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Hello testing this plugin and found it brilliant. Well done for the good work. Hope you maintain it. I trust it has potential.
I've been using Intrigger on a lead generation website for a while and I find it incredibly powerful and easy to use. I've been testing many plugins of this kind and I definitely adopted Intrigger as it is very flexible and outperformed most of the ohter stuff I've tested in order to capture emails and redirect internal traffic from my content pages (SEO landing pages) to my conversion pages. One of the smartest things I've seen in this plugin is its ability to display chosen inline widgets only on specific pages amongst your content through a very precise keyword targeting feature. Waouh this is really really powerfull !! I'm not used to writing plugin reviews but this one really deserved its five stars, good job guys !
Had to uninstall as just having it activated warped my main page. The app is also very confusing as it uses its own lingo for its features instead of plain English. Email subscriber form also lacks support of Awebber and other services, so essentially useless.
Easy to use and so powerful! If you have a problem, you can contact the support team they are very reactive! I definetly recommand this plugin.
Guys, I've created an account on wordpress just to congratulate you. You really did a great job with this and i hope my review to help you get better after the two 1 star review from these...dudes[], i wonder if is normal to review a plugin with 1 star since you didn't even test it. Anyways, while a really great stuff, pls take a look on compatibility issues with Ad Inserter. I'd like to have you both in my stack 🙂 Thx again!
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