Instant CSS


Use the power of Visual Studio Code in WordPress to write your CSS or SCSS

The plugin uses autoprefixer to parse your CSS/SCSS into CSS that will work on older browsers, no need to write -webkit, -moz or -o.

You can also choose to use SCSS, more info about SCSS here:


  • Use all the powerful features from Visual Studio Code
  • Your CSS gets compiled with autoprefixer to work on older browsers
  • Use SCSS to create efficient stylesheets with variables, mixins, etc.
  • Option to minify your CSS to reduce loading times
  • No refreshing on saving
  • Live editor updating styles on save and have the browser update simultaneously


I really love it and i hope to add all the features inside VS Code like formatting the document
You're bringing the WordPress community slightly further toward a modern development setup. Thank you!
Hi! really great plugin, works fast, you can save with cmd+s like in vscode, reload without losing the row where you modified last and what is best, is that you can write scss in WordPress! thank you for this free option and hope you maintain the project! ps. would be great to see in the future, a Tidy css function. Some other plugins have this on a shortcut 'shift+tab'. Best regards!
Less/SCSS is that much cleaner and powerful than CSS alone. But it was always a hastle to implement it in websites where you only want some extra CSS. I wanted something that can be edited in the backend and can compile Less or SCSS. I almost gave up, but then this Plugin comes along! It deserves so much more attention! It works perfect, the Editor is fine, all the compiling is just seamless. It works out of the box the way it should! Of course, for big tasks or lot's of css, i would still prefer having it compiled locally (when working with Netbeans for example). But for these little fixes on existing customer pages, or nicely encapsulating your extra stuff using SCSS, this is just great! Huge thanks to the developer!
I've been looking for something like this for ages, but nothing else out there quite nails it. You nailed it! Thank you a million times for putting it together! - Intelligent code editor - Easy live preview - Sass built in! - Preview is in an iFrame so the view can be scaled for proper responsive view, and the code editor stays put. The only thing I would wish for is multiple stylesheet support. A single sheet quickly becomes a pain to manage.
Installed this today and instantly fell in love! It's already on three sites of mine and it'll be on a hell of a lot more in future. Thanks for an awesome plugin, keep up the good work!
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Журнал изменений


  • Updated monaco editor to the latest version


  • Fixed minify issue


  • Fixed iframe reload issue


  • New feature: Live editor. You can now write your css and watch the browser update whenever you save.
  • You can now save using CTRL + S


  • CSS is now written and loaded from a file


  • Fixed bug with quotes
  • Added minifying


  • Launched.