Этот плагин был закрыт с 08.08.2019, он более не доступен для загрузки. Причина: Нарушения лицензий/торговых марок.


Had some minor issues and wishes so I sent a mail. I got a very quick reply with good info so everything works like a charm again!!!
We purchased the Pro version of this plugin a couple of years ago and it has been worth every penny. The additional features in the Pro version are useful and the whole plugin is easy to configure and integrate. The support offered by the development team has been very good, (I got an almost immediate response to my last question!). All in all we are unable to fault this plugin hence the five star rating!
This was a 5 star review but its been such a poor display I need to update this review. Its due to the developers lack of communication, the lack of development and letting the plugin break before correcting the problem. Lucky to get 1 to be honest, really disappointed.
No matter what I do, this plugin is showing posts from the 'testing917' Facebook page (I assume this is the developer's test account). I've tried using several different page names and still... testing917. I've tried using the shortcode that includes the page ID and just the [facebook-feed] short code, no difference. I also tried to going to your support page but was not able to create a discussion.
I purchased the plugin. The half width feed displays perfectly on desktop. However it does not display well on the mobile/tablet. On the mobile/tablet I needed to use the full-width to ensure it displayed correctly but could not find an option for this. Emailed via website but no reply. Plugin removed.
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