Falang multilanguage for WordPress


Falang is a multilanguage plugin for WordPress. It allows you to translate an existing WordPress site to other languages. Falang natively supports WooCommerce (product, variation, category, tag, attribute, etc.)


  • Supports all languages supported by WordPress (RTL and LTR)
  • Translate Posts, Pages, Menus, Categories to other languages from the plugin
  • Translate extra component WooCommerce, Yoast SEO…
  • You can use Yandex to help you with the translation (more translation services may be included in later versions)
  • Displays the default language if the content is not yet translated
  • The Language Switcher widget is configurable to display flags and/or language names
  • Language Code directly in the URL
  • Translate Posts and Terms permalinks
  • No extra tables created
  • Falang is not meant for WordPress multisite installations!
  • Contains translations for IT, FR, DE, ES, NL

Known issues

  • Elementor preview need to disabled Falang settings «Show slug for main language»
  • When a post/page is restricted to one language, the Blog posts
    overview hides the post in the other languages. But in the single post
    view on the frontend you can still choose the other language(s) through
    the language switcher, resulting in a 404. This will be fixed in the
    next version.


  • The Post Listing translation panel
  • The Post translation panel
  • The Language Listing panel


  1. Upload the entire Falang folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or install from WP Plugins
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Add languages
  4. Set the default language (main language of your site)
  5. Add the Language Switcher to your site
  6. Translate your post / pages / menus etc. to the other languages

Часто задаваемые вопросы

  • Is Falang Translate free?
    Yes, but without on-site support.

  • Where to find help?
    First time users should read the Falang — Documentation, which explains the basics (with screenshots — in English).


It is very great plugin. I love to use for my website 🙂 It was a small problem with the translation of Header strings. First of all I use free worpress theme which is the Highlight (extension of the Mesmerize theme) and when I tried to refer a translation to the header title and subtitle unfortunatelly I could not find among the strings. I have got help from the Falang support, I can set translation by a dificult way in the Translation Options, 'theme_mods_highlight' name.
This morning, "Falang for Elementor Lite" the first version 1.0 was released! Falang can be made compatible with Elementor by installing and activating an additional WordPress plugin "Falang for Elementor Lite". This can be found at: https://wordpress.org/plugins/falang-for-elementor-lite/ I would like to take this opportunity to thank the author Stéphane Bouey in particular for his commitment and, above all, his good support. He was listening carefully to the needs of Falang users. That is SUPER! That's why 5 stars are more than deserved.
Finally an easy to use translation plugin, it just works very well without hassles. I have used Falang for Joomla extensively in the past and was very happy with it. So I was really happy to see that Faboba created a version for WordPress. None of the existing translation plugins that I have used even comes close in the ease with which Falang handles the translation. Support is excellent and very fast. Looking forward to future developments of this excellent plugin.
First of all thank you for the great support supplied. I had a website made with Qtranslate and QtranslateX both abandoned, so when came last version of wp I got the need to look for another plugin. But all were either expensive or had no importer from QTranslate system. It meant I had to lose great part of my translations. Eventually, I come across with Falang plugin and I asked the developer if he had an importer to not lose my posts and woocommerce products. He proposed to create one, so my bilingual website is already working fine. IMHO so far the Falang plugin is the only one listed in the WP repository that has an importer for QTranslate posts and is compatible with woocomerce too. I had more than 200 posts, 150 products and 1300 taxonomies to migrate. Of course, by the end you have some little adjust must be done manually but it’s a trifle respect losing all translations. Thank you Stephane for the great work you did and for your fantastic plugin. In case you have a qTranslate website with many products and posts I suggest to test it.
Simple to install and configure. Suitable for those who want a fast and simple SW. It does what it has to do and is pleasant to see the result. The assistance is perfect. I had a problem and it was solved very quickly: I sent an email on Sunday afternoon and it was answered immediately. 5 stars!
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Журнал изменений

1.3.3 (07/10/2020)

  • fixed language restricted visibility in blog overview
  • fix wpautop to not add p and br tags in editor text view
  • fix post translation page filter values during navigation and editing
  • language page set locale to readonly
  • fix woocommerce variation displayed even when not published
  • empty translation fields or meta are not saved anymore (key removed when empty strlen > 0)
  • fix get_meta when post/term unpublished
  • fix display error message on language add/update
  • add [save & close] to post translation page, [save] doesn’t close the page
  • elemetor preview fix when default slug is in url.
  • fix has_archive notice
  • fix redirect with page not published