Ganohrs Toggle Shortcode


You can insert to WordPress that toggle-code for CSS-based Or details Tag.


[toggle title=»title here» (optional)load=»open / close» (optional)suffix=»(empty) or 1 to 19″]
contents here

[toggle title=»Hello Vivid World!» load=»open» suffix=»vivid»]
0.2.0 when you choose «Details Default» style, you can change Toggle style with suffix!


  • Easy to insert details-based toggle code.
  • If you wanna insert many toggles, then use "suffix".
  • "suffix" is useful. It because can change the css class.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Q. Can I use «details» tag to build toggles?
A. Yes you can! Please chose named «Details xxx» style.

Q. Can I use build toggle with «Old css based»?
A. Please chose not named «Details xxx» style.


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Журнал изменений

0.2.4 Tested WordPress 6.4.1 ja, append link to css customize tool.
0.2.3 Tested WordPress 6.3 ja
0.2.2 Bugfix: Change «Details Default CSS» styles, Append «Replace None Number Suffix».
0.2.1 Bugfix: Change «Details Default CSS» styles, Append «Replace Number Suffix».
0.2.0 Append «Details Default CSS», you can change styles with sufix «black, blue, etc!».
0.1.2 Bugfix: CSS minifier
0.1.1 Append Option «Output CSS When AMP», And any updated.
0.1.0 Append Option «Enqueue Type», And any updated.
0.0.3 Append «Details» styles, And any updated.
0.0.2 Change «readme.txt». And any updated.
0.0.1 New Release