Front End PM


Front End PM is a Private Messaging system to your WordPress site.This is full functioning messaging system from front end. The messaging is done entirely through the front-end of your site rather than the Dashboard. This is very helpful if you want to keep your users out of the Dashboard area.

Some Front End PM PRO Features

  • Несколько получателей
  • Только администратор
  • Group message
  • Отправка по электронной почте
  • Read Receipt
  • Шаблон электронной почты
  • Announcement Email queue
  • Role to Role Block

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Полезная ссылка


  • Works through a Page rather than the dashboard. This is very helpful if you want to keep your users out of the Dashboard area!
  • Users can privately message one another
  • Threaded messages/Individual message
  • Возможность вставлять вложения в сообщения, такие как YouTube, Photobucket, Flickr, WordPress TV и многое другое.
  • Notification sound.
  • Desktop notification.
  • Admins can send a public announcement for all users to see or to perticular role(s).
  • Admins can set the max amount of messages a user can keep in his/her box per role basis. This is helpful for keeping Database sizes down.
  • Администраторы могут указать количество сообщений, отображаемых на странице в окне сообщения.
  • Администраторы могут указать количество пользователей, которые будут отображаться на одной странице в интерфейсе.
  • Admins can set will email be sent to all users when a new announcement is published or not.
  • Admins can set «to» field of announcement email.
  • Admins can set Directory will be shown to all or not.
  • Администраторы могут блокировать любого пользователя для отправки личного сообщения.
  • Администраторы могут устанавливать временную задержку между двумя сообщениями, отправляемыми пользователем.
  • Администраторы могут видеть все остальные личные сообщения.
  • Admins can block all users to send new message but they can send reply of their messages.
  • Admins can hide autosuggestion for users.
  • There are three types of sidebar widget.
  • Пользователи могут выбирать, получать ли сообщения или нет
  • Пользователи могут выбрать, хотят ли они получать уведомления по электронной почте, когда они получают новое сообщение.
  • Пользователи могут выбрать, хотят ли они получать уведомления по электронной почте при публикации нового сообщения.
  • Users can block other users.




  • Responsive
  • Сообщения.
  • Unread message count in website title
  • Front End интерфейс.
  • Страница настроек администратора.
  • Messagebox settings.
  • Настройки безопасности
  • Appearance settings.


  1. Загрузите «front-end-pm» в каталог «/ wp-content / plugins /».
  2. Активируйте плагин из меню «Плагины»
  3. Создайте новую страницу.
  4. Paste code [front-end-pm] for Front End pm under the HTML tab of the page editor.
  5. Publish the page add select this page as «Front End PM Page» in settings page of this plugin.

Need more instruction? you can visit Front End PM and contact with me for paid support.

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Как обновить?

Please full backup first before update so that if anything goes wrong you can recover easily.

Могу я использовать этот плагин для моего языка?

Yes. this plugin is translate ready. But If your language is not available you can make one. If you want to help us to translate this plugin to your language you are welcome. please use wordpress translation.

Куда обращаться за платной поддержкой?

You can visit Front End PM and contact with me for paid support.


The free version of this plugin as awesome! Using it on a NFP site and it does the job very well and efficiently. Great work, thank you!
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Участники и разработчики

«Front End PM» — проект с открытым исходным кодом. В развитие плагина внесли свой вклад следующие участники:


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Журнал изменений


  • Added missing files


  • Tested up to updated


  • PHP version updated
  • Code improved


  • Обновление безопасности
  • Fix: strip tags for avatar name.


  • Tested upto updated.
  • Classes added in Header divs.
  • Filter added to send email to sender.
  • Fix: name issue for html tags.


  • Tested upto updated.
  • Classes added in Header divs.
  • shortcode message form now support REQUEST value
  • Fix: after settings saved previous values were shown.
  • Fix: some minor bugs.


  • Tested upto updated.
  • Header string inproved.
  • Fix some minor bugs.


  • Tested upto updated.
  • Respect filter when message delete from DB.
  • Fix some minor bugs.


  • Load Messagebox and announcements pagination using ajax
  • reset form after message sent.
  • message query class modified. Now we can check if more rows are there from query.
  • remove SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS by default which was slow for large number of messages.
  • Database index modified. Highly performance improved for large number of messages.


  • remove backward compatible key of post_, use mgs_ for fep_send_message and fep_add_announcement
  • show ajax response above submit button
  • show processing text when form submit reach 100%
  • set delay to reload replies when submit form
  • improve notification call. use rest api and localStorage
  • Improve attachment script
  • new rest route added to get users
  • new tokeninput script added
  • autosuggestion/user block script improved. Now use rest api
  • New filter fep_filter_delete_from_db added
  • 3 new actions added when transition status
  • ability to pass per_page value for admin pages page
  • fep_action_info_output and fep_posted_action_after hook added
  • delete message meta when message deleted
  • use fep_get_statuses instead of hard coding statuses
  • fep_filter_message_toggle_feature added to remove toggle completely
  • now {current-post-title} can be used with other text for shortcode subject


  • All form now submit via ajax
  • Show progress bar when submitting form
  • Fix: Compatibility with Memcached


  • Show users in directory and suggestion only who has access to message system
  • Option added so that user can reply to messages deleted by other user
  • Add html field type in admin settings


  • Message can be queried by multiple recipients
  • Whitelisted user can view all messages and announcements
  • fep_filter_announcement_participant_ids added
  • add filter to add !important to inline css


  • Use fep_query_url for messages url
  • Pass attachment data to fep_filter_attachment_download_link filter
  • Pass where parameter to fep_form_fields filter
  • Whitelisted users can send reply if they are blocked by user also


  • User can navigate to other messages from a view message page
  • Block user now show confirmation dialog
  • Drop previous version table if exists
  • Message to loading gif target more accurately in css
  • FIX: is_settings_page was wrong as first param was not set


  • Menu collapse when using mobile device.
  • Message/Announcement date font size decrease.
  • FIX: Attachment could not be deleted when Message/Announcement edit.
  • FIX: Some CSS was not applied for screen width less then 480px
  • FIX: Time delay check was not applied when message sent using shortcode form.


  • Admin can edit Messages and Announcements.
  • mgs_id can be passed when insert message.
  • fep_filter_message_query_sql added
  • message query orderby can be empty to remove orderby.
  • we can now get only count from FEP_Message_Query
  • FIX: if first_last_name or last_first_name used for name then empty name also returned true.
  • FIX: Memory leaks


  • Breaking changes, If you have custom code or template changes for this plugin, make sure they are compatible with current version.
  • highly performance improved
  • use own database table instead of CPT
  • build in caching mechanism
  • Some template changes
  • no more WP_Post object inside template. Now FEP_Message object
  • privacy tab added in settings page.

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