor) to Gutenberg blocks in case the «Convert to Blocks» function is triggered
  • Added: Support for jQuery Ajax content (post load) — requested by wassereimer86 on GitHub
  • Added: Description of possible Plugin Notficiations
  • Changed: moved TinyMCE editor resources (editor plugin) from enlighter/resources/editor to enlighter/resources/tinymce
  • Changed: moved text editor resources (quicktags from enlighter/resources/editor to enlighter/resources/texteditor
  • Changed: moved Gutenberg Editor settings to «Visual Editor» Tab
  • Changed: data-enlighter-linenumbers attribute is ignored in case it is not set (empty string) to be compatible with the new Gutenberg Editor Plugin — explicit true/false required
  • Changed: Gutenberg Plugin is enabled by default
  • Bugfix: TinyMCE footer label may collide with editor content — added additional padding — thanks to JavierSegoviaCordoba on GitHub
  • Bugfix: On Windows platforms, the environment check throws the error message plugin is located within an invalid path — thanks to ginaf40 on WordPress.org Forums


  • Changed: release scheme to Semantic Versioning
  • Bugfix: some development files (EnlighterJS v3 prelease) got into the release branch (lowercase filenames) this may cause some issues during the plugin upgrade — I apologize for the inconvenience — thanks to aguidrevitch on GitHub


  • Added: experimental Gutenberg editor integration — EnlighterJS/Plugin.Gutenberg on GitHub
  • Added: keyboard shortcut +x to highlight inline code — requested by dahnark on WordPress.org Forums
  • Added: Visual Editor Plugin (EnlighterJS.TinyMCE) v3.5.0
  • Added: Environment check to ensure the plugin is uploaded into wp-content/plugins/enlighter/
  • Changed: moved experimental settings into panel «Beta»
  • Removed: outdated translations
  • Bugfix: styles of the «plugin upgrade notification» were broken



  • Added: Dynamics-Resource-Invocation (exprimental option) — Enlighter javascript dependencies are only loaded in case they are needed — features requested on GitHub
  • Added: Compatibility Mode to convert legacy codeblocks (e.g. Jetpack Markdown) to Enlighter recognizable code
  • Added: EnlighterJS v2.12.0
  • Added: language domain path to plugin entry file (used by the WordPress plugin registry)
  • Bugfix: About-Page redirect on plugin upgrade/activation may be cached by browsers — added nocache header; changed status code to http-307
  • Changed: splitted the settings page (editing section) into visual-editor and text-editor


  • Added: Tab-Indentation Mode to the Visual Editor to align content with the tab key
  • Added: Kotlin Language Support
  • Added: GFM Markdown Inline language identifier syntax
  • Added: EnlighterJS v2.11.1
  • Added: Visual Editor Plugin (EnlighterJS.TinyMCE) v3.3.1
  • Added: Tutorials and Developer docs
  • Bugfix: Underscore not allowed in xml tags — thanks to higginbg on GitHub
  • Bugfix: Fixed invalid external links of the help section


  • Added: Visual Editor Plugin (EnlighterJS.TinyMCE) v3.2.0
  • Added: Fault tolerant initialization code including debug messages (console.log output) — this will also avoid javascript initialization errors
  • Added: Option to the Code-Edit-Dialog to switch between Inline and Block mode — feature requested on WordPress.org Forums
  • Changed: The Code-Insert-Dialog size is changed to the current editor viewport size (will cover the whole editor area)
  • Changed: Removed the «Sourcecode» Label from Code-Insert-Dialog Textarea to provide a larger input area
  • Changed: Added Settings-Update hash to external themes as URL parameter instead of current plugin version (invalidates browser cache by updating the settings)
  • Improved: WP Version information is removed from MooTools CDN Sources to avoid additional downloads — thanks to sixer on WordPress.org Forums
  • Bugfix: Copy+Paste within a codeblock (Visual Editor) caused a seperation of the selected block
  • Bugfix: External JS Components (jetpack-plugin, Startup Code) are not loaded in case EnlighterJS javascript file is excluded
  • Bugfix: External Themes won’t work because of invalid URLs — thanks to eliottrobson on GitHub


