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Пусть все знают о происходящих событиях. Независимо от того, проводите ли вы мероприятие или участвуете в нем, в блоке событий будет указано ваше мероприятие, включая время и место проведения.

Источник и поддержка

This block is no longer under active development. Bug reports will be fixed, but no new features will be added.

Full source is available at the Github repo: https://github.com/Automattic/block-experiments


  • Event Block
  • Настройка блока мероприятий


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  • Event Let everyone know about the events going on. Whether you're hosting or attending, the event block will feature your event including the time and location.


Nice plugin to complete your post with basic information. Would be nice if the «when» tab could have also a begin and end date and time…
Can’t believe there are no reviews for this plugin. It doesn’t do much, but it gave us just what we needed — way to quickly create an Events page by using a gutenberg block. No silly calendar dashboards that use the classic editor, no inserting of short codes that make you then have to preview over and over to make sure the look is right. Really — if you’re just wanting to make an events page, pick this plugin. I hope the author is able to work on it to keep it working with WP.
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Журнал изменений

1.0.3 — 6th November 2023

  • Update to use stabilized APIs.
  • Fix console warnings in the editor.

1.0.2 — 22nd July 2021

  • Improve compatibility with block directory
  • Fix center aligned styling

1.0.1 — 3rd August 2020

  • Исправить интернационализацию заполнителя Описание мероприятия

1.0.0 — 24th April 2020

  • Первый релиз