Этот плагин не тестировался с последними 3 основными выпусками WordPress. Скорее всего, он уже не поддерживается и может быть несовместим с текущими версиями WordPress.



Unlike traditional comment systems, HyperComments allows to comment on a specific word or text fragment.

How Hypercomments work:
Readers select a word or a fragment of text that caught their attention and comment on it.
The fragment is now highlighted and clickable. Highlighting attracts readers’ attention.
HyperComments will engage your audience in a discussion and encourage them to comment more.

HyperComments Features

  1. Commenting on a text fragment
  2. Real-time
  3. SSO login
  4. SEO-friendly
  5. Import/Export of existing comments
  6. Social integration (authorization with social network and re-posting)
  7. RSS live feed
  8. Anti spam protection
  9. Whitelist / blacklist
  10. Real-time comments moderation

NEW in hypercomments:

  1. New version of HyperComments widget. Now updated HyperComments widget is a fastest commenting system IN THE WORLD with loading speed 400 ms in average!
  2. User’s profile — you can view all user’s recent comments left not only on your website, but also on others where hypercomments are installed.
  3. “Read only” option for pages and for all website
  4. “Spam” and “Complaint” buttons — now your website readers are able to mark comments as “Spam” or “Complaint” and moderators will be able to moderate comments they may have missed
  5. “Note of warning” button to commenter — website moderator can send “Note of warning” message before adding him to a Black list

For more information go to http://hypercomments.com


  • Reader selects a text fragment and click on the "Comment" button
  • Добавить комментарий
  • The fragment will be highlighted and then becomes clickable and more attractive. Hypercomments will attract attention of new readers and commentators.


NOTE: It is recommended that you backup your database before installing the plug-in.

  1. Download and unpack the archive to ‘wp-content/plugins/’ WordPress directory
  2. Verify that all the extracted files exist in ‘wp-content/plugins/hypercomments/’
  3. Ñlick on “Activate” in the admin panel WordPress — > Plugins-> Hypercomments
  4. “Customize Hypercomments” notification will appear
  5. Authorize with Google account
  6. If you are not registered with hypercomments.com, you will need to first choose a plan

Moderation of comments.

You can find an admin panel for comments moderation in Wordperss->Comments->Hypercomments

Import your comments into HyperComments to preserve the existing ones.

In admin panel WordPress->Tools->Export choose “All content”, and download the file.
Choose WordPress in hypercomments.com/settings/import and download the file.

Go to http://hypercomments.com
* Visit http://hypercomments.com/en/site/contact to get help from our support team.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Leave a message at http://hypercomments.com/



Убрали начальный тариф и удалили комментарии. Говорят, что писали по этому поводу за месяц до. Никакого письма не было. По ссылке как экспортировать комментарии, предоставляют тех.документацию, по которой ничего не могут сделать даже технически грамотные. Простой возможности и инструкции, как это сделать не предоставляют. Чтобы всё заработало, просят денег. По-моему, туповатый способ заработать бабла. Кому нужен был платный сервис, и так платили. А кому не нужен был, денег, может, и дадут, но только один раз – последний. И в морду плюнут. Вполне справедливо.

HyperComments КИНУЛ

HyperComments КИНУЛ своих условно-бесплатных пользователей!!!
Не дает доступ в личный кабинет чтобы скачать свои комментарии! Только плати и все!!!


отличная форма, всегда можно настроить на разных темах wp

Awful plugin

So bad plugin which doesnt work correctly(i mean counter widget, which is loaded on random page and you cant change it, and the most important thing that widget counts incorrectly). no feedback. and the funniest thing that you have to pay for this «awesome» comment system

Dont use this plugin

Do not use this plugin. All comments on this plugin are not stored in the database of your site. And there is no working import into the wordpress database. One day you will lose everything.

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Журнал изменений

Fix load js files with SSL

Added support of Byelorussian
Added support of Tatar language

Added support of https websites
Added ability to choose a localization of widget

bugs fixed

bugs fixed
new admin panel

Updated plugin interface
Added new plugin settings
Added ability to configure the widget styles
Fixed issue with comments synchronization

Added setting counters comments
Improved version of WordPress 3.5
Changed the logic of building a tree of comments
User Profiles

Improved the search engine optimization

modified embed widget
support analysts

refined integration with non-standard templates

bugs fixed


Improved synchronization of users
Improved synchronization comments


bugs fixed
improved comments import
added comments import via hypercomments.com if site’s root is in the subdirectory


Improved import of comments
Improved synchronization of comments


Improved the search engine optimization


Avatar sync added


Added synchronization of users
Added synchronization comments


Bug fixed


Logic of comments displaying has been changed
Added management of comments dispaying on pages
Added display of comments on static pages


Was added the ability to leave comments on a page with post list


Bug with counter comments fixed


The problem with commentary import was fixed


HyperComments Features

  1. Commenting on a text fragment
  2. Real-time comments
  3. Comments indexable by search engines
  4. Import/Export of existing comments
  5. No registration is required
  6. Social integration (authorisation and cross-posting of comments)
  7. RSS option
  8. Anti spam protection
  9. Whitelist / blacklist
  10. Real-time moderation