  • Added: WordPress Multisite support
  • Added: JSDELIVR as MooTools CDN Source — feature requested on WordPress.org Forums
  • Added: Additional check to the About-Page redirection (triggered on plugin activation) to avoid infinite redirects in case of a broken 3rd party options-caching plugin
  • Added: Brazilian Portuguese localization (pt_BR) — thanks to rafajaques on GitHub #50
  • Bugfix: The new cache accessibility check (v3.2) did not work on WIN platform
  • Bugfix: PHP 5.3 Compatibility within the LowLevel Shortcode Filter — thanks to crislv90 on GitHub


  • Added: GFM style Markdown support for fenced code blocks
  • Added: bbPress support for Markdown fenced code blocks
  • Added: Environment Check to ensure Enlighter is working in a well configured environment
  • Added: Filter hook enlighter_startup to disable Enlighter on selected pages — feature requested on WordPress.org Forums #43
  • Added: Filter enlighter_inline_javascript — applied to inline javascript which is injected into the page
  • Added: Filter enlighter_frontend_editing— forced enabling/disabling of the frontend editing functions
  • Replaced: PHP-Version-Errorpage by global admin_notice — ensure that PHP 5.3 or greater is used to avoid weird errors
  • Changed: The autofix permission helper will set the cache directory permissions to 0774
  • Bugfix: PHP Error message was thrown in case a the cache was not writable and a file operation failed
  • Bugfix: The cache check did not checked if the directory was accessible
  • Bugfix: The autoset permission link was broken since v3.0
  • Bugfix: Backtick style code elements of bbPress will break the highlighting


  • Added: EnlighterJS v2.10.1
  • Added: About/News Page which is shown on plugin activation/upgrade
  • Added: New Options Page Extensions for Enlighter related third-party plugin integration
  • Added: Experimental Support for Jetpack Infinite Scroll — feature requested on WordPress.org Forums
  • Added: Experimental bbPress Shortcode support — feature requested by DevynCJohnson on GitHub
  • Added: global constant ENLIGHTER_PLUGIN_URL — pre-processed version of plugins_url('/enlighter/')
  • Added: local enqueue wrappers to the ResourceLoader.php
  • Added: Enlighter Shortcode support for Text-Widgets
  • Added: Enlighter Shortcode support for User Comments
  • Added: Options to enable/disable the Editor Quicktags on the Frontend as well as Backend
  • Added: HTML Tag restrictions to Visual Editor: disallows any kind of formatting elements (strong, span, em, ..) within code-blocks
  • Added: Event enlighter_init which is triggered on plugin initialization complete
  • Added: Filter enlighter_themes to modify the internal theme list — ability to add and/or remove themes
  • Added: Filter enlighter_languages to modify the internal language list — ability to add and/or remove languages
  • Added: Filter enlighter_resource_url to modify the domain/protocol of related Enlighter resources
  • Added: Filter enlighter_shortcode_filters to enable shortcodes in specific sections by hooking into 3rd party filters
  • Added: Minified Versions of the TinyMCE Plugin
  • Changed: The EnlighterJS Config object is now populated as EnlighterJS_Config to enable third-party integrations/plugins
  • Changed: Moved Cryptex Settings from Options to Extensions
  • Changed: External Plugins (colorpicker, jquery.cookie) are moved from extern/ to resources/extern
  • Changed: toolbar button link to http://enlighterjs.org
  • Changed: The Plugin is now initialized on init to enable users to hook-in
  • Changed: Renamed the Visual Editor configuration object to EnlighterJS_EditorConfig
  • Changed: Renamed the TinyMCE plugin from enlighter to enlighterjs
  • Changed: Renamed the TinyMCE plugin files to EnlighterJS.TinyMCE.min.js, EnlighterJS.TinyMCE.min.css
  • Changed: Removed the «Advanced» page — settings are moved to «Options»
  • Bugfix: The special-line color of the Atomic theme was too dark. changed to 0x392d3b — thanks to CraigMcKenna on GitHub
  • Bugfix: Users with role author and contributor were not able to set language, theme or other options in Editor Mode (html attributes were stripped by the KSES filter)
  • Bugfix: Codegroup title cannot be set manually caused by wrong attribute name — thanks to PixelT on GitHub
  • Bugfix: Codeblock edit button does not work in WP 4.5 caused by cross-plugin event-propagation
  • Bugfix: Users with role author and contributor were not able to use the frontend-editor-extension because of missing privileges to edit pages. Condition is changed to IS_LOGGED_IN AND (CAN_EDIT_POSTS OR CAN_EDIT_PAGES) — thanks to Petr on WordPress Forums
  • Bugfix: HTML Code Fragment within the generated cache/TinyMCE.css file caused CSS validation error
  • Cleaned up the internal Plugin Structure
  • Visual Editor (TinyMCE) Plugin is outsourced to AndiDittrich/EnlighterJS.TinyMCE


