Floating Action Button


FAB (Floating Action Button) is a Free & Light Weight WordPress plugin which displays the beautiful Floating Action Button on your WordPress front-end. After triggering/hovering the main button it will pop-up and shows the row of sub buttons with details. This plugin provides the 9 types of the following buttons with different-different functionalities:

  1. Text Button
  2. WhatsApp Button (Click to Chat)
  3. Facebook Messenger Button
  4. Phone Button
  5. Email Button
  6. Viber Button
  7. Snapchat Button
  8. Line Button
  9. Intercom Button

Admin Setting Panel

  • Basic Settings
  1. Activate/Deactivate Floating Action Button
  2. Change the Position of Floating Action Button to Top-Left/Top-Right/Bottom-Left/Bottom-Right
  3. Option to Trigger Button by Mouse-Click or Mouse-Hover
  • Main Button Settings
  1. Set Button Icon
  2. Set Button Icon Color
  3. Set Button Background Color
  • Sub Buttons Settings
  1. Add Text Button with WP Shortcode Support
  2. Add WhatsApp Button
  3. Add FaceBook Messenger Button
  4. Add Phone Button
  5. Add Email Button
  6. Add Viber Button
  7. Add SnapChat Button
  8. Add Line Button
  9. Add InterCom Button
  10. Change Button Title
  11. Change Button Content
  12. Change Button Icon
  13. Change Text Color
  14. Change Background Color
  15. Buttons Sorting with Drag & Drop functionality
  16. Remove Buttons


  • screenshot-1.png — Floating Action Button Visualization
  • screenshot-2.png — Basic Settings
  • screenshot-3.png — Main Button Settings
  • screenshot-4.png — Sub Buttons Settings


  1. Just log into your WordPress admin dashboard
  2. Visit Dashboard > Sidebar > Plugins > Add New
  3. Search for “Floating Action Button”
  4. Install and Activate the “Floating Action Button” plugin
  5. Visit Dashboard > Sidebar > FAB Settings
  6. Activate the Floating Action Button to display on front-end
  7. Customize the Position, Icon and Color of Main Button
  8. Add Sub Buttons according to your requirements
  9. Customize the Icons, Colors and Orders of Sub Buttons
  10. Use & Enjoy!!!

Часто задаваемые вопросы

How to use WhatsApp Sticky Button?

If you want only WhatsApp sticky button then use this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/wa-sticky-button

Which value can I use for the content field of Text Button?

You can use any type of simple text and shortcode

Which value can I use for the content field of WhatsApp Button?

You can use WhatsApp number like that 919806886806 (with country code but without any plus, preceding zero, hyphen, brackets, space)

Which value can I use for the content field of Facebook Messenger Button?

You can use valid Facebook page slug

Which value can I use for the content field of the Phone Button?

You can use a mobile number in this format +91-9806-886-806

Which value can I use for the content field of Email Button?

You can use a valid email address like this xxxxx@yyyyy.com

Which value can I use for the content field of Viber Button?

You can use Viber Username

Which value can I use for the content field of Snapchat Button?

You can use Snapchat Username

Which value can I use for the content field of Line Button?

You can use valid Line URL like this http://line.me/ti/p/xxxxxx

Which value can I use for the content field of Intercom Button?

You can use Intercom App ID


23.07.2019 5 ответов
The plugin works fine, no error or bugs, and it’s ultra light. I’m thankful for the time and effort the author put into to give it for free. However, to my liking, needs improvement in some aspects. 1) The WhatsApp button doesn’t link to WhatApp, it just shows a text box saying «Add the number to the Contacts on your phone and send us a message via app. Call us:» followed by whatever phone number you entered in the WhatsApp button field. 2) All buttons, once clicked on, open a text box area, some with a link in it that you can click on, like email button, and some with just plain text, like the text button. So, it’s like a 2 step click. This could be just a personal preference, but hey, this is a personal rating, so I guess it’s valid. 3) There’s no way to add a custom url, that would be very useful. Maybe this won’t bother other users. Just giving my respectful opinion. Thanks again to the author for contributing to the community. EDITED: Original rating was 4, changed it to 5. If you care to know why, read blow.
26.01.2019 1 ответ
The Floating Action Button plugin is awesome for front-end. it is easy to configure. I just follow the documentation and it works. Thankyou so much for saving my time. I love this plugin
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  • Security fixes.


  • Security fixes.


  • Add WhatsApp Click to Chat Button.


  • Add default colors according to button.


  • First version of the plugin released.