  • Added: New robust and fault-tolerant LowLevel Shortcode Handler to avoid issues with wpautop filter and unescaped html characters (text mode)
  • Added: Visual Editor Customization
  • Added: Option to disable Enlighter shortcodes
  • Added: Option to use the old/legacy Shortcode handler
  • Added: Shortcode Processor info to the SystemInformation sidebar
  • Added: Unique Hash to all cached resources to force cache-update on file-change/settings-update
  • Added: Option to cancel WordPress Editor width limit (set to auto)
  • Added: QuickTags to the Text/HTML Editor
  • Bugfix: Theme Customizer was not able to modify the special-line-highlighting-color of codeblocks without line-numbers — thanks to CraigMcKenna on GitHub
  • Bugfix: MooTools <= 1.5.1 #2705 will throw the javascript error The specified value "t" is not a valid email addressupdated to v1.6.0 — thanks to lots0logs on GitHub
  • Bugfix: Removed TinyMCE debugging output (written to console)
  • Bugfix: The Edit Icon (Visual Editor) is now dynamically positioned based on editor width
  • Bugfix: Foreground Color of Theme-Customizers color elements is changed dynamically based on the background color brightness
  • Changed: Moved the Enlighter Settings Page to the Top-Level of WordPress Administration Menu
  • Changed: Moved Language Shortcode options from advanced settings to editing section
  • Changed: Moved TinyMCE Editor options from advanced settings to editing options
  • Changed: The Visual Editor Code-block appearance (modernized)
  • Changed: Language Titles in the Visual Editor Box are dynamically generated
  • Changed: Internal file structure (editor resources)
  • Changed: The Menu Slug/URL from options-general.php?page=enlighter/class/Enlighter.php to admin.php?page=Enlighter — direct, custom links to the settings page require an update !
  • Changed: Editor Config object is renamed to Enlighter_EditorConfig
  • Changed: New Resource Manager structure is used
  • Changed: Cached files are observed and re-generated if missing
  • Replaced: the low-level PHP based ObjectCache by the WordPress Transient API
  • Dependencies: Updated MooTools to v1.6.0
  • Deprecated: The «WpAutoP» Filter Priority setting will be removed in the future — the new LowLevel Shortcode Handler will avoid wpautop issues!


  • Bugfix: the default option of «Enlighter Config» is now set to «inline» — this may avoid highlighting when upgrading to 2.10 — I apologize for the inconvenience — thanks to ciambellino on GitHub


  • Added: EnlighterJS v2.10.0
  • Added: Cython Language support — thanks to DevynCJohnson on GitHub
  • Added: Squirrel Language support — thanks to DevynCJohnson on GitHub
  • Added: General Assembly Language support — feature requested on GitHub
  • Added: LUA Language support
  • Added: Minimal Theme (bright, high contrast)
  • Added: Atomic Theme (dark, colorful)
  • Added: Rowhammer Theme (light)
  • Added: missing AVR Assembly features (used AVR-1022 reference)
  • Added: Universal Google Webfonts loader: Droid Sans Mono, Inconsolata .. (all available monospace fonts, Nov 2015)
  • Added: option to control the global script position (header/footer) of related javascript files — features requested on GitHub
  • Added: link to the official EnlighterJS Website to the plugin overview page
  • Added: ENLIGHTER_VERSION string to all related js/css resources
  • Changed: moved settins page link on the plugin overview page to the action links (left column)
  • Changed: the editor font-size is set to 0.7em and the font-family is changed to «Source Code Pro»
  • Renamed: Webfonts style name changed to enlighter-webfonts
  • Removed: option to control the initialization script position (replaced by an additional global script position option)
  • Removed: calls to wp_register_style and wp_register_script — instead the wp_enqueue_ methods are used directly
  • Bugfix: removed some incorrect html attribute quotes within the settings page
  • Bugfix: removed unused html table tag from the settings page
  • Bugfix: removed console.log debugging output from tokenizer
  • Bugfix: in some cases the ThemeCustomizer cannot load the base css files (theme name not transformed to lowercase)
  • Bugfix: an empty paragraph is added after each codeblock in the VisualEditor-Mode (permits users to add content after the codeblock)
  • Bugfix: copy&paste within a Enlighter codeblock had spilt the block into multiple parts (VisualEditor-Mode)


  • Added: EnlighterJS v2.9
  • Bugfix: Under some special conditions the tokenizer repeats the last sequence of a codeblock — thanks to Kalydon and dan-j on GitHub
  • Bugfix: TinyMCE Editor plugin didn’t work in some special cases (use of other editor plugin) — Thanks to esumit on GitHub
  • Bugfix: the final character of highlighted code got removed by the tokenizer engine in case it’s a text token — thanks to dan-j on GitHub
  • Bugfix: Generic highlighting was accidentally removed from EnlighterJS


  • Added: EnlighterJS v2.7.0
  • Added: Rust language support — feature requested on GitHub
  • Added: VHDL language support
  • Added: Matlab language support
  • Added: New Shell/Bash language engine
  • Added: New PHP language engine
  • Added: New CSS language engine — some styles have changed!
  • Added: Shell script example
  • Added: «MooTwo» theme inspired by the mootools.net website
  • Added: «Godzilla» theme inspired by the MDN
  • Added: «Droide» theme
  • Added: New EnlighterJS Info Button (Toolbar)
  • Added: New Tokenizer Engine which increases the rendering performance by nearly 700%
  • Bugfix: Wrong highlighting class used for SQL comments
  • Changed: Smart Tokenizer Engine is used instead of the old Lazy Bruteforce matching
  • Changed: All Fonts of the modern Themes are replaced by «Source Code Pro» as default
  • Changed: Classic Themes kw3 color switched with kw4
  • Changed: The hover css-class is now added to the outer ol,ul container instead of each li line — all themes have been adapted
  • Changed: Inline gif imaages are used for the button toolbar instead of png images (size optimization)
  • Many performance improvements
  • Reduced the CSS and JS file-size by massive sourcecode optimizations (43kB JS; 28KB CSS; including all Themes and Languages!)


  • Added: EnlighterJS v2.6.0
  • Added: Native JSON highlighting support
  • Added: Support for the Cryptex Email Obfuscation plugin (>= v5.0) — email addresses within highlighted code can now protected too
  • Added: Plugin Upgrade notifications for upcoming major releases to the admins plugin page
  • Bugfix: The contextual help link was not «full» selectable (covered by the tab nav)
  • Bugfix: ObjectCache file existent check failed (triggers a php warning unlink(...) No such file or directory ..
  • The readme.txt (WordPress plugin repository) is generated from the markdown file README.md, FAQ.md and CHANGES.md (GitHub style)


  • Added: Settings page link to the plugin page (metadata row)
  • Added: Link to author’s Twitter Channel (latest Enlighter updates/news)
  • Added: EnlighterJS v2.5
  • Added: Language support for ini files
  • Added: Language support for AVR-Assembler
  • Added: XML Namespace highlighting
  • Added: Links to the Language Examples to the README.txt file
  • Bugfix: Highlighting of multi-line XML/HTML tags failed — thanks to Suleiman19 on GitHub
  • Renamed the EnlighterJS files to EnlighterJS.min.css and EnlighterJS.min.js


  • Added LIVE Preview-Mode to the Theme-Customizer (requires a browser with enabled pop-up windows)
  • Added Preview-Mode screenshot
  • Renamed: MooTools js file to mootools-core-yc.js (removed the version string)
  • Updated: the pot/language files


  • Added: Compatibility to the Advanced Custom Fields Plugin
  • Added: Frontend Visual Editor Integration using the wp_editor feature — requested on WordPress Forums
  • Added: Additional check to the ObjectCache to ensure that it’s writeable whe
  • Removed: WordPress 3.8 Visual Editor compatibility — Enlighter now requires WordPress >= 3.9 (TinyMCE 4)
  • Hardened the Enlighter TinyMCE Plugin
  • Bugfix: With disabled option «Show Linenumbers» the Visual Editor Plugin will crash the TinyMCE Editor — Thanks to ryansnowden on GitHub
  • Bugifx: In case of a missconfigured WordPress installation (disabling the admin_print_scripts hook), the Visual-Editor-Plugin will crash the TinyMCE editor — Thanks to Nikodemsky on WordPress Forums
  • Bugfix: Closed possible XSS vector within the HTML generator (authenticated users who can edit content were able to inject html code) — this is not a security issue because such users can insert HTML code by default.


  • Added insert-option for «Align-Left-Indentation» — all leading tabs got replaced by spaces and the minimum indent is removed from each line — this is a usefull feature when pasting code-snippets (the «Code-Indent» option has to be set to n-Spaces!)
  • Added insert-option «block/inline» to easily insert inline code — feature requested on WordPress Forums
  • Added cache-directory check to ensure that it’s writeable as well as a Autofix function which automatically set’s the permissions of the cache-directory on user request (+w for user + group).
  • Added Language-Type «generic» to selection menu
  • Added EnlighterJS 2.4
  • Added Theme «Classic»
  • Added Theme «Eclipse»
  • Added Theme «Beyond»
  • Added Language «Diff» for changelogs
  • Added: License Informations to settings-page footer
  • Added: Info of available CDN locations (full url)
  • Added: Additional user-role check (administrator + manage_options required)
  • Added: Contextual Help based help/usage/informations
  • Added: Checks the availability of the EnlighterJS library before initializing — this will avoid errors caused by missing scripts
  • Added: Option to include the required javscript config as external file, within wp_footer or wp_head
  • Added: Support for external/custom EnlighterJS Themes — feature requested on WordPress Forums
  • Updated MooTools (local+CDN) to v1.5.1
  • Removed Setting «Config-Type» — Javascript based initialization is now used
  • Changed the wpAutoP filter priority back to 10 as default (no changes) — this will avoid conflicts with other plugins — in case you are using shortcodes, you should set it to 12
  • Changed: some setting keys got renamed, especially the toolbar buttons — please check your settings
  • Bugfix: Theme-Customizers CSS cache got removed on plugin upgrade — added automatical CSS recreation/cache check
  • Bugfix: Entities didn’t got escaped by using the «Code Insert Dialog» — thank’s to nextchi on GitHub and Mathias on WordPress Forums
  • New settings page — now matches WordPress corporate UI style
  • Removed WordPress <= 3.7 compatibility mode/legacy UI style
  • Bugfix: Added some missing I18n namespaces
  • Many internal changes/improvements


  • Added «Code Insert Dialog» to avoid copy-auto-formatting issues — feature requested on WordPress Forums
  • Added «Enlighter Settings Button» to control the Enlighter Settings (highlight, show-linenumbers, ..) directly from the Visual-Editor — just click into a codeblock and the button will appear (requires WordPress >=3.9)
  • Added Enlighter Toolbar Menu-Buttons
  • New Visual-Editor integration style
  • Bugfix: Added missing codeblock-name for «C#»


  • Added EnlighterJS 2.2
  • Added language support for C# (csharp) provided by Joshua Maag
  • Bugfix: Indentation of first line got lost — thanks to cdonts


  • Added EnlighterJS 2.1
  • Added Inline-Syntax-Highlighting
  • Added new Theme «Enlighter»
  • Added Inline-Highlighting support to the Visual-Editor
  • Added setting «Show Linenumbers»
  • Added shortcode attribute «linenumbers» the force the visibility for each codeblock — feature requested on GitHub
  • Added shortcode attribute «offset» to set the start-index of line-number-counting — feature requested on WordPress Forums
  • Added Inline-CSS-Selector setting
  • Added an optional «raw-code-button» as well as customization options for the appearing Raw-Code-Panel
  • Added build-script to generate Theme-Templates required by the ThemeCustomizer directly from the CSS files
  • Added seperate token settings for «font-style» and «font-weight»
  • Improved Theme-Generator: only one CSS file is included instead of two
  • Moved option «Language Shortcodes» to «Advanced Options»
  • Removed setting «Output-Style» (replaced by Show-Linenumbers)
  • Removed waste Theme-Customizer setting «Line Number Styles -> Line height»
  • Bugfix: «Loading Theme Style» doesn’t set «text-decoration» corretly


  • Added: Visual-Editor (TinyMCE) Integration (optionally — you can turn it off on the settings page)
  • Added: Serbo-Croatian Translation sr_RS (Thank`s to Borisa Djuraskovic from webhostinghub.com)
  • Bugfix: Visual-Editor integration will avoid auto-whitespace-removing issues
  • Improved: Added new Screenshots


  • Added: Environment Pre-Check (PHP 5.3 requirement!)


  • Added: Support for new WordPress 3.8 UI design
  • Added: CDNJS Service (Cloudflare) as CDN provider for MooTools @see http://cdnjs.com/
  • Added: I18n (Internationalization) support (settings page)
  • Added: I18n generation tools
  • Added: POT file for additional translations
  • Added: German translation (de_DE)
  • PHP Namespaces used to isolate plugin (PHP >= 5.3 required!)
  • Improved Plugin backend structure
  • Changed: Admin CSS+JS files are moved to resources/admin/
  • Changed: Replaced table layout of settings page
  • Bugfix: «Load Theme styles» selects wrong items as default style
  • Bugfix: ColorPicker elements doesn’t get initialized


  • Bugfix: The plugin now modifies the priotiry of wpautop filter to avoid unrequested linebreaks (optionally — you can turn it off on the settings page) @see https://github.com/EnlighterJS/Plugin.WordPress/issues/2 — thanks to ankitpokhrel
  • Added EnlighterJS 1.8
  • Added line based marking to point special lines — just add the attribute highlight="1,2-5,9" to the shortcode to mark line 1,2,3,4,5,9. The line-color is configurable within the ThemeCustomizer — feature requested on WordPress.org Forum
  • Added the ability to set custom hover colors within the ThemeCustomizer as well as custom line highlighting colors
  • Improved settings page, new design


  • Added EnlighterJS 1.7
  • Added Language-Aliases for use with generic shortcode
  • Fix: CSS Hotfix for bad linenumbers in Chrome @see https://wordpress.org/support/topic/bad-line-numbers-in-chrome?replies=3 — thanks to cdonts


  • Bugfix: CSS Selector got ignored when using metadata-based initialization (all «pre»-tags are highlighted)
  • Added EnlighterJS 1.6
  • Added «RAW» language — code is not highlighted/parsed


  • Added EnlighterJS 1.5.1
  • Added language support for NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System)


  • First public release
  • Includes EnlighterJS 1.4